LOTR. Big eyes. Like 1984. I grew up in a trailer. Water world movie. Turtles and pipes. In the dark. Setup like a watch. See the fine print. Good food today. They're trying to impeach Trump. The good news is when kids start to see what Bernie didn't tell them. Then some of those hippies begin to wake up. Our job is to help them see the light and the real real burn lol. Gay bombs are chemical warfare that ruins the lives of people like the zombie virus and it changes the behavior of men and women to destroy civilization. Picard, episode 1 came out around 11 PM. I've been reviewing 2018. Wednesday all girls Star Wars Fandom Menace stream on YouTube was excellent. Interesting dating advice in that video. Men should be men. Women should be women, generally speaking. Things work better that way. I started watching season 4 of The Expanse.

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2020-01-22 - Wednesday

My Day in Review

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By Oatmeal Joey Arnold

@OatmealJoey | @OatmealHealth
Published in January of 2020


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The Real Burn

12:35 AM - Steemit

Anybody who understands money would understand that billionaire is a word that only has meaning as stipulated by the Federal Reserve, etc. In other words, it is just a number. In other words, Bernie Sanders fail to talk about the whole story. The good news is when kids start to see what Bernie didn't tell them. Then some of those hippies begin to wake up. Our job is to help them see the light and the real real burn lol.

Happy Moon

12:40 AM - Steemit

The happy moon sitting on the gleeful horizon. I love it. Good work. It puts me in a good mood.


12:49 AM - Steemit

How do we change the laws?

Book of Mario

01:15 AM - Steemit

One of the best Mario Parodies I've ever seen. I should play this video game thing or at least watch other related videos. I love it.

I'm reviewing January of 2018.


The Expanse

2020-01-22 - Wednesday - 02:57 AM - 04:21 AM - The Expanse 312 & 313

This woman will not be grateful for your mercy.

It's not about her. It's about her.

Reminds me of Seinfeld.

It's not you, it's me.

It is silly.

Gypsie Belter Lady almost dies and is now recovering but then tries to run off to do something. Stupid girl. Wait. Recover.

Chemical Restraint on the Killer Woman

The Blue Zombie Star Gate told Eric Holden of how their galaxies destroyed themselves or somehow many universes out there became graveyards and the proton molecule was building things to help communicate to different alien species and yet many of them died.

Everybody leaves unfinished business.

That is what dying is.

Mutual understanding over hate.





One guy confronts the captain of the Mormon ship and he shot him

Then the black UN woman approaches the captain man

But doesn't kill him



Yeah, she looks like a Barbie

20 protestors vs 5 cops.


2020-01-22 - Wednesday - 04:22 AM - 05:10 AM - The Expanse 401

Miller talks about wondering what rain might taste like.

What, you don't know?

Maybe you are an alien pretending to be Miller.

UN tries to blockade the star gate.

That is retarded.

Mars is better for everyone when everyone does their part.

Oh, please don't force me.

Please transmit your access code




New Tera

Crash Landing

Mechanical Locust




Invalid Cookie



Homosexuality Flowchart

12:09 PM - Steemit

homo flowchart and the bible silly pic

Silly flowchart. It is funny but inaccurate. Homosexual is not the best choice. Technically, everything is sin because sin simply means not perfect, not holy, not God. The Bible says in Romans that the law, the commandments, like thou shalt not murder, steal, etc, serves as a mirror to show the dirt on our face. But there is more to it than that. Also, Romans 1 talks about homosexuality. I can talk all day about these things. Yeah, people can be homosexual if they want. I don't care what people do. But they should not. But they can.


Cannabis Debate

12:17 AM - Steemit

I say one step at a time. Legalization laws is better than criminalizing laws. But you're right that we don't want a bandage over the wound. We want less laws, taxes, regulations, involvement, etc.

Local Government

People need to understand the tenth amendment which is all about returning the power back to we the people and away from federal government. People must always limit federal government and have city and county governments decide on specific laws that they may want to have for their local communities if any. We are all educators and we all must encourage people to favor localized governments over federal and global styled rule, tyranny, authoritarianism, globalism, technocracy, etc.

Fighting Free Markets

12:23 PM - Steemit

What is the agenda of Edelman? After looking over that PDF, it looks like it is creating arguments to counter free markets. I see that one word, capitalism, over and over again in that report followed with how people feel scared and stuff. I don't care how people feel. That is not the most important thing in life.


12:31 PM - Steemit

Saying hello in Chinese sounds like Knee How.

Do you believe in natural rights or constitutional rights?

Read Cash

12:35 PM - Read Cash

They say they will delete anything that is illegal to the EU which includes hate speech and memes. That sounds like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc.

Is it like Steemit which might be similar? They say Steemit may take things down but that the content will still be on Steem. Does Read Cash have a root like that as well?


03:09 PM - Read Cash

How does Taiwan compare with Hong Kong?

Story Fire is tough to use. It is still pretty small and new and slow.

My Taringa


How do we promote Steemit on social networks?
2020-01-22 - Wednesday - 04:41 PM

That's the question of the day. I have a few things I can say about this. But I would love to know what you think. I think about these kinds of things all of the time. Now, I'm not saying we should only be on Steemit. There are other blockchain social networks out there as well. But I am saying we should always try to talk about reaching out to new people in as many different ways and as many different tactics as possible.


Equality Delusion

05:21 PM - Steemit

Do you understand what a cultural gap is? The problem is that people generally take the Bible out of context and stuff. The Bible was not written in English. It takes a long time to understand the context and everything, the whole story. Are you a feminist? Are you seeking for equality?

Fox News

Tucker: Obama pushed idea that girls thrive when men fail


Merry Mayhem

05:38 PM - Wed Night Mayhem : Toxic Masculinity - A Female Perspective

I love toxic men and women.

Independence is great.

Some say independence is toxic.

It is not.

But if they say it is, then I love it.

Soy makes men wimpy.

Competition is the joy of life.

If you're not a turtle, then I'm not going down in that sewer.

Many women prefer men who make more money than they do.

Generalities affect people.

Traditional values is the generality. It has worked better that way. Exceptions exist, of course.

The 80 percent rule would say that a man may not be as girly or emotional like 80 percent of the time.

Cook the buck out of it.

I wanna buck you lol.

Hard Wired to go hard.

I wonder what they put in the water to make men smaller.

I filter my water so I can remain big.

Cat Calling = Freedom of Speech

If a man is harassing you, expose him. Record it. Tell everybody. Give him a bad name. But only if he is stepping over the line.

Women can appreciate the cat calling.

If ya don't want men to catcall, then why not cover up?

Women can break men several different ways.

A big hunk of love.

Make Romance Great Again

Depends on the man. Depends on the kind of catcall it might be.

You Complete Me


I love curves too.

I might be short but I am big in heart.

They make many things taboos.

Rian lol.

Chuck Her in the Trunk, pun intended.

So toxic, I'm Lethal.

Local Tribes. Barbarians. Hunters.

Some women would pull men's arms out of their sockets in world history, during some ancient wars.


Some women were more explosive centuries ago, less restrictive. No restraints.

Resurrect Romance

Make Dating Fun Again

Club Fun

Make Hot Dogs Great Again Via Better Water

@riot kitty good idea. I would. I might.

As a DJ. Yeah.

@Bobby Massa what happened? Buffy got old on you?

Who would not like Buffy?

But what if it is an accident?

@ThatTuggLife, sometimes I feel like it could be accidental, the touching. Like for me, I could assume that it is a sign. But I could be jumping to conclusions prematurely.

Men probably should just do it. But step by step.

Talk Poke to me.

You are My MySpace.

Please say Austin Powers.

Yeah Baby Yeah

You Like Nerds

I feel like I'm in Dating School right now.

We climb men like we climb trees. We love our bananas.

@Mickale Hill You so short baby, but I still look up to you like you my star in dee sky.

Clint Eastwood is dee man.

I love Jack Sparrow.


Back to the Future Quote: Panties? Where we are going, there are no panties or roads.

anything online is not private

a dick pic is not private

internet spies will find the dick pics

dick pics is a good way to black mail

I drink water and my Johnson shrinks.

I am a frog. I am shrinking.

If you blow mine, then I'll blow yours.


Like a rainbow, each person is a different color.


Twitter Banned

08:38 PM - Steemit

In other words, I like real Star Wars. So, I said I didn't like fake Disney Star Wars. I was retweeting other tweets that talked about the Rise of Skywalker spoilers. I assume that SJWs reported my account which locked me out. After that, I needed to confirm that my account was real again with my phone but then I was out of minutes and two weeks later I look and saw that my account was suspended. So, Twitter didn't tell me why I was terminated. I can only guess what might have happened.


Retaining New People

08:49 PM - Steemit

I should probably write another post about this. There are two main ways to retain new people, the right way and the wrong way or the more superficial way and the more sophisticated way. Like, we could try to entertain the tadpoles, the newbies, to persuade them to stay. But it would be better to help them understand why they should be here from a deeper point of view.

Problem + Solution

Some people may see Steemit as a fun thing. But it is more than that. It should be more than just that. Yeah, Steemit can be a solution but some people may not understand that without fully understanding the problems with censorship, with trying to backup their content. Some people may not get the value of cryptocurrencies for example.

Star Wars

I talked about the spoilers I think. SJWs must have reported my account. Well, Twitter didn't tell me what happened. So, I really don't know what I did wrong since they didn't tell me.


I have over 20K followers on Facebook and I feel like not too many people see my posts. So, that is one of the reasons why I wrote this post. Finding ways to reach out to people on Facebook can be very tough. It takes a lot of luck. You have to try to post in groups, on pages, on different accounts, on stories, etc. Try different keywords. Try posting photos, videos, links, posts, articles, GIFs, memes, bigger posts, smaller posts, questions, etc, on Facebook. Try different things. Try not using certain words perhaps. Try posting at different times in the day. Take note on which things work better. But things can change over time. And it is a bunch of hit and miss on Facebook most of the time as it has been changing over the years.


World Class

11:30 PM - The Fandom Menace Attacked! / Duel of Fates Talk w/ Robert Meyer Burnett - The High Council

Kathleen Kennedy and the people she was working with while making the sequel Star Wars films sucked and she was a puppet of people above her and she had to do certain things. Robert and the others in this stream said they disagreed with each other but they are both right that they both suck. Robert said she was ok but that they sucked and Tom said the opposite. But they are both correct and they both suck, Kathleen and those people she worked with. But beyond that, the people above her are responsible and they did it on purpose.


Fox News

12:50 AM - Hannity: Impeachment will have real consequences for the presidency and America

The Expanse

2020-01-22 - Wednesday - 02:57 AM - 04:21 AM - The Expanse 312 & 313
2020-01-22 - Wednesday - 04:22 AM - 05:10 AM - The Expanse 401

Invalid Cookie



03:53 PM - End of the World Cult!

Fox News

05:10 PM - Tucker: Obama pushed idea that girls thrive when men fail


05:28 PM - Star Wars: The Clone Wars - Final Season Official Trailer

Jimmy Fallon

05:36 PM - Charades with Martin Short and David Dobrik

Merry Mayhem

05:38 PM - Wed Night Mayhem : Toxic Masculinity - A Female Perspective


09:19 PM - Plot holes and Retcons? | Star Wars The Clone Wars Season 7 Trailer Thoughts

Chandler Crump

10:16 PM - Livestream Highlights: Will Johnson

Yellow Red Sparks

[10:36 PM - Yellow Red Sparks - "I'm Fine and That's Fine" [Acoustic Video]](

2018-01-30 - Tuesday - 12:57 PM - I shared this video to my Facebook:

World Class

11:30 PM - The Fandom Menace Attacked! / Duel of Fates Talk w/ Robert Meyer Burnett - The High Council


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