Hummingbirds Slow-Motion Video

This is to show y'all just how amazing and precious life is.

One more

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Comments 10

Amazing synchronous movement
of their two wings....those little beauties :)
Nice slowmo ;)

16.08.2019 19:05

Thanks for the compliment. They fight and it was kool to see it slow down and thin twice before going in on thw other bird.

16.08.2019 19:08

They fight? They "stand" in the air and drink from the water...
Do you know my song "Stop Spraying Chemtrails" ?

17.08.2019 14:06

Thats fooking awesome brother. Holy hell i love it. I wrote a rap about trails too but i never did anything with it. I called it: " Them lines in the sky" i see a collaboration lol. May i use the aong in one of my videos? Ill definitely leave all ur info like you did here. Some of my subs on yt will love this. Do u have a YouTube channel so i can leave that with them too? Your amazing im glad you said something and i saw ur shit. Awesome mate. Let me know about the song i have the perfect video for it. Oh, i did this one video where i was filming trails and i captured two unexplained objects. One was moving so fast i barely saw it on slow motion. Check it out its pretty dope. Cheers and God bless

17.08.2019 15:37

:) Thank you so much Brother. Means a lot!
So that's my YT Channel and on my Links... find all my other Socials & Streams.
Google surpresses/hides my YT/IG/Twitter,
so any kind of help/attention is appreciated.
Yes, lets collabo, a nice video would be awesome!
I only made some Promos until now on YT/Dtube. me , Bro ;)
Let's work :)
Where can i see your videos?
Bless up

17.08.2019 16:55

My channels are: Itcanbegreat Always
And my food channel: The Chemtrail Chef
For sure when i get some time, we got a new member to the family so things gonna be busy for a few months but lets do something sooner. Cheers brother and we'll talk on yt im sure i post daily. God bless have an awesome Sunday

18.08.2019 14:21

Ok Brother. All the best for the new Life
and we will talk soon ;)

19.08.2019 07:06

Here it is

22.08.2019 17:39

Thanks Brother!
1 Love
I left a comment and followed your
YT channel.

23.08.2019 07:36