Build a local network, just in case Internet dies. If people go after you, send out an SOS. Ask me for how-to steps on how to do that. One thing at a time. Gradual. Walky Talkies. Ham radios. King of Jokers | General Shephard | Walking Dead 1002 | Batwoman 101 & 102. Last chapter for Sunday School.

King of Jokers

If it wasn't entirely a dream, then it must be an inverted V For Vendetta saga. I prefer Joker as depicted in the Gotham television show on Fox or the infamous version from The Dark Night starring Christian Bale and Heath Ledger. I've included spoilers in this quick rough draft article outlining this 2019 Joker film. I've included links and references to other articles, videos, pictures, etc. This movie deals with mental health. In some cases, violence can be a result of, in part, mental health. Now, sadly, this version of the Joker is a bit too girly for me. Now, it is an interesting movie that shows you that leftist ideology is designed to engineer ISIS, ANTIFA, rioting, chaos, etc, not to be confused with what is happening in Hong Kong and in many countries in Europe.

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Published in October of 2019

Fake Megan?

02:47 AM - Steemit

But has the real Megan confirm that she is not on Steemit? I sent her messages on Twitter, Facebook, etc, asking. I've not heard back from her yet. @jamesrussell, I did and I also did more than that. I went to other sources as well. I went to around five or more different sources.

Infowars Donations

08:30 AM - Freesquare

Did you donate and buy things at the same time? I am asking because it has a list of items that it names and it lists two items at the end. The first item is a code as I said earlier and the second item says donations. I just want to know if they ship donation certificates to people or not. I just don't understand why they would ship something to people if they only donated, well unless if they mail you a receipt, not only via email but also via the USPS.

Building Infocomms

08:33 AM - FS

We don't Infowars staff to make a traditional forum. You know that we could build one by ourselves.

Infowars Donation Challenge

12:51 PM - Dissenter | FS

It says two items. Not one item. It says it will come by mail, not email. It says that it will be shipped. I just want to know what is being shipped. Are they talking about shipping products you bought from the Infowars Store and/or donations?


12:59 PM - Steemit

Is CPS funded and managed on a federal and/or state and/or local levels?

WMD Twice

01:04 PM - Steemit

I disagree with this generalization. One of the main problems involves the infiltration of globalists and others within governments around the world over the centuries. It's very complex. But the good people are rising up. Patriots are doing things to change the course of history. Each one of us have opportunities to be part of the right side history. But it's not automatic. It's difficult to drain the swamp. It takes work. People lie to Trump. People are trying to murder Trump.


01:07 PM - Steemit

I love that cartoon at the bottom. Read light. Develop radar vision like a super hero.

Yogurt lunch snack. Trailer. Unlocked already. 4 or so paper towels.

Dissenter Issues

01:30 PM - Dissenter

Dissenter blocked me. I can show you the notifications I got. I got some pop-ups. Some boxes appeared to say invalid request or too similar to previous posts. It smells like censorship. I like Gab but I am not sure what this is all about. The browser has some links or texts that says Google Chrome. I was unable to play videos on Bitchute on this Dissenter web browser. I want to know what is happening. I want to know if Dissenter has specific rules or not. Here is a video from The Amazing Lucas on the 2019 Joker film. He talked spoilers with callers in this video for 94 minutes.


01:33 PM - As you give, you tend to get back more. That is pure gold.

Web Design

01:37 PM - Free Square | Dissenter

It is possible that nothing will be shipped and that those words are there by default. That is the most likely case. I would encourage the Infowars web designers to look at that. I'm a web designer and I am critical of those types of things. I could go in and edit those templates for them.

Infowars Store

02:12 PM - FS | Dissenter

I have not donated but I do have some Super Blue toothpaste, a We Are Alex Jones t-shirt, some stickers, magazines.

Infowars Army Forum

02:15 PM - FS

We don't need Infowars staff to make a traditional forum because we can do that ourselves.

Growing Sites

02:16 PM - FS

@Vitt, how did MySpace or Xanga grow? I know it can be tough but not necessarily impossible.


02:33 PM - Infowars | YouTube | Steemit | Dissenter | SF.Curbed | Freesquare | Telegram | 1 | 2 | 3

Must watch Greg Reese video on who is causing the Californian Fires. Must be PG&E and others.

Excellent article regarding fires in California and power companies that may have caused these fires on purpose.

SF Curb on Cali Fires.

More articles on these things


03:05 PM - Dissenter

I was trying to give the Binance Spam a benefit of a doubt. I wanted to see if I could get a response, a debate. I did not see ads on other things. Instead, I see what might be bot accounts advertising Binance and only Binance, again and again. I know it is similar to spam email. It's similar to commercials, ads, marketing, etc, in general. I know, probably just spam bots. But I wanted to be a little minded to the possibility that I could be wrong.


03:08 PM - Dissenter

Let's not talk about trees dying from top-down hahahahhahaaa.

Naomi Brockwell is a conspiracy theory. She does not exist.

Mark, your mom is a conspiracy theory.

Which means you have not talked to Dan.

Mark, who first coined the phrase, "Conspiracy Theory?"

Dan does not exist, just like Naomi.

The Magic Bullet Theory.

Chem-Trails Are Con-Trails?

What is Geoengineering?

Are you talking about Vietnam?

What happened with Hurricane Katrina?

Born Same Day

03:27 PM - Dissenter

By the way, my initials are JA. Guess what that spells backwards, born on the same day as me, eleven years earlier?

Let Us Stand

03:34 PM - Twitter - Jon Voight Video

TOR, VPNs, Proxies

03:36 PM - Dissenter

I want to know the similarities and differences between proxies and VPNs and TOR, etc.

How does TOR compare with Invisible Internet Project (I2P) and Freenet?

How To Geek Article

I use Proton Mail which uses encryption. I use Ubuntu. I've used proxies. In the future, I may use VPNs. I have different web browsers I use.

TOR & Fox Acid

04:10 PM - Dissenter

I've read that the NSA infects TOR users with Fox Acid. This one article referenced Snowden. So, my hope is that VPN could be a bit better than TOR.

Dishes. Walked to the high school, junior high, back to the high school, with my umbrella and inside basketball that reminds me of the Harlem Globe Trotters. Walked around. Looked at pictures. New inside gym where an outside gym once was. Two cop cars were sitting in the parking lot. I walked by. I dribbed in the other parking lot near the theater. Walked home. Pans. Old. New. Talk. Websites like Amazon. Strategies. Beans. Toast. Shower.

Fox Acid Servers

07:20 PM - Dissenter

This article says that Fox Acid is a code name for these secret NSA servers that are set inside certain points of the Internet Backbone, or Highway, and that these servers impersonate other servers and that they can react faster than other websites or other servers because of their locations.


07:38 PM - Dissenter

Flintstones, meet the Flintstones. Did they have Internet? The military had Internet back then.

Do you really think we know everything?

In other words, the general public get access to technology that is way over twenty years old.

@satishluintel, did you write this? It says "Unsupported attachment." I guess I have to update my Telegram app in order to see it. That is why it said: "The message is not supported on your version of Telegram Web. Update the app to view." I thought you wrote that. I stand corrected. I am guessing I have to update my Telegram App.

You can access Telegram through an app and also through web browsers on your phone and on computers, etc.

But if I can see an animated GIF, then why not an animated sticker?

Bad Batman Film

08:19 PM - FS | Dissenter

As a Batman movie, it's at the bottom or close to it.

Great Trigger Film

As a general film about some random man who is like a joker but not the Joker, it is very interesting for sure.


Now, it was made by leftists. It does seek to promote SJW things.

Inverted V For Vendetta

It is an inverted V For Vendetta.

Fox Gotham & Dark Knight

I prefer the Joker from the television Gotham television show and my second favorite Joker is from the Christian Bale and Heath Ledger Dark Knight films.


Yes, this leftist film also triggers leftists because it is not totally lefty. Orange Man Bad. NPC Messages.

Orange Man Bad

Thomas Wayne is symbolic of Trump.

Drag Queen Joker

This girly Joker is partly gay, partly drag queen lite.

Mental Health

It is partly accurate in portraying how mental health can decline and mess people up.

She Was Dating Arthur

The lady was dating Arthur Fleck. But she was probably pretending not to know him, later on, because she was probably insane as well, forgot about their relationship, or possibly was afraid of him and wanted to end her relationship with him.


It is possible that she meets random guys in the elevator all the time because she is like a gold digger or up to no good.

Mark, how dare you, I identify as a toaster.

08:30 PM - 10:30 PM

Walking Dead 1002.

Local Walky Talky

11:40 PM - Twitter | Dissenter

People must develop local networks with walky talkies, ham radios, etc. If people try to kill you, or get you, then send out an SOS to your line of sight. Have backup communication alternatives to the Internet, etc.

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# 4 year old dead parents charged. Post-mortem found fractured vertebrae, lacerations to his liver, broken ribs, bruises all over his body, and fresh blood in his rectum

How Could they Fall for the WMDs Twice?

# The entire World is at risk from the Chinese market share of the A.I. Market; including the United States!


Comments 8

4 year old dead parents charged?

I wonder how you survive here, ever used @tipu or bid-bots?

Happy day! 💕

P.s. how many times a day you post?

Posted using Partiko Android

14.10.2019 09:20

Sad when young people die. Oh, I don't use bid bots or anything. I do not put money into boosting posts. I don't really have enough money to gamble like that.

14.10.2019 09:42

It is sad indeed and even more "they" knew better, refused to listen and will not kept respinsable again. Btw a 4 year old is not a baby.

I just wondered if you ever did.

How many times a day do you post?💕

14.10.2019 09:47

I post once a day, generally. Sometimes, several times a day.

14.10.2019 09:53

Delete Facebook Trend

03:57 PM - Twitter | Free Square | Steemit | Dissenter | Paul Joseph Watson wrote:

The first time #DeleteFacebook trends is because they dared talk to Tucker Carlson.

But yeah, this is a trend I can get behind anyway. 😎

14.10.2019 23:00

Trump Video

08:59 PM - YouTube | Dissenter | Free Square | Minds | Twitter | Facebook | Gab

I condemn Lara Trump. The video is about defending America against globalists.

15.10.2019 04:02

Covert Facebook Bots

10:12 PM - Steemit | Dissenter | FS
A bot is a program. So, on Facebook, there are programs that collect our data. There are programs that advertise to us based on the data they collect. In other words, bots collect our data on Facebook. Then, bots advertise to us on Facebook, etc. See, it is not just about the Facebook accounts. See, most of the Facebook bots are covert.

15.10.2019 05:12

Sup Dork?!? Enjoy the Upvote!!! Keep up with the dorky content for more love!!!

15.10.2019 12:42