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30.09.2019 15:11

I guess, without internal lava, the insulated guts of our planet would grow colder and colder as it is isolated from the heat of the sun. So, the atmosphere, the air, may act as a blanket, meaning it gets colder up in the mountains, even as you move closer to the sun.

I've always assumed that things are warmer as you move closer to sea level. I've never thought about what the temperature of the inner organs of the earth. It's true that climate change is partly due to geoengineering, Big Pharma, Monsanto, Microsoft, Bill Gates, Vaccines, Bio Weapons, etc. However, at the same time, climate and weather is mostly dependent on the sun and secondarily depend on volcano activity, perhaps. CO2 helps the earth. Humans are carbon based. We emit carbon. The trees breath the CO2 and turn that into oxygen. We can notice climate cycles that repeat daily, monthly, quarterly (each season), annually, every decade, fifty years, century, 500 years, etc. So, climate can go up and down during droughts, ice ages, global warming, etc.

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I don't know about the worm theory. Should I look that up? So, how does the Vatican enforce this digging prohibition? Are you just talking about places that the Vatican has control over, right?

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Is Memory Palace the same thing as the Method of Loci? A lot of that involves visualization which I've been learning since I was a small boy. I love stories, graphs, illustrations, maps. So, common sense would tell you to branch from the general down to the specifics, or up via pyramids. I was homeschooled, meaning I don't know what normal kids learned in public schools. Well, I did go to public high school and then went to 4 colleges. But are you saying that a lot of people aren't really taught enough (or at all) concerning things like this? I love Sherlock Holmes, etc.

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01.10.2019 05:19

They also had electricity thousands of years ago. People have seen giants, dinosaurs, dragons, etc. So, some people have been burning the books, etc. So, yeah, we should be trying to use all of our brains. But we may not be as healthy as some people were centuries ago. Some people have lived over 200 years, even in the past few centuries. But the average lifespan in the past has been based off the average which is pulled down by all the infant deaths. People are getting cancer now from 5G. My mom loves True Legends. So, we have the DVDs. We have all these books.

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Did Enoch actually fly to Heaven?


  1. Are some dragons animals?
  2. Are some dragons demons?


I've been linking to these conversations we're having on my blog.


I'm a big fan of the television show called Fringe. They talked about different dimensions.

Real & Not Real

Satan tries to make us think Satan is fake and not fake because that divides and conquers. It creates a bipolar disorder in society.


I love talking about UFOs. So, people say there are these cubicle rectangle objects moving out in space around like Jupiter and towards earth. So, are they rocks or UFOs or what?

Flat Earth

Is the earth flat or what kind of shape is it? I love debating with people concerning those kinds of questions.

Hollow Earth

How hollow is our planet? We can see some caves, cavities, volcanoes, tunnels, underground cities, military bases, secret societies, hideouts, bases, holes, etc. How much of our planet is unexplored?

Ancient Technology

I should probably do more research on these things. I should probably write more about those things.


Miracles are from God and magic is of the devil. So, there are good and bad travel etc. Anakin Skywalker got sucked into the dark side of the force in Star Wars by Satan, AKA Palpatine. So, we can be pulled in because we want to fly. We want supernatural abilities. We may not be ready to handle such powers. Also, we may not have the right kind of bodies for handling such power at the moment. Also, there might be a learning curve. Also, it might be partly rigged. The meaning and purpose of life may include, to an extent, a process of learning how deal with more and more power, gradually. So, you can level up like in video games. But in life, it aint no video games. Satan offers us shortcuts to the game of life. So, we are Mario. So, Satan gives us a warp pipe from level 1 to level 8. The problem is that we might not be ready for level 8, assuming we were never reincarnated.

Satan vs God

God wins in the end. That's the good news. I try to align with that and be part of His Story (History). But Satan is the prince of the air, the king in the mist of our game of thrones. That's the bad news. It's valuable to be aware of the bad news. Too often, people may be too focused on the good or bad news. You gotta have eternal perspective that is balancing between the two news.

02.10.2019 00:21