2020, January

What is the Corona Virus? Impeachment started in January of 2020. I watched through all the current episodes of The Expanse this month. Was Kobe Bryant Murdered? I tweeted that I didn't like Star Wars and some SJWs reported my Twitter account to get me banned, I noticed this on the 20th. The Damani Felder made this drug commercial where he was selling a red pill. On Wednesday, the first day of January of 2020, I was taking apart a fence. Toaster Microphones Thursday. We tore down that fence. We were still sorting through old coins since December 2019. I feel like I'm in money school. Addictions Become The New Normal. Iran Talk Friday. Sparky & Dog Videos. air conditioner Saturday. Golden Globes didn't kill itself. | Ricky Gervais Didn't Kill Himself | Crucifying Christians in Israel. Jeffrey Epstein on Twitter. Roosters & Hens Friday. Don't Talk to Cops Saturday. Trump Cereal Buying & Smashing. Jesus Broke Windows Monday. Cryptocurrency Blockchain Desire Tuesday. I disagree with Trump on copyright & Snow Soros Sheriffs Wednesday. Space Zombies in The Expanse and MCA is like TPP and NAFTA Thursday? Free speech, too much free time, and Nose Guns on Friday the 18th. Gravel project. Only women can have periods says Savannah Says. Alex Jones Hot Wife. Darth Trump is Dying on Sunday. Gun Rights = Natural Rights on MLK. 100K at Gun Rally. Rock work day. Impeachment Trial day 1 Tuesday. MAGA MLK & Facebook. Big Eyes & All Girls Stream. Guarding Hearts & Picard 101 on Thursday. Good Bad & Bad Good? Eat Bats. Kobe died on Sunday, the 26th. Banned On Live Journal on Monday. Was cleaning rocks. My Savior Bill Gates Tuesday. Eyes in sky moved. Bible. Rick & Morty Wednesday. Sick on Thursday. Picard is Space Matlock. I helped mom watch Picard on Friday, the last day of this month.

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If somebody stole your intellectual property, would you rather government lock that person up or would you rather we the people utilize peer pressure, exposure, and boycotts on the person? Most people tend to prefer the former over the latter. However, America was founded on principles that align more on the latter over the former. In this article, I'm going to talk about how I disagree with how we should be giving government too much power in making too many decisions that we the people should be making ourselves on the local level.....

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January of 2020

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By Oatmeal Joey Arnold

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The Damani Felder

2020-01-01 - Wednesday

The Damani Felder made some funny videos on Tik Tok. People flagged them. He was able to get those video flags appealed. But you should watch his videos. I would make video memes like those. | If the 2010's decade begun on 2011, why not call it the 2011's? | 72 Photos | Mirror | Update on Life 2020-01-01 | Mini AOC | On my first day of the 2020's decade, that is today, I spent several hours taking apart a fence. Was organizing the patio. I enjoyed watching Damani Felder. Also, I heard about how vaccines killed people in Samoa and they are trying to force everybody to get them. They are trying to bring this to America. Bad people are trying to kill sheriffs in America.

Toaster Microphones

2020-01-02 - Thursday

Are there secret microphones on toasters? Is government injecting live Ebola into vaccines in America? Are white people getting murdered in their own homes in South Africa? Are leftists attempting to take out the Sheriffs in the United States? Are globalists prompting Americans to start a violent civil war in the USA in 2020 like never before? The answer is yes, Control Freak Lunatics are trying to do all of these things and more. Like that Star Wars Fish said in Return of the Jedi, "It's a Trap." The good news is that new patriots are growing wings daily. How is that possible? Easy. They drink gallons of these red pills. Somehow, the red pills allow for conservatives and classical liberals to manifest wings from their backs. We endorse non-violent offline activism. | Flag Dude 08 Rejects Astrological Time | Infowars Army 2019 year in review | I made an hour long Critical Minds Infocomms 2019 Review Reaction | Are you a Rick Grimes? We need more leaders in this world. Start where you are. But you don't have to be a big leader of the whole entire world to be valuable and vital. You have no idea how priceless you might be. I placed the fence boards under the music trailer. I finished sorting through some of these world coins that we have. Last Man Standing is interesting. I should binge watch through that show.

Addictions Become The New Normal

2020-01-03 - Friday

Addictions become the new normal. So, the high that you get eventually becomes the average. Therefore, in order to feel normal, you end up back in your habits, good or bad. That's right, addictions and lifestyles can be good and bad. Addictions are chosen partly for the benefits over the consequences. Breaking a habit is tougher if there is no replacement plan. There must be commitment and some surrender, some faith. Accountability helps in these types of situations. Deep inside your heart, you can ask yourself about your priorities, your time management. You can write it down. It's your life. Sometimes, you end up making choices that counter your goals. So, when that happens, write it down. Tell a close friend each time. Have a plan. Seek after your main goals. Pray for a belief in your life missions. It can be tough but you are not stuck where you are. But the path towards braking your bondage includes admitting to the problems at hand. | Why Everything is FUCKED UP!!!!! | 1967 Recording Predicted Everything Happening In The World in 2020 | Alex Jones talked to people about the U.S. strike on Iran. What should Trump do? Of course, he should try harder to get U.S. troops out of wars oversea. We should be stopping the United Nations who is hiring foreign soldiers right now to confiscate American's firearms.

Sparky & Dog

2020-01-04 - Saturday

Made 36 Sparky & Dog YouTube videos, 2pics. In the Expanse, a television show about the future, the United Nations took over the whole world. Meanwhile in real life, right now, the UN is trying to hire foreigners and others in order to attempt to confiscate guns, firearms, from Americans, etc. I slept all night without excessive intermission. The Expanse. Alex Jones.

Air Conditioner

2020-01-05 - Sunday

We took out the air conditioner and transplanted a bush plant thing over from near that window where the AC was to the ivory towards the compost pile. Did you know gold was banned in America for 41 years from 1933-1974? | Three Year Old Oatmeal - Do Not Eat This | My First Facebook Story | Frozen: Let It Go Cover | What is driving you? What motivates you? Who are your friends? If you take the time to talk to them, you may get things done. Sometimes, in life, you should not wait. Sometimes, you should make things happen.

Golden Globes & Kitchen Lights

2020-01-06 - Monday

Ricky Gervais didn't kill himself. Golden Globes Sunday. I like talking about Star Wars for better and for worse. I like meeting new people. I forgot my umbrella. I was walking in the rain. I showed people this photo. Try to guess who and when. It was a photo of me from like 2000 when I was fifteen. This was when I was starting high school. It is fun to play hot potato. It can be fun to review 2019. We worked on the kitchen lights for hours. That was the main thing. After that, took out the trash in the dark on my way to the second thing. | Weekly Photos | Mirror | 434 Photos | I love flowers. A rose is a flower. My sisters had dolls. I look the same as I did twenty years ago some might joke. I saw my brother last year. I like Skype. I like to run. Rules are rules. It can be hard not to break things. Enforcing rules can be hard. Harvey Weinstein. I saw a guy on the bus. I said hello. Humpty Dumpty is a good story that I like.

Ricky Gervais Didn't Kill Himself

2020-01-07 - Tuesday

U.S. Tax Payers are funding Obama Trump Fake News Funds that have been operating globally as of 2020, still. Globalists are trying to use Iran to murder Trump. See if they just kill Trump, patriots will rise up against them. So, they have to try very hard to make it look like terrorists did it just like they did with 9/11. It happens in history again and again. the globalists divide and conquer. Many times in the past, the control freaks would create problems and then come in with fake solutions as the Anti-Christ. They come in like saviors. Americans must be reminded that they are always trying to distract us. They're always trying to get us to look over here while they do stuff over there. | Ricky Gervais Didn't Kill Himself | I practiced driving. I like that cartoon, Dennis the Menace. I put sand around the brick path near the front door. Help people help themselves. I like tents. Please minimize federalized welfare. They're telling people to attack Trump buildings. The Iran government is tweeting this out right now. The deep state is trying to use this as an excuse to JFK Donald John Trump. They are trying different means to end to presidency of Trump. They're trying to Epstein Trump. We must remind people of all of their tricks. They're magicians. But we are beginning to see how they do their tricks for so many centuries now. We lift the veil, the curtain, to see the little man in the Wizard of Oz. That is fundamental. Pompea continued funding the Obama Fake News Fund. Trump is retarded if he is not trying to stop that. The worse jet fuels in the world come from like three companies.

Crucifying Christians

2020-01-08 - Wednesday

Are Christians getting crucified in Israel by the Israeli government currently in 2020? Is America attacking Christians in Iran? | Ricky Gervais Didn't Kill Himself | Happy Elvis Presley's 85 Birthday | I was born in 85 | May of 2012 | June of 2012 | Christian Forums | I'm Almost 35. Was teaching English in Vietnam.

Jeffrey Epstein on Twitter

2020-01-09 - Thursday

Jeffrey Epstein is trending on Twitter. I wrote that Trump sucks because he doesn't stop 5G which is giving children cancer. We need to impeach and remove Trump for not firing the swamp as there are too many people in the government. I hate Trump for not stopping the white lines in the sky which is damaging crops. Trump should close the borders completely or the more the better. | July of 2012 | Make friends with all kinds of people. On Twitter, I made friends with leftists today. I try to find common ground with people. If people hate Trump, then I find ways to say that I hate Trump too when Trump is NOT trying hard enough to protect the first amendment. Trump is an idiot for trying to police the world even while Israeli government crucify Christians on crosses.

Roosters & Hens

2020-01-10 - Friday

We were watching Anne of Green Gables, I mean with an E. I saw bits and pieces of it. I was watching that Netflix show in 2019. I need to watch more of it someday. I love natural remedies. Why treat people by the color of their skin when you can judge them by the content of their character? | Cynthia Farahat | Over Lord DVD Doom Cock had a good live stream YouTube video for over five hours today. Was also watching Alex Jones and Owen Shroyer. I've been writing articles for each month and each day of my life in 2012. So, I was looking at how I transitioned from America to living in Vietnam for five years from 2012-2017. Once upon a time lived a rooster and a hen. They can be serious at times. I wonder if they're ever too serious with each other. Sometimes, I wonder if the rooster needs more patience. I was chatting with people this week about criminal justice. Knowing the law is very valuable.

Don't Talk to Cops

2020-01-11 - Saturday

Blockchain can be dangerous if it violates privacy. But tech cartels, governments, agencies, organizations, etc, are in fact violating our privacy. So, therefore, blockchain is giving us an alternative, a counter. Drunk Joey Videos | 10 vids | Have you met the muffin man show? Geeks + Gamers went live to raise money for Red Cross for the fires in Australia. It was interesting to see them talk with Dash. | Lacking a Sense of Perspective | I made ten videos. I sang a little in them. I said a few things. Took 18 photos. Should I join Snap Chat? I changed my Facebook avatar. Craig Mason Video this morning talked about Canadian and American 1800's history. The Expanse. Don't talk to cops. Some people do and their words are used against them in a court of law.

Trump Cereal Buying & Smashing

2020-01-12 - Sunday

People buy Trump Cereal and film themselves kicking it, throwing it. Kaitlin Bennett interviewed people that sold the cereal. The adults who spit on the gun girl are diagnosed with TDS, the Trump Derange Syndrome. There may be no cures for TDS. The Expanse. Killing Space Mulan. Red Letter Media: Best of the Worst. | Was Looking For Work | Trying to Fly With Hawks | Can you try to live at peace with people? You can write down your beef down somewhere for the record. But do you really have to bring it up too often? The answer should be to maximize potential within the people around you like cultivating gardens.

Jesus Broke Windows

2020-01-13 - Monday

Elon Musk said that robots are taking over our jobs and that we will probably have universal basic income (UBI) which means authoritarianism under the guise of communism, socialism, neo-distributism, Obamaism, of sharing. Should we let the powers that be tell us how much money, how much income, we may or may not have or should we simply compete for them via free markets? Do you trust government to make these decisions on your behalf without falling to corruption excessively? If you are hesitant, then why not fight to limit the powers of governments, corporations, organizations, tech cartels, etc? My laptop battery is 97% full. It is refusing to go to 100% full. But yesterday, it was stuck at 12% for a few hours. It would stop and start charging on and off for a while. So, I turned off my laptop, unplugged everything off it except the power cord and left it plugged in to try to charge it up over night and after six hours, my laptop battery went from 12% full to 97% full. I bought the laptop back in 2015 or 2016. A good computer should be able to last more than ten years. I practiced driving today. Also, Jesus broke the windows?

2009-07-16 - Thursday - 05:30 PM - Laptop Theft
2011-10-13 - Thursday - 07:48 PM - Daddy Dinner
2020-01-13 - Monday - Weekly Photos - 397pics | Mirror

Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) is messing up society. What does David Wilcock say about aliens? If 90% of a tribe's men are destroyed during war, that tribe could then bounce back via making babies. Mothers give birth to the next generation. If you reverse that to turn every girl, every woman, into a Mulan, into a Xena Warrior Princess, into a Buffy The Vampire Slayer, then are a bunch of men going to have a bunch babies to help that tribe bounce back or will the overall population of that particular tribe decline towards possible extinction if too many females are killed after one or two generations? Are women not valued more? Why not protect the women? Alex Jones covered the programs that you put on your phone that maps out everything about you in order to manipulate you and much more.

The deepest thing I've learned how to do is to be shallow.

Cryptocurrency Blockchain Desire

2020-01-14 - Tuesday

I was reviewing my transition from America to Vietnam in August | September | October | and November of 2012

In other news, I was writing to people about how blockchain works hand in glove with cryptography, with cryptocurrencies, or vice versa to be more exact possibly or that it should be that way ideally. Globalists are prompting global economic depressions. The good news is that we have had over 90 years to prepare for the disasters that globalists are trying to make us all create upon each other. Believe it or not, but more people are preparing. More companies than ever before are selling survival gear. You have no excuse for not surviving whatever may happen at any time. Actually, many things are happening already. Trump had a big rally. There was also a democratic debate which nobody watched haha.

Soros Sheriffs

2020-01-15 - Wednesday


Who hired all of these sheriffs in America? Follow the money. Please follow the money. Different people got them hired but one of the biggest is a global terrorist by the name of George Soros who pretends to be a saint like Bill Gates and others. | I Disagree With Trump On Copyright Enforcement | SnowDay3 | History is being made right now. You can be part of history if you want. You can join people who love family first values. All you have to do is go to Banned.Video for more information on what is happening in the world. You would not believe what is happening both good and bad. You do not want to miss out on the party. What are you waiting for?

MCA is like TPP and NAFTA?

2020-01-16 - Thursday

MCA is like TPP and NAFTA? Are you making pop culture commentary videos like Chandler Crump? Is he the Black Soph? I can hear Greta spinning in her grave, "Why don't I get a Black Greta?" Oh, you do, her name is AOC. Dental assistant girl was fired for posting a picture of a hat. That's it. Just a hat. You're fired. I'm writing an article about whether or not you might have free speech. I transplanted a bush from near the new AC to near where the 2019 snow fort was. I'm on season three of The Expanse. Watched Alex Jones, War Room, World Class Bull, Trump in a prayer at schools summit. I watched different live streams. Laundry. The Expanse has Space Zombies. Game of Thrones has Ice Zombies. The Walking Dead has Walkers.

Nose Guns

2020-01-17 - Friday

There shouldn't be a Second Amendment (2A) | I was sent to a gulag in 2012 and forced to confess to a crime I didn't commit or else one year in prison or more plus $5,000 in fines for stopping a drunk from calling 911 because she was having a temper tantrum. | Do you have free speech? | Do you got too much free time? | My Rollit Up | Why shouldn't there be a 2nd Amendment, a right to bear arms? Because it should be common sense. Do I need a license to have a nose? But imagine that I shot poisonous snot from my nose and killed you? I should go to jail. Put my nose on the electric chair. Should we ban noses? No. The problem is that I violate your private property via murder. Private property? Huh? Where? Your body is your private property. If I kill you, then I took that property from you. But if you take my nose from me, then you are violating my ownership rights. It is mine. I own it. I'm responsible with it. If any of my stuff hurts you in any way, I might be held liable. Hey, you could try to drag me to court after I do something bad. But please don't try to stop me before I do a big no-no. I'm against pre-crime pre-trial social injustice.

Alex Jones Hot Wife

2020-01-18 - Saturday

Alex Jones has a hot wife. Some of the best men have awesome wives. Just saw AJ's wife today during the Women's March 2020 today on my laptop. I was working on a gravel project near the front door for several hours. Savannah Hernandez carried a sign that only women can have periods. Some young people said that is not true. But it is true. But they go on to talk about lifestyle. But we are talking about biology and not what you do. What you choose to do is up to you, good or bad. But that does not alter reality. You are whatever you are. Some people mentioned hypothetical situation, some which might be extremely rare at like two percent or less of all humans ever. Exceptions do not undo generalities of how things are. Alex Jones wore a pink hat and started chanting, "Up with Soros, down with Trump." He was joking and yet people thought he really loved abortion, trafficking, murder, and the destruction of society.

Darth Trump is Dying

2020-01-19 - Sunday

I wonder if Darth Trump will Return of the Jedi redeem himself and become President Anakin Skywalker someday or the sooner the better and before it is too late to stop geoengineering, CPS, 5G, bad vaccines, tech cartels, the Federal Reserve, etc. He might be trying to be too nice and that is not good. I like Space Force in theory. I moved to Vietnam in 2012. Click here to see my 2012 year in review post. | My Body My Weed | 2012-2017 - Rough Draft 001 | December of 2012. Keep your eyes especially on Virginia this week as globalists attempt to frame gun owners. Now, the swamp is trying to remove Trump this week. The trial is scheduled for Tuesday. The plan is to make something bad happen on Monday to blame on Trump to make Trump and Americans look bad. The United Nations (UN) and others have been hiring foreign body guards as they attempt to remove the second amendment in the United States but city by city and state by state. They're trying to steal and confiscate the firearms from we the people. Time is running out. If you want to save the America Dream and the world in general by extension, you should at least share this. At least tell a friend. But you should do more than that. Go to your local town hall. Call somebody up and tell them what is happening. Call your mayor, representative, congressmen, etc. Come to Washington D.C. and peacefully protest. This week will be historical either for patriots or for Satanists.

Gun Rights = Natural Rights

2020-01-20 - Monday

Gun rights are not constitutional rights but natural rights acknowledged by the constitution. The second amendment (2A) is simply there to personify one of the key principles to freedom from tyrannies. Rock work for five hours. Gun rally in Virginia had around 100,000 patriots or possible more. Happy Martin Luther King Jr (MLK) Day. Happy 2nd LMS Anniversary today. I tweeted that I didn't like Star Wars and some SJWs reported my Twitter account to get me banned.

Are there absolutes? Are you absolutely sure?
I was banned off Twitter.
Twitter terminated my @joeyarnoldvn account.
Weekly Pictures - 400pics | Mirror

MAGA MLK & Facebook

2020-01-21 - Tuesday

Cut the taxes. Trump 2020. I was banned from Twitter for liking Star Wars. Impeachment trial, day 1. Trump promoted vaccines which murders people. Why is Trump promoting bad 5G? In a speech at DAVOS 2020, Trump calls the leftist weirdos alarmists who said we would run out of oil in the 1990's and run out of other things other times. Trump is helping but will it be enough? I believe in encouraging Trump to do better than the status quo. I continued working on the rock project today. Ate some pizza. I'm reviewing 2018. I'm watching The Expanse. Was almost banned on Facebook today. I was watching Infowars. Facebook censors a MAGA MLK photo. Facebook said the image was misleading, that Martin Luther King Jr never wore a red Trump hat before he was murdered over half a century ago. Oh my God, thanks for letting me know Facebook, you are my Lord & Savior, Mister God Mark Zuckerberg.

The Expanse 308-311

Big Eyes & All Girls Stream

2020-01-22 - Wednesday

LOTR. Big eyes. Like 1984. I grew up in a trailer. Water world movie. Turtles and pipes. In the dark. Setup like a watch. See the fine print. Good food today. They're trying to impeach Trump. The good news is when kids start to see what Bernie didn't tell them. Then some of those hippies begin to wake up. Our job is to help them see the light and the real real burn lol. Gay bombs are chemical warfare that ruins the lives of people like the zombie virus and it changes the behavior of men and women to destroy civilization. Picard, episode 1 came out around 11 PM. I've been reviewing 2018. Wednesday all girls Star Wars Fandom Menace stream on YouTube was excellent. Interesting dating advice in that video. Men should be men. Women should be women, generally speaking. Things work better that way. I started watching season 4 of The Expanse.

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Guarding Hearts

2020-01-23 - Thursday

The number one side effect of chemo therapy is cancer. They arrested a silent protestor in Washington DC. They arrested silent protester Owen Shroyer for wearing duct-tape. He had tape on his mouth, but they still threw him in prison. The cops also hit on Savannah Hernandez while arresting Owen for doing nothing. Focus on what you believe. Don't have time to fly with all of the ducks. Guard your heart. Priorities. Focus on your goals. Ask for help from God and others. Don't make excuses. Simply declare what your choices are and commit to them. Yoda is right about this. You do or you do not. There is no try. Addictions, habits, and lifestyles can be broken and reshaped to fit your mission statement in your life. If you need help, get help. Clean those rocks. 12:20 PM EST, globalists arrested Owen Shroyer who was not saying a word. He had tape over his mouth and was holding a sign in Washington DC.

Star Trek Picard 101
The Expanse 402

Good Bad & Bad Good?

2020-01-24 - Friday

Is good actually bad and is evil actually holy? Globalists want you to think that. So, they tell us this 24/7 everywhere and in every way they can. That is the virus they spread. But truth is an even more contagious virus. Cancer comes from viruses. Bill Gates patented the Coronavirus. They had a drill not too long for it. People are dropping dead from it all around the world. 12:20 PM EST yesterday, globalists arrested Owen Shroyer who was not saying a word. He had tape over his mouth and was holding a sign in Washington DC. Because of the viruses, I'm taking vitamins C, D, and E. Vitamin E helps with the immune system. Vitamins C and E helps strengthen cell walls. We have space force. Can we also get Earth Force for inside of the planet and Dimension Force for interdimensional space? Unstoppable Domains attempts to get around DNS services via an alternative DNS system, AKA Internet Address Book mechanism.

The Expanse

Eat Bats

2020-01-25 - Saturday

Eat your bats if you want to pass on viruses. Tim Poole saw while live streaming a superior order a female police officer in 2011 in America to arrest a photographer on the sidewalk; the charges were dropped thanks to the video, as you can see that he was clearly not blocking the road, but he was still in jail waiting for his trial for like months. I was arrested in 2012 in Oregon for stopping a drunk, Robin Baker, from calling 911 to complain about me. Beer Gates Virus. Vitamins C, D, and E help fight against the Bill Gates Patented Coronavirus. Rocks. Mario Kart Video. Wheel of Fortune. Bowl of ice-cream. Studying the Internet still. Impeachment trial. Lionel Nation. Mesh. Ancient Greece. Hercules.

The Expanse

Was Kobe Bryant Murdered?

2020-01-26 - Sunday

Was Kobe Bryant Murdered? So what? Legally speaking, that is the response when somebody claims that you committed alleged crimes without evidence, prove, facts. That is what they should be doing in the 2020 U.S. Impeachment Trial. You can say Trump said this or did that, but so what. Lionel Nation talked about this during his second stream, Saturday evening. Led Adult Sunday School. We saw the church of Iran in a video for the sermon. What did Bill Gates do again to help murder people? Potluck. Den. Shovel. Cookies. Danish. Fake Lemon. Fake women don't have hips?

Banned On Live Journal

2020-01-27 - Monday

Live Journal banned me. What Happened to Kobe Bryant? The Carbon Cycle is very green. A man from Europe talked about a double lawsuit to sue Facebook for one trillion dollars USD for example which is an estimate on the assumption that Facebook caused damages to millions to billions of people at an average of at least $10K per person which equals to a total of a trillion dollars. Youth group. Impeachment. Kobe. Ricky & Morty. The Expanse 410. Different teams analogy. Work hard, even when losing. Try to pass the ball. Think long-term.

My Savior Bill Gates

2020-01-28 - Tuesday

Cleaning Rocks. Kobe Bryant Had a Cheap Helicopter? Every morning, I pray to my Lord & Savior, Bill Gates. My savior patented the Corona Virus: patent number 10130701. See the map of where this virus has spread globally. | Challenger blew up on this day in 1986. | Corona Virus Tweets on Twitter | [Novel coronavirus](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Novel_coronavirus_(2019-nCoV)) | My girl friend, Tiffany Rochell Cumbo, died, 2003-04-05, Saturday, the 5th of April of 2003. Well, maybe not my girl friend. She was my favorite childhood friend going back to like 1990. So, when I think about Kobe, my brain goes back to her a bit. She was born a year after me. Well, almost two years. But she was the first girl I ever liked, the first girl I ever kissed. Life can be short. Treasure each moment.

Weekly Photos | Mirror | 566 Photos - To 2020-01-27 - Monday

Rick & Morty

2020-01-29 - Wednesday

Facebook reads your private messages. Helicopters are safer than cars. Did you know that Obama had a grandmother? Bill Gates Saves Us From Evil Sun. What did Bill say in April of 2019? In January of 2020, I was watching through all the current episodes of The Expanse and caught up with Rick & Morty (season 4). Today, Bible Study. 1 Thessalonians. I ate soup on potatoes. Eyes in the sky. Moved. Rain. Studying the death of Kobe Bryant. I've been learning about the Coronavirus. I'm preparing to write a post about that. I've also been working on a map of the Internet. I talk to my friends on Free Square about the 4th amendment. I'm on Twitter trying to tell people to check out Doom Cock who was mentioned by Harrison Smith today. I'm on Telegram talking to people about money. I'm on Discord with Flag Dude 08 talking about Bit Torrent. Running nose. Sneezing. Barn. Truck. Walmart. Wrap.

Was Sick

2020-01-30 - Thursday

Kobe Bryant was murdered? They create problems and then come with fake solutions. Will you promise that you'll try to keep yourself healthy as we enter.... A Smile a Day Keeps the Sad Away. The 2019 Novel Coronavirus is big. A global thing is being activated right now. But natural remedies. Hose put away. Sick. Impeachment. Iowa Trump Rally. Alex Jones. Suits. Deplorable Choir song.

Picard is Space Matlock

2020-01-31 - Friday

Star Trek Picard is Space Matlock meets Firefly. Oh, mom finds the show revealing of what leftist educators try to infuse into globalized culture. Today, I was still sick with like a cold or maybe the Novel Corona Virus. Well, probably just a cold. But you never know. But we can at least take care of our immune system. Breakfast means breaking from the fast. That means no eating at night. Give your body a break. I joined Coin Tree and added my crypto addresses to it. I wrote 4 posts about Kobe Bryant this week. What is mysterious is that they say there was a fire on the helicopter before it crashed. I wonder what caused the fire. Open Borders Debate. Bitchute vs Dtube. Sweeping under the bird feeder.

What is the Corona Virus?
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