How Do You Watch Infowars?

Have you seen Banned.Video? YouTube told me that you cannot watch these Banned Videos. So, please stop reading. Don't let people know about Infowars. Just go back to drinking your cancer water.

How Do You Watch Infowars?

I've included two lists (below), the first list is a list of websites that may have Infowars videos and podcasts on them and the second list is a list of names of channels and people who may be distributing and sharing Infowars videos, etc. They're mirroring, AKA uploading and reuploading, Infowars content.


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How Do You Watch Infowars?

Published - 2019-09-21 - Saturday - 06:59 PM LMS - PDT

By Oatmeal Joey Arnold

@OatmealJoey | @OatmealHealth
Published in September of 2019


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Comments 6

I have lost complete interest in infowars, when they lost the capacity to understand that pedogate / epstein is under the responsability of Ag Barr, and so ultimately the trump admin.

What's the difference between infowars and foxnews? foxnews is more buffonery while infowars has more white genocide plan exposure...

but for the rest, the main and only theme is : TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP

at least when obama was god emperor, infowars was critical of the admin policies... while in fact, obama didn't took the guns, obama didn't allowed gmo fish, didn't force vaccinated, won all wars without any relevant casulaties.

what is trump doing? and worst what was the last critizism from the infowars about trump?

did they send reporters to the beach of pedoisland (it's legal to be on the water line)... no.

what do they do?

have their milley waver (watch her before being the typical hypergamist soon to be alphawidow single mother) go to ask people on the street?

don't forget alex jones has 4 kids, 2 wives... it means pensions, university, etc...

he doesn't give a fuck about you, used conspracies to build an audience to sell it to vakay... never build a single win - win.

never did a single upvote here... or anything decentralized...

never told you to make your own health...

nothing... a little fuck guru centralizator.

but I love him, you know why? he opposes the war state... good luck to him and his folks when PLA will be ready... :D.

an average us militia can last... in second against a modern pla combat group in a invasion of conus mode... seconds... the time to aim, and click.

so keep dreaming... god emperor money whore pedo protectors.

22.09.2019 10:39

You are lying about Infowars because what you wrote is inaccurate. You take things out of context. Also, Alex Jones yells at Trump all the time. They were yelling at Barr.

23.09.2019 03:52

I think you know it's true... deny if you want. Alex has PMC security. You don't.

alex pays the education of 4 kids + 2 wives. you don't.

alex forced a woman to abord, then bitch...

you see?

when was the last time the great crew did something close to journalism? I think it was when they investigated the infrasound of the wind farms...

since then? it's only copy paste of article from other website, with pjw having a wider media selection (and more pressing financial needs) than the rest.

when was the last original content? the new conspiracy?

if you want read the article when obama was discussing the opportunity to legalize frankenfish salmon (with spider dna, future moskito dna collapse), read the article on infowars, watch the show... did you hear anything when trump legalized this fish?

you see?

alex jones is just an average civilian, he believe in money above all, because like trump, he knows that in the civilian society the only value a man has his is Net Asset Valuation...

trump is richer than alex, alex whoreship trump.


how can you support a man who hires accosta while knowing full well that acosta gave the deal of the century to epstein, remember this is super close to trump...

How? you are the traitors, you are the usefull tools...

and worst this hate for the CHI - COM !

CPC ; PLA ; MSS ; SHANGHAI AND WIDE CHINESE MAINLAND BUSINESS DIDN'T BETRAY, they lifted 100's of millions people out of abject poverety and social collapse, while america crumbled in ruins...

they are many artisanal farmers in china, small scale family or single unit production units accross wider china, but no tent cities.

don't forget... you may be brainwashed and dependent of a flag, I am from an ideal perspective... and the Chineses Dreams prove it's might every single day, specially when compared to the filth that the usa has become...

and I seriously like the idea you are with or against CPC. there is no middle path to brew infamy.

and I LOVE the competence of the Chinese People... the double deck 1200 meter bridge... OMG !

long china mega project on CGTN... then wine... why not here? I saw half the weight of the eiffel tower moved in 30 minute on a barge, and the 30 min after the barge arrived, installed.


it's the darft pool and draft way... it's the way, there is no other way... move up, down, learn, retry, move up down, learn , retry... and watch the very talented dedicated move, at least you saw them... and learn...

anyway, when foreigners say that Kung Fu culture is thugery... I mean, they are animals.

and those animals have become feed.

and the muppet sports man ... what is his name... the little guy from saint louis (gmo capital), oven shroyer... what a pathetic muppet, may his gym training grow... is he a pmc? sport journalist...

again have they gone to the salmon farm?

but who cares... who cares...

a childrapistsaristocracy can't survive... ehud olmert is still in jail...

you will maybe never reach cognitive dissonance, when the inputs you see contradicts what you believe...

one side will win, ie you will live or die.

because the lie kills... you.

23.09.2019 08:16

You did not see them in Hong Kong?

23.09.2019 19:00

LoL, It proves my point even more... And no I didn't. I once saw a little man who came back from HK, showing his video of him agitating an imperialist pedoflag (usa) and who was super lucky to not have been caught.

Because personally, I have seen how the us gov has betrayed the people (72 vaccines for children, read @mepatriot) and believe that to REALLY stop the ONEWORLDORDER, one of the best option is a strong CPC.

Then when you understand that there is a dark CIA hand in the HK anti fugitive law (for example if ghislaine maxwell was in hong kong ?)

you see little rat?

ahhh yeah, those girl had reach puberbty on pedorape island, it's not important that some where under 14, where under xanax, and raped... or conditionned to accept rape,...

you don't give a fuck, you want your spot and pension on a PMC (private military corporation) and the WE THE PEOPLE you fuck them...



Chinese national anthem.

24.09.2019 05:08

Rob Dew talks about the vaccines. Alex Jones talks about the Bill Gates vaccines that infected millions of people in India for example. Before 9/11, Alex predicted what was going to happen. Alex continues to predict things.

24.09.2019 07:59