DAOswap is a decentralized platform that is no controlled by any central authority, enabling the users to enjoy the utmost freedom. People can stake, deposit against the liquidity pools, and involve in yield farming with ease and comfort. The user interface of DAOswap is very friendly and helps people by providing clear navigation. DAOswap allows everyone to earn passive income with their digital assets.

DAOswap is a decentralized finance platform that make use of clever strategy to help you Earn good rewards with your cryptocurrency. It is an act of putting your crypto to work by keeping crypto temporarily at the disposal of DAOswap’s liquidity pool to earn more cryptocurrency. DAOswap leverages DeFi protocols and products to generate high return rates with over 100% annualized yields. Therefore you can put your token into DAOswap’s defi protocol to earn interest while hoping to secure and decentralize the system. The earning of interest will be decided by the smart contract that is deployed on the Ethereum blockchain.

Liquidity has always been the primary concern in the DeFi space. The startups need more money though there are a lot in the banks, they borrow more to run their daily business operations, investments, and so forth. In DAOswap, the required liquidity is provided by strangers on the internet. Hence DAOswap attracts HODLers with idle assets through innovative strategies. Another thing to note is that DAOswap offers services with high liquidity to avoid serious price slippage and gives the farmers or users, a better overall trading experience. When you are looking for making a market for your business, DAOswap will be the best option that allows you to borrow from its users which is quite popular in the field of crypto today.

DAOswap enhances liquidity and it will rival the options of borrowing from venture capitalists and debt investors in the future. This will revolutionize the market making strategies ofthe startups without having to depend on VCs or angel investors.

Their Mission

The ultimate aim of DAOswap is to put your crypto assets to work and generate the most returns possible on those assets.

Their Vision

DAOswap envisions the huge growth of decentralized finance in the current market and in the nearfuture.The goal is to serve people by outdating the drawbacks of centralized traditional finance ecosystems.

Why put your crypto in DAOswap?

If earning is important, investing your hard-earned money is more important. Putting your money in proper liquidity pools like DAOswap will help you earn good returns on your investments. Though there are some traditional investment systems that give you the right trading signals at the right time,the processor procedure they follow is not fair enough. They involve third parties and allow them to access your assets. The entire process is not transparent. The investor is not given a proper account for the investment made through his money. There is a number of factors that hinder people from investing in traditional finance or investment systems.

DAOswap allows you to have control over your own assets. The traditional investment system promises you to provide full control over the assets you hold, but in reality, they deviate. Many new-age investment firms and banks failed to keep up their words. The ultimate aim of DAOswap is to provide you control over your assets and DAOswap will never fail to do so as it is based on the blockchain technology, making it a decentralized investment system that is transparent. The products of DAOswap use open-source protocols that allow trading through decentralized exchanges. These products will give you a faster and secure investment experience.

They aim to take off the fruits of decentralized finance to everyone in the world. Literally anyone can trade, store, and invest in DAOswap as the Ethereum blockchain keeps your assets transparent and secured. DAOswap lets you earn a huge return when compared to the traditional investment schemes. In traditional or centralized investment firms, there will be third parties accessing or handling your assets. This is the major drawback of centralized investment firms. They do not offer transparency for the investors and are not accountable for the funds invested.

Since DAOswap is a decentralized platform, there are no intermediaries handling your assets. Thus you have complete control over your assets. You will be accounted for what DAOswap does with your money and every single transaction is recorded in a public shared ledger(Ethereum Blockchain).

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