For My 35th Birthday today, I want you to get me, I mean you, a brain phone. Just kidding. There is value in natural remedies. If the virus can adapt, can our body adapt too? We are so much bigger than a virus. Now, we can adapt or mutate a little but slowly. Our immune system needs enough energy, power, sleep, oxygen, distilled water, vitamins, minerals, etc, etc, and especially time. One of the problems is that of inflammation that can kill people in some cases. With the Corona Virus, it is important that people focus first on prevention over correction. That means avoiding getting it. Also, people that get it should stay home and try their best not to spread it. Some people may survive it. But many people are dying. So, take extra vitamins C, D, E, etc. Go look up natural remedies on Google. Ask me for help. Ask other people on what you can do to help yourself and to help others. It is now or never. Buy some canned foods before there is no more food at the store. You need a year worth of food. You need to always be ready for the worse. Do your best to protect your family and those you care about. But don't worry too much. Just focus on what you can do. Focus on one day at a time and one step at a time. If you're trying your best, then smile. Because you're doing all that you can do. That is all you can do. There is nothing wrong with that.

My 35th Birthday

11:49 PM - Steemit

Do I look 35 years old? Alex Jones, George Washington, and I, Oatmeal Joey Arnold, were born today, the eleventh of February. I was born in 1985. Well, they changed George's birthday to the 22nd later on. So, I was looking at photos of my high school classmates (class of 2004) on Facebook today. Oh man, I almost can't recognize some of them lol. Are they aging or am I Benjamin Button or that character that Robin Williams played? I sometimes wonder if I'm starting to look old as well, sad face. Do I have a baby face? Could you tell me how to get to Sesame Street or better yet to the fountain of youth?

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2020-02-11 - Tuesday

Oatmeal Daily - 2020-02-11 - Tuesday

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By Oatmeal Joey Arnold

@OatmealJoey | @OatmealHealth
Published in February of 2020

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Natural Remedies

12:54 AM - Steemit

One of the secrets to health has to do with taking care of the cells of your body. Also, another key is in building up your immune system.

Philippines Art

12:58 AM - Steemit

I didn't really know what kind of connection the Philippines has with music. This painting looks timeless like a dream. It is like an image that is far away but very special, very profound. It is also simple and therefore symbolic. I love it.

Sad Face STD

01:05 AM - Steemit

Agreed, that you never know when the wolf may come. Yeah, should we laugh or cry with things like the Hot Coffee thing, I wonder, lol. Like, haha,of course it is hot. Yeah, I would appreciate more honesty from ads like with your example, the gluten free skin product. If you don't know, you're in my blog in that I link to our conversation in my daily blog. I don't know if you saw that or not. I copy and paste what I write here to my diary on Steemit and link to this thread of ours. That is one of the reasons why I write. I feel it is somewhat more valuable than Star Trek Discovery haha. An STD, sad face.

Taking Breaks From Blogging

01:10 AM - Steemit

Why not just take a break from blogging for just one day and then come back the next day and blog about that? If you still feel something deep inside your gut, then wait a week and then take two days off and then blog about your Sabath from journaling. It doesn't hurt to experiment. You could repeat the process and try taking even more days off each week or not, if you want. But take it one step at a time.

Creative Writing

01:21 AM - Steemit

What I learned from my high school Creative Writing class was that good writers write even on their bad days. So, I force myself to write even when I don't feel like it. It is like Michael Jordan practicing basketball each day or as often as possible. So, he missed many baskets.


I force myself to write now on my daily Steemit blog. I confess that so much that I write can be pretty boring or whatever the case may be depending on the day and the topic and the oatmeal. But I keep a minimum routine going. I have a daily template on my computer in my Pluma notepad program, AKA my text editor. So, I make thirty files for each day and have them ready. So, I add to my blog throughout the day and then publish them at the end of each day.


I just want to emphasize on the value of having a routine. But I'm not saying you have to always stick to routines. You can change them and stop them at any time. And I know routines can be anti creative perhaps. I know that too. So, you can get burnt out for sure. So, that is why you must contemplate your routine periodically. Like once a month, reevaluate your goals and write down your game plan on a piece of paper and stick it to a wall. Don't be too lazy and don't work too hard. You know yourself and you can at least experiment and try out different things to see what works.


Quality vs Value

01:29 AM - Steemit

It is not that quality is not a thing but I agree with you that the attempt at trying to define quality can be too excessively subjective and misleading if corrupted too much from personal perspective. Quality is kind of like intelligence (IQ) in that there are different kinds. Also, something of little quality can have elevated value in it. Like, for example, a dirty dollar bill or a simple letter from George Washington. A simple journal entry from a scientist may be of low quality but perhaps a particular journal entry unlocks the secrets of the universe lol. Also, the most quality article may be full of deception and may be kind of retarded like Alex Jones lol haha.

Athens or Athena

01:38 AM - Steemit

Sasha, have you been to Athens, Greece? I tend to like cats over dogs. You have cute pets. I really enjoyed being a children summer camp counselor. My older sister was doing gymnastics too. You seem to be very talented. Nice to meet you, Sasha.



01:51 AM - Steemit

I'm still using Ubuntu Mate 16.04. But you know that they come out with updated versions of the different operating systems each year in April. So, I'm contemplating trying out different OSes again. Every few years I do that. I was using normal Ubuntu since like 2007.


But switched to Mate around like 2016 after I got tired of the Unity UI. Oh, years ago, I think my brother had that Commodore keyboard video game computer console thing as seen in your photo above or something that looked almost identical to it, assuming there were different ones that looked similar to that. That picture says Commadore VIC. I will have to Google that to see.


Is Ubuntu not working very well on tablets? That is too bad then. I'm no expert, but I should buy a tablet someday and experiment in order to figure out what might work best on a tablet. I just use my laptop, generally, so I wouldn't know.


When you say React, are you talking about an OS? If so, then it sounds like it has a limitation then.

Web Designer

I have done web design and I know how to Google to find code, but I don't know a lot of code personally like you do. I am more a writer than a coder. I mean, I just like to write. But some years ago, I was working with a friend on a Facebook competitor website called Mea Omnia. After like a year, we kind of gave up on that project. But that was before I knew about Steemit which is somewhat similar to what we were trying to build. So, I have experience in building websites. I know that it is a lot of work.


Not Whitney Houston

02:05 AM - Steemit

Hello Model Athlete Chance, you probably can run faster than me hehe. I'm impressed with your life and photos and everything. Nice to meet you. I know a girl who moved to Switzerland. I hear that it is an amazing place. Aww, you are not Whitney Houston, whattttt? Haha, I love Whitney Houston. And I will always love yooooooooooooou. I sang that song for karaoke in 2012 on my birthday, which is today, around the time that she died, RIP. Now, I'm 35 today.

Mom said yesterday that her mind is not working. Something about forgeting where the scissors were or something about songs in a notebook.

I replied with, "Oh that's good, that means mind does."



2020-02-11 - Tuesday - 02:30 AM - 03:34 AM - Outlander 105

I've seen to have fallen in time.



Thorne Apple

Idle huh

Table clothes singing game

Like doing the laundry

Like 12 women

3 days as the crow flies

Let the child go hungry?

The baby? I say yes and no.

Spent weeks collecting taxes from the villages

Tax collectors

Patriotism? No. That's business.

He said that you should not judge things you don't understand. But what if she does?

He said he calls it clan business and none of hers.

Maybe not taxes but an attempt to fundraise to fund an army to fight the British.

She is a healer

Criminals vs Rebels

She was not sure if she could tell them they're on the losing side

T for traitor

Two men on x crosses by the red coats

Up there for like a week


They lost

End of the clan

Current year, 1743

He came to her at the river and wondered if she was a spy or what. He tought she was sowing doubt that they could lose. Since she is from the future, she is simply a messenger of what happened. But he doesn't know that. So, she says she is warning them.

Red coats came and asked the English lady is she was being held against her will and she has a choice to either say yes or no. That is where the episode ends. Either answer could be bad. So, it is like a trap question.



03:40 AM - Facebook

To Joseph Luc Dinh, I say Thanks. He said he follows me on Facebook. He said to keep supporting Mr. Trump. I agree. Happy birthday to me. Good. I am 35. I feel like an old man and also young too sometimes. Yea, Trump is trying to help. Trump is not perfect but Trump did some good things to help a little. The war is not over but many good things are happening. I always pray for and worry a bit about Vietnam sometimes. The biggest thing is that virus in China which is probably in Vietnam as well. So, build up your immune system with Vitamin C.

2020-02-11 - Tuesday - 03:45 AM - 04:41 AM - Outlander 106

They mocked the Scottish accent. They talked about different accents as they brought her in to meet them red coats. They pretended to not understand him.

Beautiful Lies

He talks about beating the man like they beat Jesus.

100 lashes

One of his men fainted during the beating

Her husband's ancestor was beating that boy

He called the scars on his back a masterpiece

He hits her in the stomach and talks like Dexter Morgan about his darkness or Dark Passenger.

Grinding your corn


2020-02-11 - Tuesday - 04:45 AM - 05:40 AM - Outlander 107

She marries the boy



Verse Battle in a knife fight or potential knife fight

He slit their wrists and put them together so that the blood in her goes inside his and vice versa during the wedding.

Why 2 rings?


Sleep. Is my RCA TV light blinking as I get up, like sending out morse code to the NWO or am I just imagining things or what?


The White Hosue

11:29 AM - First Lady Melania Trump Welcomes the 2020 State of The Union Guests

Thug Goosh

11:31 AM - THE MANCAVE "TRUMP IS MY PRESIDENT! Hitlary for prison!" Alex Jones is the REMEDY to fake news!

Alex Jones said it was George Washington's birthday. He was originally born on that day. It was originally this day according to the Julian Calendar.

Happy birthday George Washington, 1931, according to the Julian calendar. In 1752, when they adopted Gregorian calendar, they moved his birthday one year and 11 days ahead. Talk about daylight savings.

Joel talked about how humans existed pre-birth as spirits. Now, Catholics talked about this. Shirley Temple was in a movie where she was not born yet and was in Heaven. Now, who knows what the truth is specifically. Are our memories swiped and erased before we are born into this physical existence? Are we given a second chance or something as an opportunity to prove it or to verify it to ourselves that we are whatever we were? It seems and appears that kids are different from other kids. Freewill and predestination work together. It seems that predestination is there to assist with the freewill that will happen. God knows what will happen. But it is still freewill. But God does what God does which is called predestination.

Howdy, Pete Rusaw, looks like you're having fun. Do you remember me from FGHS, class of 2004?

Dishes. Raspberry garden prep from 2 PM - 5:30 PM. Dig. Rake. Tarps. Wheel barrow. Level the ground. Hair cut. Shower. Laundry. For dinner, pho on soup. Second cup of coffee. We got groceries mid day.


[06:33 PM - WAR ROOM (Full Show) Tuesday - 2/11/20](

Looking at people I knew from school, etc, on Facebook.





2020-02-11 - Tuesday - 02:30 AM - 03:34 AM - Outlander 105
2020-02-11 - Tuesday - 03:45 AM - 04:41 AM - Outlander 106
2020-02-11 - Tuesday - 04:45 AM - 05:40 AM - Outlander 107

The White Hosue

11:29 AM - First Lady Melania Trump Welcomes the 2020 State of The Union Guests

Thug Goosh

11:31 AM - THE MANCAVE "TRUMP IS MY PRESIDENT! Hitlary for prison!" Alex Jones is the REMEDY to fake news!


[06:33 PM - WAR ROOM (Full Show) Tuesday - 2/11/20](

Lionel Nation

08:52 PM - Live Stream: Roger Stone Justice & Juicy Smellit GOTCHA!


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Do I look 35 years old?

IMG_20200211_231956 FAV 01.jpg
2020-02-11 - Tuesday - My 35th Birthday

Alex Jones, George Washington, and I, Oatmeal Joey Arnold, were born today, the eleventh of February. I was born in 1985. Well, they changed George's birthday to the 22nd later on. So, I was looking at photos of my high school classmates (class of 2004) on Facebook today. Oh man, I almost can't recognize some of them lol. Are they aging or am I Benjamin Button or that character that Robin Williams played? I sometimes wonder if I'm starting to look old as well, sad face. Do I have a baby face? Could you tell me how to get to Sesame Street or better yet to the fountain of youth?

IMG_20200211_232002 FAV 02.jpg


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Happy Birthday!

12.02.2020 14:08

Thanks animal person. I love squirrels lol.

12.02.2020 20:13

Happy 35 Birthday, I wish you a wonderful end of week and a great weekend.
I hope you will enjoy.

13.02.2020 06:41

Thanks, Miss Chance.

13.02.2020 08:21