How do viruses enter the cell? Can pH level elevation reduce the spread of viruses?

Let me first tell you why I'm writing about this. I was trying to figure out how viruses sneak into cells like Trojan Horses might sneak into cities. The Corona Virus is on my mind. I believe in finding natural remedies in fighting diseases. I believe in building up the immune system as much as possible. I'm not saying I don't believe in doctors but I am saying that I want to do all that I can do first within the realm of prevention over correction. So, I have two main questions for this post as seen in the title.

How do viruses enter the cell? Can pH level elevation reduce the spread of viruses?

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Entering Cells

First, I really want to know how viruses enter the body. Yeah, I have been watching videos about the processes that viruses are part of. I get all of that but I was hoping that the cell would know better and say no to the virus. Well, during my research, I find that a virus can have like a key that can fit in the key holes or the receptors on the outer parts of the cell.

Trojan Horses

So, like I said, a virus can act like a Trojan Horse. A virus is generally born inside a cell. Well, I say, probably always born inside a cell. Now, it seems that when a virus is created, it then wraps itself with substances from the cell. After that, the virus exits the cell and finds a new cell to go inside of. Now, why would a cell let a virus in?


Well, if a virus is clothed with substances from one cell, then a similar cell may be deceived by it. It appears that the virus uses the envelope, the skin, as a key, as a way to get the cell to let it come inside. There are different ways that viruses can get inside cells.

The Immune System

Now, I don't have time right now to talk about how the immune system is always fighting viruses, bacteria, germs, worms, diseases, illnesses, etc, except to say that we should always do what we can to boost it up. Our immune system stops viruses and sometimes will even destroy infected cells, which reminds me that I don't even have time right now to talk about how that relates to stopping the spread of cancer for example. See, we could talk about the immune system in general right now but I instead want to get to my second question as seen in the title to this article above.

Can pH level elevation reduce the spread of viruses?

Well, according to this one article - The pH Connection to Colds & Flu – Increase Immunity, Lower Stress - It appears that the answer is yes to an extent. The key is in finding balance in the pH in your body. Oh, what is pH? You can see that The Power of Hydrogen or pH is a measure of the acidity or alkalinity of fluid in our bodies. Also, our pH is the key indicator of balance within the body’s internal fluids – including blood, urine, saliva, and the fluids between, as well as inside, the cells.

More Acid

Viruses are like drug addicts ahahaha as they require the pH to be more acidic. According to this one article - Viral Infections are pH Sensitive - Traditional approaches to Ebola are being outclassed by the virus so we have to turn to more fundamental approaches that will stop the virus no matter what its gene sequence mutates to. Blasting Ebola with waves of alkalinity will work because many if not most viruses require a mildly acidic environment to infect the cell.

pH Dependent Viruses

The article goes on to say that the corona viruses for example are classified as pH dependent viruses. Now, I'm not saying that all vaccines are bad but some of them have been. What truly matter is what might be inside a particular vaccine. So, you should look at the ingredients to what might be inside a vaccine (but I aint got time right now to talk about vaccines). So, like I said already, some viruses can adapt to vaccines. Therefore, we should look at improving our immune system and specifically raising the level of our pH to be more alkaline. Now, I'm not saying that is all we have to do. Yes, go see a doctor. Ask around. This is not a simple thing. But at the same time, that doesn't mean you can't take some calcium pills which will elevate your pH for example.

Emergency Option

[Arm & Hammer Pure Baking Soda (Sodium Bicarbonate)]( is the best way according to some to increase pH in clinical emergency conditions and has been known as far back as the Spanish Flu pandemic of 1918 to save lives. Now, long story short, some people may advice you not to experiment with baking soda. But I'm just saying that it is an option that you can consider in a life or death situation. Well, it might be the best way or at least a way to make your fluids more alkaline.


You can find oxygen in the air we breathe. Your body needs more oxygen. Please filter your air. Please practice breathing in and breathing out. The secret to life is in feeding the cells but also in flushing out the toxins. Body waste needs to combine with oxygen first in order to then leave. So, as we sleep, we are cleaning out our bodies, that is as we breathe. So, take a deep breath in, slowly. Breath out. Practice breathing as often as you can.


Drink water. Breathe air. They go together. It helps you flush out toxins. By the way, a virus is a toxin or is like a toxin. You want to flush them all out, either way, regardless.

Natural Remedies

You can increase your pH via

Apple Cider Vinegar
Baking Soda
Magnesium Hydroxide or Milk of Magnesia
Ted’s Alkalizing Formulas

Fighting VViruses

You can fight viruses via

1. Coltsfoot
2. Oregano
3. Eucalyptus
4. Chaparral
5. Licorice Root
6. Peppermint
7. Cannabis
8. Osha Root
9. Sage
10. Mullein
11. Lobelia
12. Plantain Leaf
13. Thyme
14. Gingko Biloba
15. Rosemary
16. Irish Moss
17. Elecampane
18. Hyssop
19. Slippery Elm
20. Echinacea
21. Lungwort

Another List


Vitamin C
Sleep with an extra pillow
Gargle warm salt water



If you learned anything, it would be that you need more sun. That is why people get sick more in the winter when there is less sun which could give you vitamins C & D. If anything, you should at least take two Vitamin C pills each day. Give it a try.

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