Can we Cure HIV? Can we Try Apple Cider Vinegar?

This is the question of the day. But before I talk about that, let me just say that I don't have time right now to talk about how HIV may have been infused with the 2019 Novel Corona Virus and/or viruses relating to those types of things. I also don't even have time to talk about what Bill Gates has been doing and saying.

Can we Cure HIV? Can we Try Apple Cider Vinegar?
2020-02-02 - Sunday - 01:18 PM - Can we Cure HIV? Can we Try Apple Cider Vinegar? | 03:44 PM - Published


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By Oatmeal Joey Arnold

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Doctors Debate

What do you think about natural remedies? I'm not saying that you can always cure people automatically. I'm not saying that I don't believe in doctors. It is more a question of what kind of doctors one may believe in. There are two main kinds of doctors when it comes to the general well-being and health of a person. Some doctors can be taught to focus on solving certain parts of the body. For example, ear doctors helps people with hearing. Now, that is pretty simple. Now, that kind of focus can be good. But in some cases, when you try too hard to isolate a symptom or some kind of dilemma, you may end up running into elevated amounts of side effects when you try to treat parts of the body as not interconnected. In some cases, you can end up creating more problems than you can fix when you only seek after fixing certain things in the body. It is important to understand that the body works together for better and for worse in a variety of ways. The body is connected to each other in so many ways. It is important to try your best to cure root causes as opposed to only trying to get rid of symptoms.

Finding Remedies

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Wholistic Medicine

That is the value of holistic or wholistic health which is all about dealing with the entire body as if it is one system of systems over pretending as if the body is more like electronics that can be isolated differently. The body may be less independent in that sense than machines might be. So, let's talk a little bit about natural remedies which can possibly help people fight HIV, AIDS, cancer, viruses, illnesses, etc.


The Truth About the Coronavirus

mike davidson

Infowars: HIV Delivery System Is Embedded In Coronavirus.if laws R broken google, Plz. take it down

Agenda Free TV

China Virus: 361 Dead, 16,758 Cases - LIVE BREAKING NEWS COVERAGE


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Can we cure HIV?

Some people may say no. But, that doesn't mean it is or will always be impossible to cure or fight. I'm not saying you should not see your doctor. But I'm also not saying that you cannot be your own doctor to an extent. Yes, get second opinions from doctors. But remember that doctors generally need more time to understand your specific situation. It is like the difference between homeschool and public school. Teachers need more time to customize lessons to the individual students. Doctors need more time to customize treatments with individual patients as each body and situation can be different. So, all of this can be complex. But it is important to understand that you can understand the general principles to health. Some of it is simple. Some of it can be predictable within the realm of common sense. We can see the patterns in the philosophy of health. Let's talk about some natural remedies that may help fight HIV for example. I'm not saying this rough draft outline list of natural remedies are like magic spells that grants recipes for automatic miracles. But that does not mean we can not at least try everything we can to be as healthy as possible. Yeah, go see a doctor. Talk to people. Read books. Get a second opinion. Get a third opinion. Haha, get a 4th opinion. Leave those opinions in the comments below.

Natural Remedies For HIV

Here is an incomplete rough draft list as follows:

Aloe Vera
Apple Cider Vinegar
Baking Soda
Black Seeds
[Brazillian Toothache Plant (Cocaine Gums)](
Chaga Siberian Mushroom
Chicken soup
[Chorine Dioxide (MMS) Miracle Mineral Solution (100% Cure Rate)](
Cobra Snake Blood
Coconut Oil
Colloidal silver
Curry Powder
Essential amino acids
Garcinia kola
Hydrogen Peroxide
Immune System Strengthening
Lavender Lectins
Lemons /Limes - and/or stay away from citric acid maybe
[Mutamba (brazil plant)](
Reduce Stress
Selenium Stops Aids Virus from Replicating
[Serum Gc protein (known as vitamin D3-binding protein) is the precursor for the principal macrophage activating factor (MAF).](
Sex Prohibition Until Marriage
Soursop leaf
Stem Cell
Tea - Green
Vitamin C
Water - Distilled



Earth Clinic
Lewd Rockwell
Web MD

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Alternative Medicine for HIV and AIDS
Ancient Remedies Includes Black Seeds
Nigella sativa
Anti-Cancer Properties
Bitter kola is a potent antibiotic which could be effective in the treatment of HIV and AIDS.
Bitter kola contains chemical compounds that will help the breakdown of glycogen in the liver.
Finding Remedies
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