How do we promote Steemit on social networks?

That's the question of the day. I have a few things I can say about this. But I would love to know what you think. I think about these kinds of things all of the time. Now, I'm not saying we should only be on Steemit. There are other blockchain social networks out there as well. But I am saying we should always try to talk about reaching out to new people in as many different ways and as many different tactics as possible.

How do we promote Steemit on social networks?
2020-01-22 - Wednesday - 04:41 PM

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By Oatmeal Joey Arnold

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Published in January of 2020


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Reaching New People

How do we reach new people? First, you should probably befriend strangers sometimes. Secondly, try new things in trying to reach new people. So, again, number one, try to befriend strangers. You can be nice to them if you want. But I'm not saying you have to give them your money, your charity, your everything, excessively or even at all. I'm also not saying that there is only one way to reach people. In other words, there are many different ways to reach people. But regardless of that, it is important to be out there where people can see you both online and offline.

Your Brand/Your Land

Brand yourself and be a voice. Well, you don't have to but you probably should not be too anonymous. Of course, privacy is important, meaning you want to be anonymous. But governments and others are spying on you according to Edward Snowden, etc, meaning an end to the 4th amendment. So, in other words, we live in a world full of many different problems. But the good news is that people are talking about those problems. But the bad news is that people are getting censored on social ghetto networks like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc.

Star Wars Censor

I was just banned off Twitter for liking Star Wars. We all can see the censorship. We all know people who have been banned and terminated off websites for their free speech. So, some people end up deleting their Facebook accounts. Now, you can do that, but if you do, then how can you reach new people? Yes, there are many different ways to reach people. You can encourage people to join Steemit, Bitchute, etc. It's important to invest in alternative social networks. It's important to have different streams of income.

Diversify Portfolios

Don't keep all your eggs in one basket when it comes to your income, your wallet. I don't even have time right now to talk about all of the different websites (like Steemit, Minds, Weku, Gab, Bear Shares, etc) which we can try. I'm posting to different websites. If one website fails, then I at least got my content on other websites as a backup plan and security measure.

Crypto World

I don't even have time right now to talk about the different cryptocurrencies out there and how we should try to invest in crypto, gold, filtered water, land, private property, silver, salt, wood, rocks, seeds, etc. There are many different things that we can do to help ourselves, but what use is it if we are not trying our best to encourage new people to join us? Now, keep in mind that you cannot always convince each individual to come onboard.

Patient Journey

So, please be patient and simply tell people what you think. Simply ask them questions. You may not always want to try too hard to convince people of what you believe. Now, some people choose not to be on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. I've been banned off these websites many times and I know how you feel, if you've been kicked off these tech cartel systems. But should we not share our stories with friends and family there?

How can they know?

How else can they know if we don't tell them? Yeah, if Facebook censors certain keywords, photos, videos, memes, GIFs, links, text, comments, messages, ideas, phrases, etc, then why not write it in code? Why not try different words? Why not simply say you can't talk about it. Tell people to Google Search your name to find out more. Some people will do that. You can be cleaver like that. If you're terminated, then you can try to come back and make new accounts and try again. Save your photos, videos, articles, posts, content, etc, on different social networks, on different email accounts, different hard drives, on DVDs, etc. Have backups of your stuff as much as you can, better safe than sorry. Do it before it is too late. YouTube terminated at least 4 of my accounts and I lost thousands of videos which went back to 1996. Many dozens of hours lost. I've been banned off Facebook, etc. I learned this lesson the hard way many times especially during the 2010's. It was deadly.

Social Challenges

Now, there are some social challenges out there that dares people to do 77 pushups and post their videos on Twitter, etc, as a way to raise awareness of Steemit, etc. That is one way to do it. That is a fun way to do it. If anything, you should try that. It's important to build separate systems like Steemit, Bitchute, etc. But it's also crucial to be where the majority of the people are as well at the same time in order to challenge them.

Share your ideas here if you want.

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23.01.2020 00:59

yes, yes, there is all of them, all i need at this time. i will try to do with your idea. thanks so much. My instructor.

23.01.2020 02:17

Awesome. Thank you.

23.01.2020 04:37

Some good thoughts there! Thanks for sharing.
I'm not sure I have much to add, but just wanted to leave some feedback anyways.

I've been inviting people over from Facebook since I discovered steem and the couple people who listened and stuck with it benefited a lot! Many others tried and stopped posting, so I think that's a good issue to address as well, not just trying to bring people over... But how to help get them to stay.

Most of my posts about steem on Facebook don't get much attention or interaction, though a lot of people have showed interest over the years and I think just continuing to speak of the perks and to highlight the faults with other social media seems pretty wise. Anyways, I think that's it for me and my thoughts for now, oh one last thing... You got banned on Twitter over Star Wars? What's the story behind that if you don't mind me asking?

23.01.2020 03:05

I should probably write another post about this. There are two main ways to retain new people, the right way and the wrong way or the more superficial way and the more sophisticated way. Like, we could try to entertain the tadpoles, the newbies, to persuade them to stay. But it would be better to help them understand why they should be here from a deeper point of view.

Problem + Solution

Some people may see Steemit as a fun thing. But it is more than. It should be more than just that. Yeah, Steemit can be a solution but some people may not understand that without fully understanding the problems with censorship, with trying to backup their content. Some people may not get the value of cryptocurrencies for example.

Star Wars

I talked about the spoilers I think. SJWs must have reported my account. Well, Twitter didn't tell me what happened. So, I really don't know what I did wrong since they didn't tell me.


I have over 20K followers on Facebook and I feel like not too many people see my posts. So, that is one of the reasons why I wrote this post. Finding ways to reach out to people on Facebook can be very tough. It takes a lot of luck. You have to try to post in groups, on pages, on different accounts, on stories, etc. Try different keywords. Try posting photos, videos, links, posts, articles, GIFs, memes, bigger posts, smaller posts, questions, etc, on Facebook. Try different things. Try not using certain words perhaps. Try posting at different times in the day. Take note on which things work better. But things can change over time. And it is a bunch of hit and miss on Facebook most of the time as it has been changing over the years.

23.01.2020 04:48

Thanks for explaining all that. I largely agree with most of what you said and I'm very busy at the moment so I can't give you as long of a response as I would like, but, I did want to let you know I read your message and highly agree with what you said. I think it may be helpful for some if you do write up more on the subject. You seem to have a pretty good grasp of it and it is a useful area to explore more as I'm sure we all who use this platform for the most part would like to see steem do better.

I talked about the spoilers I think. SJWs must have reported my account. Well, Twitter didn't tell me what happened. So, I really don't know what I did wrong since they didn't tell me.

Wow... That's pretty crazy. Is there no recourse for you? Did you try to email their tech support or call them or something to try to find out more?

02.02.2020 03:04

Yeah, I can be all over the place when I write. So, I created a few other Steemit accounts with the goal of focusing on certain things when writing. But with this main account, I've been too random for some people.


I will look around in my email accounts to see if Twitter sent me anything. I haven't seen anything lately. But I have too many different email accounts. So, I have to try to remember which one they would have sent anything to if they did. But the recourse they gave me, since you asked, was that I was to verify my Twitter account once again via the phone.

My Phone is Out of Minutes

But my phone is out of minutes. So, I was planning on adding minutes and doing that eventually but I guess like 3 weeks after being told I had to do this, I guess that was too long and that they had terminate my account because 3 or so weeks was too long.

Spoiling Star Wars

I was sharing some photos, some screenshots from the Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker, as it came out in December of 2019. I was watching it on my laptop. I was talking about spoilers. Others were too. So, I guess people reported me because they hate spoilers.

Already Spoiled & Ruined

In my defense, I say that Disney already spoiled it by making it so woke.

02.02.2020 09:35

But with this main account, I've been too random for some people.

I have similar issues! Though, I like or am interested in a a lot of different things. So... Oh well.

I guess that was too long and that they had terminate my account because 3 or so weeks was too long.

Ah... Dang. That's a bummer. I never really used Twitter myself, but, if it's something you enjoyed then that's unfortunate.

I was sharing some photos, some screenshots from the Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker, as it came out in December of 2019. I was watching it on my laptop. I was talking about spoilers. Others were too. So, I guess people reported me because they hate spoilers.

Ohhhhh.. I see, you were sharing that stuff before the movie actually came out? If so, then I can kinda see why. Still lame in my opinion, though ultimately it's their app and they can make certain rules, fortunately we have alternative social media to use.

04.02.2020 00:51

I am on Twitter now with my other account. I've also been banned many times off Facebook, YouTube, AOL, etc. But I keep on coming back with new accounts. I was sharing the photos of the movie as it came out. It was already out. I saw it on the Internet. People go to the theaters and record the movies and upload the films to websites. So, I was watching it and screenshot capturing the scenes and sharing them. But other people were sharing the similar photos at the same time. I didn't violate any rules. They don't have any rules concerning anything that subjective and that vague. Twitter is supposed to a platform and not a publisher. When they ban people, they become like a publisher and forfeit liability protection according to the Safe Harbor Act.

04.02.2020 05:35

banned for liking star wars?....what? more please lol

23.01.2020 04:00

In other words, I like real Star Wars. So, I said I didn't like fake Disney Star Wars. I was retweeting other tweets that talked about the Rise of Skywalker spoilers. I assume that SJWs reported my account which locked me out. After that, I needed to confirm that my account was real again with my phone but then I was out of minutes and two weeks later I look and saw that my account was suspended. So, Twitter didn't tell me why I was terminated. I can only guess what might have happened.

23.01.2020 04:36

what a nightmare! im surprised so many ppl these days are still using that crap (twitter) 🤣low standards? 😜

23.01.2020 05:21

Yeah. Earlier, Trump Is Guilty Of was trending on Twitter.

23.01.2020 11:01

Well I just joined SteemIt. Nowadays you can download a pdf containing 5 private keys. When you have read a lot of startup crap and by coincidence find the link to that PDF.
Private keys on a Social Network? And 5 of them?
Never will there be a mass adoption of that.
But on the other hand - it might be many peoples road into blockchain.
And back again:
5 keys for each site you have an account on - and you are not allowed to loose any of these - so they will have to backed up on an encrypted cloud drive. One day you loose the master key to the that cloud vault or the cloud service is taken down since it could not survice competition...
These private keys will kill the avarage social network user, I guess.
Time will show

13.02.2020 21:40

Too Complex:

I agree that a lot of people find that to be hard.


However, if there aren't already, there will or should be services that keeps tracks of the passwords, the private keys, pass phrases, etc....

Crypto Exchange Sites

...Similar to certain cryptocurrency websites, wallets, etc, that do the same thing. So, in other words, it gives people the option to take care of the details themselves.....

Delegate Responsibilities

....or to delegate the responsibilities and everything to other people as usual.

Steemit Default

So, perhaps, by default, Steemit should let you pick that option when you register. When I say you, I mean a new person. There are different ways a person can register for a Steem account.

Choices, Decisions, Options

Different websites. Different services. When I signed up for an account via, I didn't get a master password, I think. So, assuming I'm right about that, last time I checked.....

Account Recovery appears that a person can email Steemit for an account recovery, assuming they have the master keys and can reset the other passwords and let you back in to get the new keys for everything.

Too Complex

But I know even that can be too complex for many people.

Finding Services, Websites

Therefore, one of my goals will be looking for services that can keep track of the keys for new users on Steem. I will try to encourage people to register, to sign up, via Steem services and websites that I might want to or choose to trust the most. Thanks for the comment.

Other Websites, etc

And people can also sign up for accounts on,,, etc.

14.02.2020 01:04