America is like 95 percent not self-sufficient in the 2010's and in the 1920's and 1930's, the United States was less than 40% NOT self-sufficient plus a lot more healthier, smarter, wiser, stronger, etc. Yet, many people still died back then. Many people still struggled back during the depression in the early 1920's and more so during the Great Depression which came in the late 1920's and the early 1930's as well. Things are a thousand times more worse in so many ways. | NBA Decline | There are cycles in world history. If the people respond soon enough, there can be a soft landing in the revolution against tyranny. But when men wait, then there may still be a rough landing. And yet, if they wait too long, then they will have a devastating landing that becomes more like a crash. We are somewhere between the first two at the moment. The future is up to us. LED lights, computer monitors, televisions, phone screens, etc, generally contain too much of blue color that is invisible to the naked eye which is said to damage cells in the eyes and damage the Pineal Gland in the brain, etc. Take vitamins A, B, C, D, E, tea, berries, etc. Google Natural Remedies for more information.

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2019-12-07 - Saturday

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12:50 AM - Alex Jones Full Show 12 6 2019


All timestamps are generally in Pacific Standard Time (PST), unless otherwise noted.

Nap for almost three hours from 10:00 PM to about 12:50 AM.


12:50 AM - Alex Jones Full Show 12 6 2019

Obama's 2014 Reeducation Camps are being established in America. These are communist terms. FEMA and the UN have helped.

Larry Nichols

They are trying to murder Trump.

They are trying to cause civil unrest and blame it on conservatives, patriots, etc, on us.

They are trying to get many people to kill Trump, to kill patriots, to kill each other, and they are also trying to blame all the murder and all the violence, on the conservatives, on people who didn't do it.

Globalists and others are involved in trying to murder Trump, patriots, etc, to take over the United States, to take over Russia, to take over different countries, to rule the world, to setup one world governance, etc.

Globalists are involved in dozens of big international crimes for decades and for centuries in some cases and they will not stop and have not stopped. If you are reading this, you can either help the globalists by doing nothing or you can pass on the word. Just tell one other person or write it down. Share this with somebody. That is all you have to do. Well, I mean, that is the least you can do, if you care. If you want to go against the destroyers of civilization, the globalists. Or you can pretend you didn't read this and you can simply never eat original green oatmeal joey food and you can simply move on. The choice is yours.


NBA Decline

02:17 AM - Steemit

Many reasons why. One of the main reasons involves Lebron James and others who backed China who is invading Hong Kong and other countries. China does so many bad things. So, when you go to an NBA game in the United States with a Free Hong Kong sign, they will kick you out. Other reasons involves people simply watching other things and doing other things. There is more competition out there and only so many hours in the day to watch things. Plus, some people may watch the NBA via YouTube, etc. That means that the rating count may not accurately reflect all of that. The NBA has an official channel on YouTube for example. But, you see, they're not the only ones with basketball channels. And there are other websites, etc.

Infinite Altitude

02:33 AM - Steemit

I agree that it takes a bit of meditation and medication to get out of the trance of pacifism, gamification, nihilism, apathy, rage, etc, emotionally, I mean spiritually. Specifically speaking, one of the things that helps involves perspective in contrasting between the good news and the bad news. See, too often, people may be isolated with good news or with bad news. You need to understand both.


Fear The Walking Dead

2019-12-07 - Saturday - 02:35 AM - 03:22 AM - FTWD 311
2019-12-07 - Saturday - 03:24 AM - 04:08 AM - FTWD 312

Only make promises you can keep.

The dam woman looks like Tulsi.

These leaders control the water supply at this dam.

A guy says it is too much power for a person to have.


The Indian man told the father that her daughter saved lives by poisoning others, killing others.

Well, this might be a parallel to when Rick and others were killing Negan's group.

It depends.

So, in other words, maybe not a perfect parallel.

They kill the cow.


At least get the cow ready for consuming.

Because that is good meat.

You kill it now and it could spoil too soon.

She says she will get him more cows.

But that can be tough if there are no cows.

He gets bit.

They cut off his arm to stop the zombie infection from spreading.

Why not a blood sucker upper?

A blood vacuum.

Suck out the infection.

It is viral.

It can be sucked out.

By the logic of the show, if limb cutting stops it, then sucking it out would stop it too.

In reality, nothing would stop something that contagious.

Because it would spread air-bourne.

I need to sleep.

You can sleep when you're dead.

Oh, how poetic.




Pew Die Pie

11:28 AM - YouTube is Stinky

Red is a great color.

Tag problem as many use the same tags for each video they upload, generally, on YouTube.


Well, that is one of the problems.

Tap six times and then three times on YouTube Mobile to skip ads? Does that work on laptops as well?

​Chloe Rapoza, Yeah. Thanks. I do see a skip button sometimes. And sometimes I don't see one. It says the video will play at the end of the ad. So, on desktop, it is pretty simple like that it seems, that you either can or can't skip.

YouTube Advice

Play both sides like globalists do.

Play good cop and bad cop.

Make three YouTube channels.

Dedicate your first channel to you, to archiving your life, your videos, your main projects in life.

Your second channel can be a fun channel where you simply try to get people to like you. Be politically correct. Try to go viral. Don't say anything that could get you banned. Don't be controversial. Be simple. Copy people. Brand yourself.

Your third channel can be as offensive as you want it to be. But the point is to be as real and as honest as possible. I would talk about the things that the world needs to hear that they may not like to hear but should hear about world news, world history, things that really matter, but things that YouTube and others may ban you for. YouTube banned around three or four of my channels for example, already. Facebook bans people. Twitter bans people. During the 2010's, especially, these tech cartel empire websites have been banning and censoring millions of people. So, when you talk about this on YouTube, you run the risk of being terminated like Alex Jones. So, you may go down. So, you need to be prepared for being taken off websites for being real. So, try to keep some of your videos on separate channels in order to protect them. Make backups of your videos on different channels, websites, and hard drives. Emphasis on the last one. Keep your HDD in Faraday Cages. If you don't have an official Faraday Cage, get a metal lunch box and put your hard drives in them. Because you want to protect electronics from EMP. When YouTube kills your channel, you can rise again. When you come back, you can do the same things again until YouTube takes you back down again. You could also try different things and change things up a bit. Or make two new channels when the old channel is terminated and try both. If you do the same thing over and over again, you may get the same results. Not always, but it can happen. It depends. And what you should do may depend on many different factors. It is better to do what you believe in doing over what you feel like doing. So, if you are doing the right thing, then it might be better to do that again and again, even if YouTube stops you for it. But then again, if a tree falls in a forest and nobody hears it, then did it make a sound? And did you make a sound if nobody is watching your YouTube? You can be right and yet not effective. You may want people to listen. But you have to find ways to build an audience, a brand, and a bunch of original oatmeal. What is EMP? It is electromagnetic pulse.



Socialism & Copyright Theories

01:12 PM - Steemit | Free Square | Dissenter

@Vitt, copyright laws are as fantastic as socialism, communism, meaning that they are not fantastic as they are mostly centralized tyranny.

Theory of Copyright

Copyright is great in theory.

Like Star Trek

A perfect Star Trek Utopian Future is awesome in theory.

Many Dangers

Copyright is dangerous for many reasons. Vitt, I agree with you on the theories of copyright.

Enforcing Copyright

But how centralized copyright is to be enforced is where 1984 Big Brother Government comes in. Copyright Laws can differ depending on the country you are in. A copyright may have good intent in attempting to protect creators from being robbed.

Invisible Lines

The tricky part is that invisible line that is extremely subjective.

Value in Having Trials

So, we rely on the judges, the jurors, the trials, which is at least better than no trial at all. I prefer a republic over having kings, perhaps.

Selective Enforcement

One of the biggest problems is that of selective enforcement where there appears to be a double standard which would allow for certain people to do certain things while excluding others from the same actions. We have the Safe Harbor Act. We have DMCA. It seems that YouTube is violating Safe Harbor for example.

Pre-Trial vs Post-Trial

On top of that, you have Fair Use which YouTube also violates pre-trial. It would be at least a bit better if it was post-trial as opposed to pre-trial. See, post-trial at least attempts to appear legal, judicial, and fair. That would encourage people to maybe trust the global tech cartels more. YouTube is losing trust.

Copyrighting Tangible Items

That can be good.

Omnipresent Digital Content

Copyright of tangible items is a bit more definable when compared to digital material that is virtually omnipresent to some extent.

Trying to Catch The Wind

That is like an infinite number of original oatmeal bowls. Some people may not understand what that means.

Banning Brains

When you attempt to ban digital items, then you are that much closer to banning what is in your brain.

Brain Phones

People are getting brain phones. They are chipping the homeless with the mark of the beast.

Banning Things

So, they start with copyrighting and banning things on the Internet, that is videos, photos of Melania Trump on Facebook, articles, links to Agenda of Evil and to Minds and to Infowars and others, etc, etc.

Mark of the Beast

After that, more and more people begin getting computer chips inserted into their hands and foreheads.

Brain Internet

Some people will be plugging their brains into the Matrix, AKA the Internet. While you are in the Brain Holo-Deck, AI and others will be probing your brain, your thoughts.

Copyrighting Thoughts

And then they will start banning thoughts. Copyright can be one of the tools used to ban thoughts and images and videos.

Dark Mirror

With Brain Internet, you have to ability to share experiences with other people. So, if you watch a movie, then your eyes are the camera. They did at least one Black Mirror episode on that.

Eye Videos

So, you will be able to share your Eye Videos with your friends by simply thinking Share and it goes out.

Men In Black Memory Eraser Pens

But the Copyright Nazi will say that was copyrighted. So, they will go into your brain and delete those files.

Wall-E Matrix Minority Report

That is a slippery slope towards banning more of your actual thoughts from your actual brain.

Judge Dredd

Also, keep in mind that your own autobiography, your own life, is intermixed as life continues to happen even while you may be watching copyrighted movies, etc. That is the dangers of digital. When you begin to attempt to copyright digital products, then you set the stage towards copyrighting thoughts which are also digital as well. That could be a plan that some of the globalists have. It is a tricky thing as data runs around the Internet. Many people have no idea what that means.

Liquid Data

Data is like water. See, trying to isolate one water molecule from other water molecules in order to ban it is tough. It might be almost impossible. Why? Because it is almost like each water molecule is identical to other water molecules.

Omnipresent Data

That is the Internet as things run around on different servers, etc. There is no difference between downloading something and streaming something.

Downloading vs Streaming

But some people will say there are differences between what might be on your RAM, CPU, cache, on temporary storage, etc, with what might be on your hard drive, thumb drives, DVDs, Blu Ray, on more permanent storage locations, etc. That may be true in some ways and yet also dangerous to entertain as globalists do things to destroy humanity in a variety of ways.

Physical Items vs Digital Items

Copyright is ok when it comes to copyrighting physical items. But digital items can be tough. A digital item is like a photograph. So, for example, if I don't want you to take a photo of my cat, then I should hide my cat. I should not let you on my property. Now, if you are trespassing onto my land, then I might order you to leave your camera at the door. I might have a sign that says no photos. Because it is my house, my building. I own it. But in the Land of the Internet, that becomes very tricky.

Pirated Videos

There are at least three main stages to a boot-legged video.

Recording a Video

Step one, I go into a cinema and record a movie. Now, the theater may have rules that state no recording. The theater might be private property. So, if I record, then I am breaking the rules. So, the theater may try to confiscate the video. They may try to delete it, destroy it, whatever. They may take me to court.

Distributing a Video

Step two involves redistributing videos. That means uploading videos to websites. That means hosting the websites on your web servers. Now, some of this might be tricky when it comes to Safe Harbor, etc.

Watching Videos

Step three involves watching the videos. Now, technically, and in actuality, it is important to understand that watching a video is the same as reading Wikileaks. Chris said on CNN that people are not allowed to view the Wikileaks. In the same way, they also say you are not allowed to see what is already on the Internet. That is like arresting people who saw a murder occur in a public town square. We have to keep in mind that some things are already public. When you click on share, when you copy and paste, that is not the same as hosting a video. A reference is not the same as the real deal, the real thing. It is not the same. If you want to stop a video, then go to the source as seen in step one.

Roots vs Symptoms

That is the root of it. Step three, which involves streaming videos, that is more like a symptom. So, some people may attack symptoms as opposed to trying to correct and prevent the foundation of how it all started in the first place.

Streaming vs Bit Torrent

Yes, Bit Torrent involves hosting data. It involves like IPFS in that you download data and then let other people download that data from you. So, it is not the same as simply sharing something. When you are watching a video, AKA streaming a video, it is said that you are not downloading the data to that video. Well, you are, technically, but some people will say that you are not. So, legally speaking, distinctions have been made, allegedly, between streaming and hosting. In reality, they are practically the same or almost the same. But some people perceive them to be different.


CIA Disney

01:37 PM - Steemit | FS | Dissenter | Minds

@Vitt, I didn't know that the CIA was helping Disney buy land. But that doesn't surprise me. In general, it seems that governments have helped in the formation of corporations. Some people argue against capitalism by pointing at Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft, Apple, IBM, etc. But corporations are not products of free markets, generally speaking. They may be the result of crony capitalism, etc. And crony capitalism is not capitalism. Well there are different definitions to capitalism. When I say capitalism, I am trying to describe free markets which has been around for thousands of years. By default, free market exists as people trade with each other. It is a default setting. So, I want government to shrink as much as possible. I want free markets to grow as much as possible. When I say free markets, I don't mean monopolism, cartels, etc.

Making Data Disappear

Vitt, can they go into your computer and delete your files? Keep in mind that the answer to that question is complex. It can be yes and no depending on a few things. Yes, YouTube terminates accounts like mine. So, those videos disappeared, so to speak. But those videos were not deleted off the YouTuber's actual computers. Now, Microsoft has News Guard which either is or is attempting to remove things off the hard drives of Microsoft users. Apple, same thing perhaps. Google Android, same thing or potentially speaking. So, that is one of the reasons I use Ubuntu as my operating system. This means it can be harder for people to erase stuff off my computer. I also have an external hard drive that I keep in a metal lunch box. So, I say that to say that you can make it tougher for people to delete things off your computer. There are different things you can do. So, there are several levels to all of this.You can at least try to block potential EMP. A metal lunch box is better than nothing. One step at a time.

Yeah, you can download videos via VLC like you said. Also, the Firefox web browser offer add-on apps that can download videos off YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Bitchute, etc.


Dishes. Organizing. Talking. Book shed. Big garage. Electronics. Books. Empty boxes. Things. Shelves. Family photos project. More dishes. Flashlight. Measuring. Shower. Soup.



08:29 PM - Drudge Sells Drudge Report + Feminists Call For Castrating All Men - Alex Jones Live - 2019-12-07 - Saturday

Soup dinner.

If Drudge sells Drudge Report, then it becomes Not Drudge Report.

If a person is the first to sell stocks, and if many people follow and the stocks go down, then government may call that inside trading and that is why Martha Stewart went to jail.

That is insane.

People should not be punished for buying and selling.

That is an attack on the free market.

The centralized fiat money systems needs to go down.

America is like 95 percent not self-sufficient in the 2010's and in the 1920's and 1930's, the United States were over 40% self-sufficient plus a lot more healthier, smarter, wiser, stronger, etc. Yet, many people still died then. Many people still struggled back during the depression in the early 1920's and more so during the Great Depression which came in the late 1920's and the early 1930's as well. Things are a thousand times more worse in so many ways.

Matt Drudge might be running.

Alex Jones thinks about running off to other countries.

There are not too many countries to run to.

Also, it is tough to abandon family, friends, etc.

I agree.

It is tough.

I did run away.

I ran to Vietnam.

I chose to come back.

I decided to come back to help out.

How to prononounce pineal gland

LED lights, including computer screens, phone screens, are blue in color. That is invisible to the naked eye. That damages the cells in the eyes and also the pineal glands in the brain. It lowers melatonin.
Want to save your eyes? Change your light bulbs
Intracranial pressure
Sympathetic nervous system


The Oatmeal English School - English You Can Eat
2019-12-06 - Friday
2019-12-07 - Saturday
2019-12-08 - Sunday


My Blog Journal Diary Autobiography
I visited this English Club in 2015 in Vietnam


12:50 AM - Alex Jones Full Show 12 6 2019

Frozen II

2019-12-04 - Wednesday - 02:16 AM - 03:55 AM - Frozen II

Fear The Walking Dead

2019-12-05 - Thursday - 03:56 AM - 05:26 AM - FTWD 309 & 310
2019-12-07 - Saturday - 02:35 AM - 03:22 AM - FTWD 311
2019-12-07 - Saturday - 03:24 AM - 04:08 AM - FTWD 312

Pew Die Pie

11:28 AM - YouTube is Stinky


08:29 PM - Drudge Sells Drudge Report + Feminists Call For Castrating All Men - Alex Jones Live - 2019-12-07 - Saturday


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The future is up to us. LED lights, computer monitors, televisions, phone screens, etc, generally contain too much of blue color that is invisible to the naked eye which is said to damage cells in the eyes and damage the Pineal Gland in the brain, etc.
On a regular basis wearing Blue Light filter glasses helps a lot.

09.12.2019 07:33

My mom is buying glasses like that I think. I probably should do that as well. That is a good idea.

09.12.2019 07:49