Is good actually bad and is evil actually holy? Globalists want you to think that. So, they tell us this 24/7 everywhere and in every way they can. That is the virus they spread. But truth is an even more contagious virus. Cancer comes from viruses. Bill Gates patented the Coronavirus. They had a drill not too long for it. People are dropping dead from it all around the world. 12:20 PM EST yesterday, globalists arrested Owen Shroyer who was not saying a word. He had tape over his mouth and was holding a sign in Washington DC. Because of the viruses, I'm taking vitamins C, D, and E. Vitamin E helps with the immune system. Vitamins C and E helps strengthen cell walls. We have space force. Can we also get Earth Force for inside of the planet and Dimension Force for interdimensional space? Unstoppable Domains attempts to get around DNS services via an alternative DNS system, AKA Internet Address Book mechanism.

The Expanse

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2020-01-24 - Friday

My Day in Review

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By Oatmeal Joey Arnold

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Published in January of 2020


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Breast Milk

03:16 AM - Steemit

Generally, the longer babies are breast fed, the better they do. Some kids are drink breast milk to the age of two. Now, the formula can be good but only to the extent of whatever they put in the formula. For example, if the formula has GMO or other things, it will hurt the babies.


The Expanse

2020-01-24 - Friday - 03:24 AM - 04:06 AM - The Expanse 403

Making deals

Mars holocron school games

Accidentally leave the door open

Or else hey says



New Earth

They needed a generator. Amos went and got one from the other camp on that new earth.

His new GF approaches him.

You're gonna get shot.

"Does that mean we're not fucking any more?"

She is startled. "Uh. No."

"Alright, well see you later then."


2020-01-24 - Friday - 04:06 AM - 04:51 AM - The Expanse 404

Amazon Original

44 Minutes Long

New Earth

Moving Pyramid

Mars Bobbi



Bobbi and not Barbie

Racism between belters and inners

This ends now.


The White House

11:23 AM - President Trump Delivers Remarks at the 47th Annual March for Life


11:45 AM - THE MANCAVE "TRUMP IS MY PRESIDENT! Hitlary for prison!" Alex Jones is the REMEDY to fake news!

There are bad laws including some that allow them to mix all kinds of things to fluoride and put it in the water to kill people in the United States of America. The water is so bad. People are getting cancer and all sorts of things.



11:58 AM - Steemit

Incorrect. What you are saying is not true. Just go ask @stefan.molyneux about that. Generalities tells you certain patterns because different people are different.

Patterns vs Exceptions

Most people make certain choices. Most people prefer collectivism and therefore should not be eligible to be in America. Some people are better at certain things than other people. These are generalities. These are statistical patterns. Yes, individuals can break from the patterns.

Many Reject & Regret

But most of them choose not to. Many people choose to be victims. Most people choose fake versions of federally enforced peace and security over risky freedom. Evidence is seen everywhere. If you are asking for it, you are basically denying reality. You have the right to say, "Where's the proof the sky is blue?" I could explain why the sky is blue. Likewise, you are asking me to explain what we all know is true.

Three People Groups

There are three main lines of people groups, three colors, the black people, the white people, and the yellow people. These three groups are related to each other and all humans who are human are from these groups. Generalities can describe their strengths and weaknesses. These are generally true no matter what.

Blacks in the Early 1900's

Now, keep in mind that African American business men were beginning to make more and more money in the late 1800's and even more in the early 1900's. Different groups, including democratic groups, begin finding ways to stop that. Individuals are free to make choices.

Breaking Patterns

Some people break patterns and they do extraordinary things. We should always encourage people to fulfill their potential.


Mobster Weeds

12:22 PM -Steemit

Mobsters can try to use anything to their advantage. Mobsters are weeds. So, dirt might be empowering the weeds. But dirt also empowers the flowers. People should have solar power. People should not rely too much on power, on phones, etc. People do better, historically, in small local community tribes as opposed to the larger cities found in and during the fall of the Roman Empire.

Victors vs Victims

12:28 PM - Steemit

People are victims. But people can also rise beyond that to become victors. When I say that I'm a victim, then I'm addressing some of the problems. But the bigger problem would be if I never ever tried to get out of that hole. Some people can live in denial. Some people end up ignoring the root causes and symptoms. It is true that people are being bullied. People are victims. But that doesn't mean we cannot at least try to become victors. I encourage people to find the key to escape the prisons and mazes they may be lost in.

Collectivism is Dangerous

12:34 PM - Steemit

Collectivism can especially be seen in Asia for example, historically speaking. Collectivism can only be as good as the group, the tribe, the collection. The problem is when authoritarians manipulate that type of system to pressure the majority of the people who want peace and security. So, people end up not questioning authority. They end up not asking questions. Collectivism is the crowd. It is peer pressure. It can also be a type of mob-ruling democracy. I prefer a republic over a democracy.

Individual Generalities

12:39 PM - Steemit

Generalities do apply to individual. For example, I need air to breath. That is applied to me, an individual. That is a generality that applies to probably every single normal human human that is totally a human and not anything else in actuality. Individuals make choices. But many of the choices that individuals make just so happen to be the same as what other individuals made. For example, most babies, as individuals, choose to cry. So, that is a generality. But babies are individuals. But most of them cry. And we all know that famous song, big girls don't cry eye eye eye.

Sex With Hillary Clinton

12:43 PM - Steemit

Do you hate Tommy Robinson, Julian Assange, Edward Snowden, and Roger Stone? Hillary Clinton hates these people too. Do you want to have sex with Hillary and Soros? Do you love vaccines, geoengineering, and 5G?


12:50 PM - Steemit

People make different choices at different times. We can call a particular choice being a victim or not. We can choose to call a particular choice as getting out of the hole. Knowledge is power. So, sometimes, as Diamond & Silk puts it, we may not know that we are on democratic plantations. When people are given knowledge, then they may know better at that point. After that, some of them may make better choices because of the info and everything. That's good. So, our job is to bring knowledge to as many people as possible. Yeah, people seek after personal utopias to some extent, allegedly, it seems, it appears, and that is good in contrast to possible alternatives to that.

Decentralizing the Internet

12:54 PM - Steemit

I plan on writing articles to help people buy and maybe make solar power panels and other things. Well, one step at a time. Right now, I'm drawing a flowchart of the Internet. I'm trying to help people understand the Internet so that we can continue trying to build decentralized Internet systems for getting around ISP, DNS, ICANN, etc.

Contradictions Can Be True

12:59 PM - Steemit

Generalities do apply to individuals. I need water. I am an individual. But I need water. Most people need water. That is a generality. But it is specific to an individual (me) at the same time. It can be specific to individuals. It is a generality. It is specific at the same time. Sounds like a paradox. And some paradoxes can be true. I love paradoxes. I love what sounds like contradictions which aren't actually contradictions if fully understood. But at surface level, people discredit contradictions. It is true, as a generality, that contradictions might be flawed. That is generally true. But some contradictions can be individualistic in the sense that they can be true even if they look like they are not true.

Trump Murdering People

01:10 PM - Steemit

The eye virus thing, globally. They get people sick with viruses. Then they use chemicals to melt the dead body in order to put them, the sludge, into the crops, in the United States for example, and Bill Gates has been patenting certain things, and it is a long story. But the goal is to get the viruses in even more crops which means it gets in the food and then more people begin dying. And then they come in as fake saviors to mandate federally that babies, children, and even adults get vaccinated. If only people knew what they put in those vaccines. So, I want to yell at Trump and tell Trump to stop these people and these things. So, I hate Trump when he is not trying harder and harder. From my perspective, I see things that Trump is not doing enough. So, of course Trump might be smarter than me. Trump has done some good things. The problem is that it might not be good enough. We may not have enough time. So, I do my best to educate people on what is happening in order to encourage people towards better choices for a brighter future and that is all I can do. As long as I'm trying my best to do all that I can do, then I don't need to regret any of those choices.

Elephant Facts

01:16 PM - Steemit

Facts are true. But perception of the facts can be flawed. A fact can be like a tree. Now, I'm looking at the tree through a foggy window of perception. Facts are absolute, objective, eternal, accurate, universal. Facts are elements of truth. Our job is in trying our best to see things as clearly as possible. We are blind men looking at the facts of the elephant.

Water Facts

01:22 PM - Steemit

Generalities are facts. It is a fact that your body is made out of over 75% water which means you need water. It is a fact that if you don't drink water, then you die. That is a fact. So, generalities apply to individual. So, therefore, perhaps it is indirect. Perhaps, you are focused on things that may be direct. I'm speaking of indirect application and connection between things.

Sky Net Launch

01:29 PM - Steemit

Many people agree with you on this. But some people make choices that aligns with greed, selfishness, the lust for more and more power, influence, wealth, pleasure, etc, even at the cost of other people. Right now, military are aware that globalists have their robot armies that are there to replace the armies. Amazon and others are in on that. So, globalists are moving into their armored fortresses in places like New Zealand. They are planning to order the drones, the machines, to murder the human soldiers. But the good news is that the military knows this and they will execute these globalists when the globalists do try to initiate the launch of the Sky Net as seen in the Terminator movies. Globalists are also trying to create zombies, etc. So many things are happening in the world right now, both good and bad.

Dishes. 39 pics in 24 hours from the eye. Garage front door. Rocks diddle. Pizza box recycle.

Lucretia Hughes

03:31 PM - Real News with Lucretia Hughes - Schiff Can Read Minds Episode #603

They are dimming the sun.

Because of the viruses, I'm taking vitamins C, D, and E. Vitamin E helps with the immune system. Vitamins C and E helps strengthen cell walls.

Hell No is a great song.

Colloidal Silver is like a silver smoothie, a medicine product, a colloid consisting of silver particles suspended in liquid. They say it is like an antibiotic. It helps in recovering from wounds.

Internet Map

04:03 PM - Minds

I am drawing a flowchart to describe aspects of the Internet Kill Switches. Now, the Internet can be rather complex. So, I could probably make several different maps. But I am trying to start with just one that can describe the main parts to the Internet which may include ISP, DNS, ICANN, etc, the infrastructure of the Internet, the servers, the Internet highways, how data runs around from place to place, how data routes and reroutes locally and globally and then you have the CIA and different groups that have servers, nodes, etc, that spy on Internet Traffic, etc. So, in other words, many different parts. Now, it appears that the U.S. Department of Commerce (DOC) began to govern ICANN around 1999 and I think ICANN was created around that time as well it appears but ICANN may have been handed over away from the U.S. government and to the U.N. within the past several years maybe. The DNS system seems to be split between five regions globally and they then are centralized through ICANN and/or whatever else there might be meaning ICANN appears to be the main centralized mechanism that governs DNS services mostly, etc.

Overlord DVD

05:01 PM - Friday Night Frolics 140,000 Subscriber Celebration!

Greed is a tricky word.

Disney to cancel Kenobi series.

Disney did it on purpose.

Disney is being steered in the wrong direction.

Kathleen Kennedy is probably a puppet.

Hillbilly Johnson

Rylo Dylo Johnson

Hello There. Goodbye.

Disney should continue the Clone Wars series past the seventh season and go five more seasons. I love Clone Wars.

lol Barber Poles

Star Wars 10 - Rey Palpatine The Barber Pole

Bambi is the uncle of Nemo

@Paul Bryant Picard is not Picard.

Old Picard should have a beard.

Why didn't Old Picard have a beard like he did in STNG?

@Jason Howell and out of the people that do watch Batwoman watches it for the boobs lol

I was homeschooled, @Mary Ashmead

You can find computer code communities on Steemit.

Before the Internet, we had the [Public switched telephone network (PSTN).](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Public_switched_telephone_network)

Push The Button Harvey Song is brilliant

Favorite part is the Michael Spock in the bed, and the jock, part.

Mr. T needs new batteries.

Gotta go in there and put new batteries into the button.

Cancel Kenobi cuz it's too toxic, Cancel Kenobi cuz it's too toxic, Cancel Kenobi cuz it's too toxic, for the Disney Star Wars.

Harvey is the Ra Ra Hercules Roberto of Doom Cock.

Harriet emoji = Harvey + Wig

Taylor Swift - Look what you just made me do.

@24-7 Fusion Media But if Harriet is the mother, and Harvey is the father, and if Harvey is Harriet, wait a minute, what does that mean hahaha?

@Squids McKraken, so you trust Tulsi?

T-Rex Harvey Gone Wild

Because I got high. Because I got high. Because I got high.... I was gonna run from da cops.... But then I got high, then I got high.

If Harvey was a person, he would be this character.


Rice. Yummy toasted toast with butter. Cooked it while placing a box out into the garage.


07:06 PM - Disney Star Wars Panic: Kenobi Canceled? Star Trek Picard | More Bad Doctor Who

7 writers. But who is the head writer?

People can live 200 years.

People in history have lived over 200 years. So, in the future, 200 years should be a piece of cake.

Real Old Picard would have a BEARD like Old Picard had in the last episode of STNG.

Patrick Stewart is not too old or does not have to be.

Picard was out of character like Jake Luke Skywalker in Last Jedi.

STNG Bearded Old Picard retired and Fake Old Picard retired as well.

The Real Bearded Old Picard was forced to retire. Fake Old Picard chose to retire.

Real Picard wouldn't have chose to retire apart from if he ended up marrying first.

WAFFLE Picard would be a hit with Jeremy.

@Darth Starbuck ohhh I love CYLONS.

They took a NERDROTIC. They used you.

You complete them.

Picard has a twin brother who stole his identity.

Maybe with Quantum Computers, you could.

@TheFtm22 the Picard character was changing in Star Trek Nemesis. But still better than the Picard show.

The Picard character began devolving in Star Trek First Contact and it got worse and worse since then and especially now.

@Action Jackson yeah. And I believe Picard stayed pretty consistent during the seven seasons of Star Trek Next Generation. But in the movies, his character arch started cracking.

The Expanse is great.

Timeless is Relevant if Applied

Do you know about Unstoppable Domains?

Unstoppable Domains attempts to get around DNS services via an alternative DNS system, AKA Internet Address Book mechanism.

If the story is not told well enough, then don't watch the movie, problem solved.

I love Amos.

If I was anybody on The Expanse, I would be Amos.

Amos takes a generator. The girl is like oh no. He is going to kill you. Amos turns around, "Does that mean we're not fucking any more?" Ummm. No. "Oh, ok. Then see you around."

Palpatine Teleported out of the Death Star according to a new book coming in March 2020.

Teleportation would be the fastest way off the Death Star.

They can still make Rey Palpatine go DARK in Episode 10 as Palpatine possessed Rey.

Rise of Skywalker should have opened with Palpatine falling in Return of the Jedi but from his perspective and in slow motion. Show Palpatine put up a force field and then teleport.

Trump should stop tech cartels.

Trump should stop geoengineering.

Trump, please work harder and stop the globalists.

@Kai M.F.S. everything is politics.

@Kai M.F.S. YouTube is not politics. And yes, conversation is key. I agree.

@DZ 3 it is ten times worse than that. Let's not talk about the other things concerning Bill Clinton.

Bad Orange Man should stop Big Pharma.

Trump should endorse Bitcoin

We can get the Jer out of cars but can we get the cars out of Jeremy?

Jeremy, King of the Waffles

Cheesy for the Hot Dogs, pun intended.

Sensitive Sally is waffled out of her mind after listening to that rant.

I used to live in PDX

@ShalashaskaGear yeah, Portland has declined.


The Expanse

2020-01-24 - Friday - 03:24 AM - 04:06 AM - The Expanse 403
2020-01-24 - Friday - 04:06 AM - 04:51 AM - The Expanse 404

The White House

11:23 AM - President Trump Delivers Remarks at the 47th Annual March for Life

Millie Weaver

11:39 AM - Pro LifeMarch vs Counter Protest


11:45 AM - THE MANCAVE "TRUMP IS MY PRESIDENT! Hitlary for prison!" Alex Jones is the REMEDY to fake news!

Lucretia Hughes

03:31 PM - Real News with Lucretia Hughes - Schiff Can Read Minds Episode #603

The White House

04:07 PM - President Trump Delivers Remarks to the Nation's Mayors on Transforming America's Communities

Overlord DVD

05:01 PM - Friday Night Frolics 140,000 Subscriber Celebration!


07:06 PM - Disney Star Wars Panic: Kenobi Canceled? Star Trek Picard | More Bad Doctor Who


The Oatmeal English School - English You Can Eat

My brother was living in Tulsa. Interesting.


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