Sea Elf Car helped a company that funded the Not Cheese who then used their gas to help murder the beautiful jewels. I was reading about that in the Killing of Uncle Sam. Great book. I'm writing in code. Why? Because I'm trying to brainstorm new ways to red-pill new people. I want new people to follow the money. Not Cheese is code for Nazi. So, Facebook may ban you for Hitler photos. I got banned for 30 days each time I did in 2018. So, you can be censored for keywords. You could try to write in code. You could self censor. You could go on a news spree until they ban you. And then you can make a new account and try again. | Banning Oatmeal - Part 25 | I spent most of the day counting money. I was sorting pennies. I went to the evening church. I like Russia. I like to read. I'm scared of the bad vaccines. I'm not talking about hypothetical good vaccines. Also, there is more to it than just that. I love natural remedies. Also, follow the money. Why are they giving out vaccines for free? It's a trap, said the alien in Star Wars. Nothing is for free. So, watch out.

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That Oatmeal Guy

12:40 AM - Free Square | Dissenter | Minds | Steemit

@Memeart, yeah thanks, and it sounded like Alex was referencing Texas T, yeah, you're right about that and about everything else you're saying, and nice meme that you made of me, I love it. I would love to tell Alex that he doesn't have to manage a website to keep it running. Websites must be decentralized through nodes. That is what blockchain is all about. The Infowars websites appear to be centralized from some servers. That's what I see. I would love to be wrong about that. But if I'm correct, then they need more servers, AKA nodes. If they can't handle the bandwidth, hosting costs, etc, etc, etc, then they need to set limits to how much people can post, etc, etc, and/or utilize IPFS, Bit Torrent tech, peer to peer (P2P) stuff, etc, etc, etc. And I can talk all day about it. So many things I would love to tell them. And I'm not saying it is easy to do. But it has been over a year and I've been saying these things since 2018. And it seems that Infowars has the wrong people working in information technology (IT), in the web design, etc. And if the Infowars IT staff are reading this, then I would hope they would want to prove me wrong. And Banned dot video is a pretty good website. But I feel like the IT staff are too outdated in how they run websites, generally speaking. It seems like they are stuck in 2003 or something. It does not have to cost too much money. If I worked for them, I would find ways to help them cut costs while increasing efficiency, effectiveness, etc. I like calling it the Infowars Army. That is not a bad thing. It is like The Salvation Army is not a bad thing in regards to helping people get off addictions and in helping the homeless and children and poor families and people in natural disasters for example.

Problem With Automation

12:52 AM - Steemit

Part of the reason people believe that automation is fine is because they think of it as a mechanical machine. They overlook the programming aspect of it all.

Happy Last Friday of the Decade

Geeks + Gamers

12:58 AM - Esquire Just Made The Worst Star Wars Character List Of All-time

My List
1. Anakin
2. Luke
3. Kenobi
4. Palpatine
5. Yoda
6. Ahsoka
7. Han Solo
8. Leia
9. Maul
10. Ventress
11. Mace Windu
12. Padme

Lex Croucher

01:15 AM - 10 worst things about Rise of Skywalker

"That apple was an orange." My favorite part of your video.



Salvation Army

2011-11-20 - Sunday - 03:16 PM - 20th of November of 2011 | 36 Photos | 2011 November 25th Friday 5pm Part II - Part 2

[2011-11-20 - Sunday - 03:16 PM 290398_205151749561085_2131662619_o.jpg
2011-11-20 - Sunday - 03:16 PM 335273_205152839560976_1263195665_o.jpg
2011-11-20 - Sunday - 03:16 PM 328432_205152722894321_1901472510_o.jpg
2011-11-20 - Sunday - 03:16 PM 327474_205152672894326_85065312_o.jpg
2011-11-20 - Sunday - 03:16 PM 328893_205153372894256_1392581940_o.jpg
2011-11-20 - Sunday - 03:16 PM 324158_205153312894262_2013733790_o.jpg](https://goldvoice.club/steem/@joeyarnoldvn/2011-bell-ringing#@joeyarnoldvn/re-joeyarnoldvn-2011-bell-ringing-20180915t203137577z)
2011-11-20 - Sunday - 03:16 PM 336725_205152366227690_2070014063_o.jpg

Portland PDX

2011-11-25 - Friday - 05:07 PM - 25th of November of 2011 - I was in Portland, Oregon. I was on the MAX Train. | 123 Photos - I went back to the apartment building where I lived to help my African friend install an Ubuntu operating system onto his computers. He lived in Alder Housing Apartments. I lived there as well from 2008-2011.

[2011-11-25 - Friday - 05:07 PM 333976_207694009306859_519906988_o.jpg
2011-11-25 - Friday - 05:07 PM 325519_207694439306816_1747407706_o.jpg
2011-11-25 - Friday - 05:07 PM 378934_207715719304688_2137044541_n.jpg](https://www.facebook.com/pg/RandomRecognition/photos/?tab=album&album_id=207689719307288)

My Room

2011-12-21 - Wednesday - 03:50 PM - 21st of December of 2011 | 38 Photos

[2011-12-21 - Wednesday - 03:50 PM 329983_222169451192648_620243598_o.jpg
2011-12-21 - Wednesday - 03:50 PM 339007_222167984526128_1080126468_o.jpg
2011-12-21 - Wednesday - 03:50 PM 325413_222167877859472_854393014_o.jpg
2011-12-21 - Wednesday - 03:50 PM 331142_222167811192812_98900304_o.jpg
2011-12-21 - Wednesday - 03:50 PM 334907_222167564526170_1291288708_o.jpg
2011-12-21 - Wednesday - 03:50 PM 327319_222167341192859_732390220_o.jpg
2011-12-21 - Wednesday - 03:50 PM 412372_222167287859531_432851483_o.jpg](https://www.facebook.com/pg/RandomRecognition/photos/?tab=album&album_id=222167101192883)

Janet Bailey

2011-11-27 - Sunday - 03:20 PM - I Uploaded this photo of Janet Bailey | At the set of Ugly Clover. Ugly Clovers really are beautiful. At the TVC Salvation Army church in Hillsboro, Oregon. This was the corps we attended as kids as well the previous decade. I was on the piano freestyling about clovers. Janet was there for a second to help. There might been a video but I think YouTube took that from me. | Album | 188 Photos

2011-11-27 - Sunday - 03:20 PM - Janet Bailey 327321_208717572537836_101788143_o.jpg
[2011-11-27 - Sunday - 03:20 PM - Katie Dober 338110_208706749205585_508382771_o.jpg
2011-11-27 - Sunday - 03:20 PM - Bell Ringer Card 328510_208714909204769_1468737250_o.jpg](https://www.facebook.com/pg/RandomRecognition/photos/?tab=album&album_id=208705312539062)

Christmas 2011

2011-12-26 - Monday - 12:14 AM - 26th of December of 2011

[2011-12-26 - Monday - 12:14 AM LOTR Risk 324618_224389154304011_1295399371_o.jpg
2011-12-26 - Monday - 12:14 AM 410918_224390777637182_129712010_o.jpg
2011-12-26 - Monday - 12:14 AM 336160_224390607637199_1155006287_o.jpg
2011-12-26 - Monday - 12:14 AM 321820_224390450970548_925048125_o.jpg
2011-12-26 - Monday - 12:14 AM 339830_224390324303894_1565310961_o.jpg](https://www.facebook.com/pg/RandomRecognition/photos/?tab=album&album_id=224388544304072)

Mike & Joe

2011-12-24 - Saturday - 03:03 AM | Album | 183 Photos

[![2011-12-24 - Saturday - 03:03 AM - Mike Kurtz - Oatmeal Joey Arnold Joeyarnoldvn 389995_223430764399850_1865911117_n.jpg
2011-12-24 - Saturday - 03:03 AM 401156_223430681066525_1072888980_n.jpg]()
2011-12-24 - Saturday - 03:03 AM 401156_223430681066525_1072888980_n.jpg
2011-12-24 - Saturday - 03:03 AM - Photograph from 07 or 08 maybe 394671_223431344399792_1731716750_n.jpg](https://www.facebook.com/RandomRecognition/photos/a.223312661078327/223430764399850/?type=3&theater)


The Expanse

2019-12-28 - Saturday - 02:48 AM - 03:37 AM - The Expanse 104

Average lifespan on earth is like 123 says the doctor and it is like only 63 on another planet. I disagree. Who said people didn't live longer many years ago?

The Chinese Mars Captain said that sometimes you have to kill to preserve. Yeah, Ikind of disagree with that. The lady says that some rocks are big. The boys say like oh, like the rock that killed the dinosaurs. Oh, that rock was big. Huh? It was? Were you there to see it? No. Then shut up. How do you know it was big? There was a rock? That is not observational science because you didn't see it happen. But that might be historical science. The Russian Mars guy said that earth is over. That's what globalists say. You don't have to live in a big city. These shows say that we have to in the future. But we don't have to. They talk about building a ship that will partake in a 100 year voyage to find a new earth around a new sun. A dead guy had a chip in his leg. So, the man played Operator and pulled it out. The pilot got some juice injected into his body. Scary. Did the Chinese captain blow up her ship and herself as they got away?


Sleep. In my dream I was like back at WOLBI again. I've had dreams like this before. But this one particularly sad. I was there for the first fall semester in my dream. It was around November 20 or the last Friday before Thanksgiving. We break fro the holidays. I was feeling like I didn't even know it was the last day. I saw other students. In one of the evening classes, we had a break at the end of the class where we all walked off to like a cafe at the college or in town to hang out. I might have talked to Eric who I knew during high school as well in real life. I was thinking over my first semester there in my dream. It felt like it came and went. Maybe I wasn't doing so good with my studies. I don't remember a lot from this dream. The biggest thing was that I didn't realize that we were not going to resume classes on Monday and that we were off on our winter break.


Craig Mason

10:57 AM - Saturday *LIVE* 2020: Here Comes The Pain! Edition

More protection causes people to be less careful. Goo thing we start out as babies with almost none apart from mother, family, etc, indirectly, externally.

As long as Q Qanon motivates us to get involved.

Ben Shapiro was a Never Trumper.

Is Stefan Molyneux promoting learned helpless in teaching babies to self-soothe by letting cry until they give up on crying? I would say that might be possible. Perhaps, you need a balance between spoiling children and excessive amounts of like discipline, etc. Is Stefan and some people like control opposition, either directly, indirectly, purposely, or accidentally? Why is Fuentes so big? Was it because he was confronting that one guy from Turning Point USA? @Carl Weathers, how so? Alex is not controlled opposition. @Carl Weathers, I listen to Alex Jones each day. Alex says that Qanon is fine to the extent it motivates people to get involved in politics and in culture in general. @Carl Weathers, why does AJ have body guards? Who broke open a cable box in the 1990's to find microphones inside them? Alex Jones talked about 9/11 around July of 2001. They are always trying to kill AJ, Trump, Tommy Robinson, etc. AJ talks about Brain Phones. AJ talks about geoengineering.

@Maj Mack, did Bill Cooper steal AJ's face? AJ called out Corsi. Why does AJ talk against bad vaccines? Jack Posobiec doesn't like Rise of Soy Walker. @Paula R, you love globalism? @Corey Trevor, incorrect. @Craig Mason's Reasonable Conversation Channel, Why did Google ban some Controlled Opposition while not banning other Controlled Opposition? Who talked about Soros for many years now? Who promotes the 2A? Why would controlled opposition promote the right to bear arms? Did Qanon say Jeff Session was going to indict people and did Jeff do that or not? Who is David Knight? @Angela Nell, are you saying Trump should not go after tech cartels? @Angela Nell, are you saying Trump should not stop evil 5G that gives kids cancer, etc? @Angela Nell, Trump should not stop bad vaccines? @Angela Nell, AJ talked about those things and more. @Carl Weathers, you love vaccines? Epstein is still recruiting women on YouTube. Guess who talked about that. 😀 Epstein YouTube Channel 😀 . Is the earth hollow? The point would be to hide secret bases on the planet. CPS is bad. @Spider, does that mean AJ is a Flat Earther? Why did Hillary Clinton attack AJ?

@Carl Weathers, who has been talking about censorship for many many many many years now? @Carl Weathers, why are some people not banned? @Carl Weathers, who talked about Grandpa Bush and what he did to help Germany? @Carl Weathers, who popularize the term globalism and who denied the existence of CPR in the 1990's? How many years ago did many people say that there was no such thing as globalists? Who promoted Tommy Robinson? Who is Roger Stone? Who would interview Mike Cernovich? Why did Stefan Molyneux release his Hong Kong Documentary on YouTube? Why did Lauren Southern release a documentary on South Africa? Who is speaking against the EU? Who is encouraging people to vote, to protest, to call your congressmen? Why is AJ promoting Super Blue? Who promoted Lionel Nation? Anything non-fluoride. You don't have to get it from AJ if you don't want. Others may sell some as well. Technically, who is not controlled opposition? Is it possible that we are all controlled opposition unto each other? AJ talked about that. AJ hates Open Borders. Who talks about Smart Cities? They talked about Smart Cities. I can tell you who. Who talked about the problems with Smart Cars?

@Craig Mason's Reasonable Conversation Channel, did Palpatine hop into Rey at the end? @Carl Weathers, do you promote Disney? Is Fox News mostly Controlled Opposition? @Ken D, OAN has Jack Posobiec. I like Ubuntu. @Ken D, you hate OAN? Who talked about Epstein for many many many years now? @Ken D, OAN is pretty good. I agree. I like Jack. I like Craig Mason. I try not to hate everybody. Anybody can be Controlled Opposition. But how would you know if you were not omniscient? RedPill78 looks like a good channel. Keep an open mind. I love Risk. Settlers is a good game. Apple to Apples. Save your money. I agree. IW Battle Tank. JE didn't hang himself. JE is Jeffrey Epstein. Christmas Lights. Space Force. 1984.


Sorted pennies for hours. Dishes. Didn't wash the dishes last night. So, they were extra crazy. I mean, dirty. Showered. Took a nap. Was reading that one book again about American history. The book is called The Killing of Uncle Sam. The Sea Elf Car helped a company that funded the Not Cheese. That is code for the CFR who helped a company that funded the Nazi.

2019 in 5 Words

This hashtag is on Twitter. Here is mine. The Rise of the Patriot. Toll Sea of the Sea Elf Car.


Banning Oatmeal - Part 25

10:51 PM - Steemit


The Isz 82565-146695-isz.gif


I'm a dirty rat according to TheIsz who says that I'm infamous in a bad kind of way and not famous. Now, I wonder, how many of you can relate to that? What would you do in a situation like that? Do you ever wonder what you might do in a kind of situation like that? Quite frankly, you probably have been in situations like this before. Well, have you been in situations like this before? That's the question of the day. In this article, I want to describe this type of situation in particular. This is going to be a really brief post. This is Part 25 of the Banning Oatmeal Series which talks about the Banning of Oatmeal. Now, for those of you who don't know, I'm That Oatmeal Dude that [Mark (The Freedom Fighter 414)](https://goldvoice.club/steem/@joeyarnoldvn/2019-06-27) briefly mentioned when he called into The Alex Jones Show two days after the last Christmas of the decade, of the 2010's. So, sometimes, in life, online and offline, people try to stop me. They try to ban me. They try to censor me. But some of those people are also trying to stop you as well. That's why I'm writing this.



Geeks + Gamers

12:58 AM - Esquire Just Made The Worst Star Wars Character List Of All-time

Lex Croucher

01:15 AM - 10 worst things about Rise of Skywalker

The Expanse

2019-12-28 - Saturday - 02:48 AM - 03:37 AM - The Expanse 104

Craig Mason

10:57 AM - Saturday *LIVE* 2020: Here Comes The Pain! Edition


12:10 PM - Twitter thoughts: BRITAIN WILL BE SIBERIA IN 3 DAYS!

The Oatmeal English School - English You Can Eat
2019-12-27 - Friday
2019-12-28 - Saturday
2019-12-29 - Sunday


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Banning Oatmeal - Part 25

Resistance 1776

# What is Christmas? Where does it come from?

Facebook Bans Kissing

Comments 2

@excitingworldcryptos J R, if a person deletes their Facebook, they are actually not deleting their Facebook because they still keep the info on it. They save your photos, videos, etc. They sell data and much more. So, if you delete your Facebook, you are simply cutting off your access to the stuff you donated to Facebook. Also, Facebook, Google, and others, keep databases of people who did not join Facebook. Meaning, they attempt to build databases for people who are not on Facebook at all. So, you might as well be on Facebook for the people. Not being on Facebook does not stop them from trying to collect your data, etc. I use Facebook to reach out to people. Same thing with YouTube, Twitter, etc. It's not a binary question of to use or not to use. It's a quantum question of how to use these online ghetto networks owned by tech cartels and money cartels and power cartels and people who hate oatmeal so much. So, don't rely on Facebook. Go on Facebook once a year. Go on Facebook for just one minute. Pop on real quick. Post a link of where people can find you and then get off. And then come back in a year and do that again. It is that simple. You don't have to be on Facebook either 24/7 or not at all. You can reduce your time on it. Or you can simply post one last post on Facebook that says you left. And then don't delete your Facebook. Just simply don't get back onto it. If somebody wants to really reach you, they might see that and then they may figure out how to find you elsewhere. You can use Facebook and other things at the same time. You don't have to pick. You don't have to have an all or nothing mentality.

29.12.2019 09:06

Rise of Naomi 2020

02:19 AM - Telegram | Dissenter | Free Square | Minds

Depends on what might mean when one says The Internet. Yes, we have ISP, GSP, DNS, etc. We have the backbone, the biggest highways of the Internet which may be owned by different companies and not owned by the UN. Some countries may only be connected to the Internet via just one cable line. Some of the lines might be fiber optics. On top of that, some people are building decentralized networks which attempts to compete against centralized systems. So, we live split between the different Internets. We should always try to invest in both worlds. We have IPFS, Bit Torrent, P2P, etc. Blockchain is competing against centralized systems. Internet 3.0 will therefore accelerate in the 2020's, this new decade, these next ten years, well, as long as people stay active. Because it's tough work. There is a Red Letter Media meme from a video where they say that they have to keep on smiling. They were pretending to love Disney's Star Wars. If they say bad things, their social credit score would drop. So, they showed their score improve as they complimented the Rise of Soy Walker or the Resurrection of the Old White Grandpa Dude. China has a credit score system that prevents many Chinese from boarding planes, trains, buses. Specifically, the UN is handing over AI systems to China. It's why Google, Facebook, etc, moved over to China. It's vital that people understand the problems with centralized systems that attempts regulate many different things globally, more and more each day. It's like rising water. We have to try to stop the rising water. We always have to try to drain the swamp, I mean the water haha. At the same time, we have to always move to higher ground (AKA alternative tech) to avoid drowning, and that is why we should always try to promote Naomi Brockwell and others who are pioneers, AKA ambassadors of the 2020's, this coming decade of the Rise of Sky Net haha, I mean Rise of Alternative Tech. But we live in Real Star Wars. This coming decade represents the Empire Strikes Back. So, you are Luke Skywalker. But watch out, Darth Vader is coming after you. Look for your Yoda and his Bacon Stick.

30.12.2019 10:33