Porn Hub is destroying families and especially girls. Where are the feminists when you need them? Are these websites sponsoring rape and especially children sex trafficking I wonder. Make women women again. That is a goal. For more information about that, go check out Lionel Nation. Too many ladies begin to forget their value as sisters, wives, daughters, etc. Women are the heart of civilization. But many of them don't realize their worth. So, please reach out to a female near you and encourage them. Teach people how to date. Younger people are asking people how they met people as dinosaurs before the age of the world wide web. Well, I would encourage younger people to practice talking to people offline more, at least once a month for five minutes, if not longer. Take it a step at a time. Baby steps.

Psychology vs Archeology

So, I have had different classes during college concerning psychology, sociology, anthropology. I know that psychology should be dealt with more like archeology as to say one step at a time with a comb.

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2020-02-15 - Saturday

Oatmeal Daily - 2020-02-15 - Saturday

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By Oatmeal Joey Arnold

@OatmealJoey | @OatmealHealth
Published in February of 2020

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12:28 AM - Steemit

They should make the machines stronger, more flexible. Too many things are too cheap and yet expensive. The good news is that there are different private companies in America in 2020 competing to take people to space. That means competition over a monopoly. I was hearing about that yesterday from an astronaut who was talking to Joe Rogan.


I understand that things break. But have you not seen the things that Elon Musk has? Space X is impressive. In a controlled environment, a robot should be able to repair itself or to at least be remote controlled from earth.

Remote Control

So, if it is unable to fix a problem, then as people watch on earth, they can then control the bots, the drones, on the moon, on Mars, in space, etc, like you would control a remote controlled car. But of course, there is the delay of some minute to some hours, however long it takes for the messages to travel from earth and to the moon.

Cutting Corners

So, you had to repair things. But sadly, I believe that people can do better than that. Those things are not good enough. It is possible that, at least in some cases, that they cut corners, take shortcuts, when building robots, machines, etc. Oh, what is COTS?


Oh, I don't like the FDA and I like that you installed a self-calibrating AI. Manual override can be ok but also dangerous. I would prefer that people don't try too hard to extract things from the molecules, the atoms, or however small they go, in order to collect what they need. I would have that as a backup plan and focus on the bigger things that the moon has to offer.

Lunar Solar Power

I would set up huge solar panels on the moon and do whatever it takes to make sure there was always more than enough power for drilling, for looking for caves, canals, holes, etcon the moon.


Health Care Debate

12:40 AM - Steemit

Who said that what you have there we don't have here in the United States? Is what you have in Germany, in regards to health care, similar to what people have in Canada? Are you aware of the welfare system in America? Also, are you aware of what people did before the 1930's? I would dare you to compare now with how things were before the 1930's. That's critical to understand.


Socialism Pool

12:50 AM - Steemit

I don't like the shared pool. But if there was no downvoting, then the pool would at least be first come first served.


Of course the pool can be abused.

Little POOLSSSSSS vs one ring to rule em all

That is why it would be better if Steem were to allow for decentralized pool systems flow through the Steem system similar to how cryptocurrency exchange websites might work as opposed to one big centralized Steem Rewards Pool. Whoever thought that a centralized pool was the best way to compete with the central bankers needs to go see a brain doctor lol.


Value in Courts

01:19 AM - Steemit

I'm not against the process of taking people to court. I believe in having judges.


I also believe in holding people accountable via bad publicity.

Swallowing Babies

So, you make a toy and my baby swallows it, then I would prefer to first make videos about it. I would encourage boycotts.

Mob Rule

Because then I might be able to hurt your business. In a sense, that is like mob rule democracy which can be dangerous...

Centralized Judges

....but can sometimes be better than a corrupt and centralized judge. I like good judges. I hate bad judges. There are too many bad judges. Too many bad laws. Too many bad jurors.


So, we live in a dangerous world with pros and cons concerning almost everything.

Down Vote Sued

Now, being sued is almost as bad as being downvoted. I think we both agree concerning how a downvote Steem Flag either is or might be like stealing money from the poor.

Wet Dreams

Yeah, suing the rich is a wet dream for Bernie Sanders but poor people can get sued too.

4th Amendment

I would prefer doing whatever it takes to reduce the violation of private property.


See, in some cases, judges might be overreaching. So, instead of taking your money via suing, the money you already got, I would prefer simply reducing how much money you make in the future while educating people on making better choices on the products, the services, etc, that they buy, rent, borrow, etc.

Give em a Bad Name

I want to write articles about bad people. But at the same time, I'm not saying, don't ever go to court. But I would talk about it first and then perhaps go to court. But going to court can be dangerous. Yes, hold people accountable. But there are different ways to hold people accountable.

Monsanto Monster

You asked me a question about food. We can go ask Monsanto about that. We can look at the bad vaccines and all the money they pay people to keep them quiet from speaking out on how their children died from the vaccines. We can look at GMO.

Big Daddy Pharma

We can look at what Big Pharma does. We can look at what they do to make their foods last longer on the shelves like you said. Step one involves raising awareness to what they do.

Take Em to Court

Step two may involve trying to take them to court. And people should come together to try to go after Facebook as well. So, I'm not saying don't go after the big guys. Rather, I'm saying that the approach needs to be as comprehensive and thorough and long-term minded as possible. In other words, people should prepare long and hard for the fight against people who do in fact hurt and kill people on purpose.

GMO McDonald's

So, if McDonald's is purposely using GMO food for example, etc, etc, then we ought to find even more ways to continue talking about that to new people.


Sadly, people kind of say that McDonald's is unhealthy and yet eat it anyways. They don't get it.


Like, it becomes a joke. Now, of course, people have freedom, freewill, to do what they want. But many people are addicted to junk food and don't know that. They don't understand that they are addicted.

Global Addiction

So, humans are always becoming addicted to different things. The key in life is in being aware of the addictions and of the alternatives. People can break free and live better lives with the alternatives. But as humans, we can feel stuck in routines, habits, lifestyles, bad choices, addictions, etc, and feel that we have to. But we don't have to. We can help people make better choices one step at a time.

Do Not vs Let's Do

But you should NOT ONLY say to a person to NOT DO SOMETHING because that makes a person feel helpless. And they generally go back to doing it as they feel that the bad thing is better than nothing. What they don't realize is that they can do these other things and that they will not die if they do these other things. And what we can do is encourage people to walk on the road.

Grass Nazi vs Romantic Hand Holder

Instead of simply and merely saying and yelling, "DON'T WALK ON THE GRASS YOU BASTARDS!!!!" Instead, we can encourage people, "Hey baby, hold my hand, let's follow the yellow brick road and please talk dirty to me lol."

I am a big fan of V for Vendedetta.

Hello Black Girl Magic Annie. Oh, you sell teeth whitening stuff? Oh, very nice. Do you like to dance? I'm glad you are here.


Princess Bride Reference

you killed my mother

Princess Bride

According to Wikipedia, [Princess Bride was first released in the United States on September 25, 1987.](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Princess_Bride_(film)) I first saw it in the 1990's and probably at my older sister's place, probably closer to the last half of the 90's I'm guessing. Well, I probably saw it a few times in my life. So, I'm not totally sure when I first saw it.

Famous Quote

I did say in a video we made in 1996, in May, in our To Heaven And To Hell film, before shooting my brother, who was playing some bad guy, with a fake gun or toy drill, I said something like, "You kill my mother, you killed my father.... and now I have to kill you. Boom." So, I don't know if I stole that from the Princess Bride or if I said it before I even saw the movie. I think I did not see the movie yet at that point and that I just made up those words. But perhaps Ricky, my brother, saw the movie and told me to say it. I will need to ask him.


Tax Rise

02:24 AM - Steemit

How much money do people have to pay in taxes? Do you love taxes as opposed to free markets? When a company cannot make a profit, then competition declines. That means they are not encouraged to exceed. Because there is no benefit in doing better. That means things decline.

Value in Competition

Competition and profit is critical in driving competition. Otherwise, you get socialism, communism, tyranny, etc. If a company wants to do those things that you talk about, that is fine.


The problem can be when government forces companies to do them. That is a critical problem that does more harm than good, long-term speaking.

People Help People

Churches can help people. Non-profit organizations can help people. Also, people can help people. That is better than having government help people. Historically, that is better. When you read history and study history, you will see how big government gets bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger.

Pretending to Help

They pretend to help people most of the time. They trick people like you into thinking that they are helping. And they do help a little but they end up doing more harm than good in the long-run.

Boiling Frogs

It can take more than 100 years to see how bad it can get but things become worse and worse as a result of the centralization, the regulation, the restrictions, the authoritarianism that rises higher and higher and bigger and bigger, gradually, slowly, and then all of a sudden.

Ancient Legal Systems

The legal system in America and in other countries is still connected to an older legal system from Europe that predates 1776 and the founding of the United States.


There is rumor concerning how America became a corporation because of what they did in 1871, etc.

German Obama Care

What you describe is Obama Care in many ways. So, you say it is different and yet it is not. You believe it is different because it looks different to you and because people told you so.


Deep down, you believe they are not connected. That is why you're not going to accept what I say. America has a welfare system that is similar to all of these things that you talk about. So, I understand why you say these things. I believe that you are either unaware of what America has or that you blindly choose to believe what people say falsely concerning America.

Fake News

I remember going to Vietnam and hearing foreigners from Europe come to Vietnam and lie about my country. Some people don't even know that they are being inaccurate. It is all a long story, the good and bad things that America has.


And yes, at the same time, Germany and different countries are not totally identical to America.

Smaller Scale

Also, some of these countries are so much smaller. So, at a smaller scale, you can sometimes do things differently. So, I don't disagree that some of these things are different which means you are right about that to the extent that these countries are the size of some of the USA states.

Europe is Dying

But Germany is running into big problems. Europe is dying. If people don't continue to rise up to stop Open Borders and other problems, then Europe will continue to decline like the Roman Empire did in a similar fashion.

History Loop

History can repeat itself but does not have to. That is why we have Brexit. The UK is trying to escape some of the problems.


But England is not perfect and Boris Johnson appears to be making some bad choices perhaps. But they are at least trying to remain independent as a country as oppose to a state of the EU which is actually a precursor to a global government that already exists to some extent.

Taxes Are Dangerous

Now, you say that parents don't have to pay and yet they do either directly or indirectly, economically speaking through taxes they pay or that their employers pay. When your employers pay more taxes, that means the employees get less money, etc, generally speaking. Many times, employers end up firing people, I mean laying them off, letting them go. Because taxes are generally too dangerous.

People Help People

Before the 1930's, Americans were helping Americans more and more.


But the same people that created the EU, the UN, etc, also were doing some things in America to cause the Great Depression which then resulted in certain actions that FDR, the U.S. President in the 1930's, to enact fascism and other things.

Banning Gold

The American government banned gold and started throwing people in jail. They even stole the gold from foreign banks and refused to give the gold back to them.


Bad people infiltrated the U.S. government and started making the government do bad things. It is long story. I have been reading books about it. There are so many documentaries that talk about what the bad people do to damage many different countries for many many centuries in a variety of ways.


Plans vs People

02:40 AM - Steemit

Plans can be like people. You can ask a person if they want to do something. Before asking, you can prepare yourself. You can say to yourself, "I will ask, politely, and then walk away." The person might say yes. But mentally, it is critical to be ready for the no. Plans can say no too. A plan might not work. You might be able to find another person and another plan. It is critical to be open minded.


2020-02-15 - Saturday - 03:25 AM - 04:29 AM - Outlander 201

She went to the future and asked a man what yar it was. 1948. The British won. She got upset.

She tells her husband, Frank, that she was with Jaimee for 2 years and is pregnant with his baby.

Frank almost hits Claire like his ancestor would and he ran off and started hitting things instead.

Frank said he is willing to raise the son as his own.

Frank told Claire to stop looking at the history books to find references of Jaimee.

I disagree with that.

If I was Frank, I would have helped Claire find references to Jaimee in history books.

Because history is good.

Not bad.

Don't dwell in the past.

Learn from the past.

I told my sisters this.

I tell people this.

Education is good.

History is good.

Books are good.

But in Disney Star Wars The Last Jedi, Yoda and Kylo Ren said like, "Let the past die" or something like that.

Frank burns her clothes that she brought back from the 1700's.


Why would you do that?

Frank got a job at Harvard in Bston, USA.

They fly over there.

Flashback to 1745 where they went to La Havre, France.

They try to stop a war.

Is that a good thing or a bad thing?


If losing a war means raising awareness to certain things, then the losing is a good thing.

If winning means only stopping symptoms and not really stopping root causes, etc, then winning wars or battles can be and might be possibly too counterproductive, long-term speaking.

"You've missed my meaning."


The French man had to have his ship burn

Thanks to Claire he thinks

An enemy


2020-02-15 - Saturday - 04:30 AM - 05:31 AM - Outlander 202

Jaimee dreams of having sex with Claire but then her face turns into Black Jack Randall. So, then he starts trying to stab Jack to death. Oh, a nightmare.

Servants are staff, employees

Street sellers, vendors, like as you would find in Vietnam in 2020 still


Black servant

Pig blood in a potion or something

The one guy suggests killing the head of the rebellion to stop the rebels

But that might not work

"This arrived today in the post."

Brothels are like strip bars

Dildos in the 1700's

The guy says, "God demands that a Catholic king sits on the English throne. My father is that king."


God never said that.

Catholics are bad.

Catholics are not Christians.

Charles Stewart believes in fantasy that he is like working for God

Mary Hawking

The king is on the toilet throne while people watch but he can't go, number 2

Jaimee talks about porridge for breakfast which could help and the king is too dumb and says he doesn't eat peasant food

The king is retarded then

What's done is done

What's past is past

Jack Black Randall is still alive according to his brother

Sharp tongue




Banana. Coffee.

Mark Dice

10:59 AM - It’s Way Too Obvious! Bloomberg pays people to meme about him

I've not seen Bloomberg ads. Have you?


Craig Mason

11:05 AM - Saturday *LIVE*: JUSTICE Edition

Christ came for many reasons. Not just one reason.

People generally talk about the main reason Jesus came. But there were other reasons too.

So, I'm not going to say those other reasons for Christ coming does not exist. Those other reasons are there too.

There is energy. We can call it the spirit, the soul. We can call it whatever we want.

It is key to replace one addiction with another addiction.


Understanding Government

11:11 AM - Steemit

Do you understand the difference between local government and federal government?

Ownership Value

11:12 AM - Steemit

Do you believe in private property rights?



11:30 AM - Steemit

With ten million dollars, I would invest them into different things. I would first need to study the laws concerning taxes and everything.


I would open up bank accounts with different banks, etc. I would buy some Bitcoin, Steem, Ethereum, etc. I would keep some cash. I would buy some gold, oats, salt, grain, canned foods, etc.


I would not spend all of my money at once. But I would gradually spend the money on little things. But not to say that I would make the money last forever. But I would try to start businesses. I would try to buy stocks.


I will try to put a thousand dollars here and a thousand dollars there. I would do my best to try different things because I know many things may fail. So, diversify your portfolios, investments, time, etc.


Deception vs Inception

11:50 AM - Steemit

My mind can be similar. I agree that adding details can lead towards deception, etc, in some cases. Well, it depends. I remember when my mom got hit by a car when I was three years old in November of 1988 in Oregon, USA. But if I said that I remember wearing a red shirt, I'd be lying.

Abstract Memories

I remember bits and pieces from 32 years ago but not a lot. I can remember thinking about thinking when I was seven on our way to California. I was thinking about the concept of eternity.

Facts vs Fiction

If I said that I thought specifically about 2020 during our bus ride, then I'd be lying. But I can say some things about my memories of experiences and of some of my dreams and some of my thoughts.

Counseling Children

While training to become summer camp counselors, we would learn to avoid trying to force things into the mind of children, well at least not too aggressively because you can sometimes get kids to kind of say things or think things that are not accurate enough concerning their memories, their lives.

Direct vs Indirect

So, we were taught not to always be or to never be too direct in questions. Like in regards to if they were abused by their parents or others. Kids can sometimes mix fact with fiction. Well, we all can. But as we get older, we can grow in the ability to be able to separate between the two. But it can be hard.

Psychology vs Archeology

So, I have had different classes during college concerning psychology, sociology, anthropology. I know that psychology should be dealt with more like archeology as to say one step at a time with a comb.


Dangers of Asking Questions

12:08 PM - Steemit

I agree that the art of asking questions should be as open minded as possible. Specifically, people can fail to really listen to the responses to said questions. Not to say we should not have pseudo question with answers within our mind.

We went to the dump twice. First, oil cans, etc. Came back with the trailer with metal, roofing material, a camping cooler, trash, etc. After that, I washed the dishes. Swept. Mopped. Organized the patio twice. I wonder if I should become a landscaper like my dad. It would not really be my first choice to do yard work for people.

Soup. Tomatoes. Chicken. 2 cups of coffee, literally, a white cup and a blue cup.


05:04 PM - some kids can do this but it is not the same as driving with other people


05:09 PM - Freedomain Livestream!

Eminent Domain in the United States is an aspect or a taste of socialism.

@George stupid people dont know they stupid lol, meaning u not stupid haha

@Ray 7337 Bill Barr said he hates encryption

@Evan Schulz do you know what evil is?

historically, low IQ people were and still are servants

@George prove it

@Cj in other words, u not poor man

@Ultra Testosterone please tell trump to stop tech fascism

@Ultra Testosterone but what can we do right now?

@George which means u are smarter as a delegator

@Ultra Testosterone we can vote but can we also call our congressmen?

@Wilhelm I am not a Trumper but I am voting Trump and Republican

@OrthoBro do you think some of the ancient kingdoms offered more freedoms to the peasants, the citizens, than other kingdoms?

@Jai White yea, racism is weaponized

@Ray 7337 better safe than sorry, either way, right?

questions might be from a discord

i think i am ancap but i am not sure if i disagree with any of the major ancap points

ancap believe not in free markets?

i promote a push towards anarchy but not actual and complete anarchy in reality

i believe in local government over federal and global government

i believe in free markets... does that mean i am not ancap?

@OrthoBro do you want a different coin?

I believe in minimizing governments as much and as often as possible while maximizing private property rights and free market freedoms.

i thought ancaps believe in anarchy and free markets

Build a car by yourself, $10/hr. Or work for Ford on an assembling line, $30. Well, actually, $35 but then Ford would get the $5. And if there are 5,000 workers, then that is $5 x 5,000 = $25,000 profit. So, Ford collects the money and funnels and redistributes the money to the employees. He has to deal with millions of things to make it work. He has to pay for the upkeep, to pay for the rent or for the land and the machines and the maintenance and everything. Plus, marketing. Plus, planning. It goes on and on and on.

I lived in Vietnam. Yum.

toi yeu ca phe sua nom

toi an com ga

people help people more in america before the 1930's

free markets helps people who then help the people who need help

free markets allows people to distribute welfare to other people at will

free market welfare means decentralized welfare

@David yes, private charities, churches, non profit organizations, individuals, etc

@Joey Faggotor but he is paid by viewers like you

@David Buffy the Truth Slayer

@Jjj Mm do you know centralization?

@Jjj Mm so, fiat is backed by what?

@Jjj Mm what is fiat?

@Jjj Mm have you seen stefan's videos on bitcoin?

@Jjj Mm what is the dollar backed by?

@Jjj Mm so, we cannot talk about the dollar?

@Jjj Mm what happened in the 1930's?

@Jjj Mm said who?

@Jjj Mm who determines what is the global currency?

@Jjj Mm do you prefer centralization?

@Jjj Mm do you see how the dollar is centralized?

@Jjj Mm do you love taxes?

@Jjj Mm do you hate gold?

@Jjj Mm do you know what cryptography is?

@Jjj Mm should money be centralized or decentralized?

@Jjj Mm do you know what a question is?

@Jjj Mm please tell me how you worship centralization

@Jjj Mm please tell me how you love 1913

@Jjj Mm please tell me how you have sex with the Federal Reserve

@Jjj Mm tell me how you love Rothschild

@Jjj Mm please tell me how you love globalism

@Jjj Mm why do you hate Bitcoin?

@Jjj Mm is a Rothschild Lover

@Jjj Mm works for Rothschild and Soros

@Jjj Mm is jealous of Bitcoin

bitcoin is like a shovel

forced vaccines

@Andrew Larson star wars vs thumb wars

i was on google plus


aka GoogleBook

aka FaceTube

@Andrew Larson Thumb Wars was a movie parody of star wars

The Corona Virus is global. Take extra vitamins C, D, E, etc.

@jds1992 I would attempt to end immigration. Close the borders, completely for the next 100 years.

@American First shhhhhhhh!!!!!! don't give em any ideas lol

Bitcoin is an option. Yeah, it can fail but it could also not fail too.

Bitcoin is better than the Dollar because Bitcoin is decentralized and the Dollar is centralized.

@Canada First how do we tell Trump to end Legal Immigration as well?

I would end immigration until 2121 AD.

@Canada First true but I believe in trying, regardless.

@Canada First I believe in raising the bar as high as possible as humans generally never make it all the way towards goals, priorities.

@Canada First in other words, Trump Art of the Deal, the art of bartering where u cry out for higher numbers and other people cry out for lower numbers and then we compromise by meeting in the middle.


Make a deal.

Meet in the Middle.

@Medhead101 do ancaps believe in free markets?

@Jane Quinn yes but these new viruses are different

Lions are stronger, true.

i am 35 and single

@Lance Johnson make videos about the stefan molyneux dating app that does not say "That's Not an Argument" but instead says "That's not an date!"

Internet Dad Show

Ken Ham

Answers in Genesis

I love Answers in Genesis

I love Intelligent Design

I love that you dig holes and find stuff in the ground.

Ken Ham for President

Tech Fascism

Facebook should simply say they will censor and that is fine.

@Jeep Guy Banned.Video

If Facebook said we will censor, then that is not a problem.

But if Facebook said they WILL NOT censor and THEN DO CENSOR, then that is the problem.

If Facebook got money from government, then Facebook is paid for by taxes and is therefore public and therefore cannot be censored as a public square.

Facebook said they were a platform but then Facebook said they are a publisher too.

Selective Enforcement means Facebook censors certain things from some people but then allow other people to do the same exact things.

@Jai White my Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc, accounts, were terminated.

Corporatism is NOT capitalism.

@Jeep Guy but Hillary Clinton prefers to be a front runner and not as a VP period.

@Viscous Shear what is the Vedic Wars and how does it parallel with Star Wars?

@IdeaMart is the left making thew world a better place?

@IdeaMart when you say left, do you mean classical liberalism?

@George Gee should abortion be banned or not tax payer funded?

@IdeaMart but what does right mean?

@IdeaMart so, you hate labels?

That Star Wars Girl


How well was the Joker Harley Relationship portrayed in the 1990's Batman animated series?

Joker was a little mean to her in the cartoon.

Angelina Jolie is one of my fav.

Slaves vs Servants

The South were not wrong.

Lincoln did some bad things.

Civil War has a cover story but it was not only about slavery.

@MovieBlocks Productions A.K. The South was not wrong.

Civil War is complex.

Civil War is kind of hard to explain.

@tommy gun I lived in Vietnam.

@Fuel The Hatred rich people were on the Titanic.

you should not ban the ability to have employees...... Civil War

Civil War. Some slaves were servants, staff, employees.

Nerdy is my fav out of the 3 at the moment.

Mary is Nicki Minaj and Jay Lo.

They say DIVERSITY and then say JUST KIDDING.

@Drunk 3PO Puppy Dog Face 😞

so sorry with WHITE sugar on top

so sorry with YELLOW honey on top

so sorry with BLACK molasses on top

Yeah, that other Rian was probably an impostor.

@Dr. CoffinNails that mean Rian made it cuz they all wanna be like him.

Who your fav chick, chat?

The View

@dug37 Jerry, Jerry, Jerry


Hail Little Women

Anna is Angelina Jolie Jr

Little Anna Joker walking down the street.

After Hour Show

Jimmy Kimmel The Guy Show

@jason foye u think?

You forgot to put BOOBIES in the VIDEO TITLE

Waffle Show

Merry is the funniest of the three.

Nerdy has the biggest heart out of the three.

Wagon Breadth saw my videos

Hail Women

Women have an advantage

Women Hold The Fort, AKA The HOME hahahahhaaaaaaaaaaaa

But Men BUILT THE FORT, hahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

Women are good MANAGER

Merry is amazing.

Nerdy is MILF

@Drunk 3PO is a hot sexy potato

I think Anikin and Padme were into 50 shades of all kinds of stuff off-screen lol.

@Phillip A. Demick saving the children one booby at a time

Spock was a player haha.

These three women are hotter than that alleged work of art.

That work of art woman was kind of too skinny.

You Complete Me

Hot N Cold, Katy Perry

Men Are Fire

single women should do live streaming to find dates

someday, i might do live streams where i look for women to date


almost like a private conversation among women but on video lol

I feel like I am eavesdropping

This is what women do when they go to the bathroom, talk about the Fandom Menace MEN.

@Pastor G hail

i am a virgin, i wouldnt know

Locker Room Talk on TV

why are people having sex all the time? I don't get it

@FrostyBiggens kind of reminds me of Outlanders

Normalization of SEX

Merry is 30

i disagree with anna, i would not block people i break up with

i would not block people that i break up with

i might not block a person but that does not mean i will talk to the person

instead of blocking, you can simply ignore people

Tom Boys turn me on.

Tom Boy = Girl Next Door

Tom Boys Are Dee Best

I prefer Tom Boys

@Drunk 3PO should be edited into that Aqua Man Orgasm Video

Please stick the HEAD of a FANDOM MENACE MAN of YOUR CHOICE onto the Aqua Man Orgasm Video, quick, ready set go.


@Ryan Kinel - RK Outpost ohhhh you gave birth to BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER


or just put on a dress


@NERDY wow wow



Women aint need no men


Seven of Nine Perfected

Jeremy, how dare you says greta

takes one to know one

Anagram would be a nice website.

@Jeffery Nelson it helps

That is our job as men

@Ryan Kinel - RK Outpost filtered water

Real Women Compliment Men

I'm kinda retarded.

@Turd Burglar well, it depends

@Turd Burglar private property rights

@Turd Burglar ohhh but you never know

trolls usually have no avatars

Airplane Coordination

Valen Time

Bruno Mars just called, he wants his hat back, hot damn.

@telethea the end bringer but you can reach out to new people on Twitter

Are you watching porn? No ma, I'm watching Anna's stream.

@Anthony Butera III yea, he is the Rey of Batman

@XmenMagnetoAcolytes like Rey did

He will impregnate you over Force Skype.


@Midnight Thunder she went off to do lady things

@Ninja Koopa No You Are Awesome.

Love the chocolate

Send me chocolate

Angelina Tomb Raider was the best.

Angelina Jolie was great in Salt as well.

@crackcrock yes, they made a new reboot Tomb Raider some years ago

@Ross Skywalker Friends + Star Wars = You

You are a work of heart, Merry, with honey on top.

I'm gonna have Aqua Man Nightmares tonight, @That Star Wars Girl .

It's Wario

Help Me Mauler One Kenobi





2020-02-15 - Saturday - 03:25 AM - 04:29 AM - Outlander 201
2020-02-15 - Saturday - 04:30 AM - 05:31 AM - Outlander 202

Mark Dice

10:59 AM - It’s Way Too Obvious! Bloomberg pays people to meme about him

Craig Mason

11:05 AM - Saturday *LIVE*: JUSTICE Edition


05:04 PM - some kids can do this but it is not the same as driving with other people


05:09 PM - Freedomain Livestream!

That Star Wars Girl



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# Retarded Buffett Buffet

Computer-Generated Chess Problem 02616

# Warren Buffett is a bad guy. Like Bill Gates.

Bill Bar talks about how he hates encryption.

# Trump is retarded for not stopping tech fascism.

Has the human alarm been sounded? Scientist: 90% genes of Brazilian mystery virus have never been seen before?

# Always mischievous and brave, until the butt lies in the grave

Information Junky Lizzie

# The Cover-up Continues: Bill Barr- The Deep State's Best Friend

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# Online Harms Roadmap To Censorship

Central America Investment Outlook & Residence Opportunities

# We have a garden here. We try to avoid Monsanto.

Ouch. Unbelievable numbers but this could be the closest to the truth


Pelosi begin the Next Impeachment; by formally protecting liars called whistleblowers on the House floor!

# An Act Of Kindness

Chinese crimes against humanity ..

Was Kobe Bryant Murdered?

# What is the Corona Virus?

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# Happy Valentines Day 2020.

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Bitcoin Alex Jones

04:16 PM - Minds

My question to @AlexJones#3810 would be concerning how much he understands Bitcoin. Technically, Bitcoin is not something you can hold in your hand or in one computer. Bitcoin is not localized but is omnipresent or exists in a sync via different computers, etc, simultaneously, and it has a mathematical system for verifying itself, AKA cryptography. So, having Bitcoin actually means having access to a piece of the pie of Bitcoin so to speak. Bitcoin is like a pie. People obtain slices of that pie. But the pie remains decentralized and backed up and synced and transparent in an archive on thousands of PCs in different countries. If some computers with Bitcoin blow up, then other computers will still have copies of them and continue. You don't lose them. Bitcoin is like the DNA of the human race in the sense that the human race continues to live on even if some people die and Bitcoin can continue to live even if computers, etc, go offline, etc. It is possible that Bitcoin is not perfect but it sure is a good alternative for now from the dollar. Now, there are other cryptos as well. I would invest in different cryptos just in case. You could emphasize on your favorite cryptocurrency perhaps. There are different Bitcoin flavors or forks or spinoffs like Bitcoin Satoshi Version (Bitcoin SV). I would still buy gold, etc, too, at the same time. I would not invest any more in crypto than you are willing to lose. Because it is still gambling. It is still risky. You can still lose. But I try to invest in different things because you never know. I can't say which alt coins might be better than others. I know Max Keiser was saying the other crypto are terrible when compared to the original Bitcoin (BTC) but I am not sure if that is totally true. Max said Bitcoin Cash is a scam. I don't know if that is true but it could be partly true or there could be some truth in that. I need to do my homework to figure these things out more. There are over 1,000 different crypto coins.

17.02.2020 00:28