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Want to live @thelaptoplife


So i've been doing some thinking... and have decided to start a new blog dedicated to what I would like to call "thelaptoplife"

You can follow that blog here on Steemit @thelaptoplife

What is this blog all about?


That right.. FREEDOM - But what kind of Freedom?

The FREEDOM to be your own boss. To travel when you want to. To work when you want to from anywhere you want to. To earn passive income on autopilot. To experience all of the amazing things life has to offer.

This is what this blog is all about. I will be posting about my personal travel experiences, how im running my business, how to earn passive income, work from anywhere, and much more.

Why am I doing this?


I want to focus on that one specific niche on that blog. That way you know the exact type of content to expect and what you will get in future blog posts.

Will You Still Use @joeparys account?


I will continue to post here as well from time to time -- updates, youtube videos ect ect.

That being said I am focused on building this laptoplife brand and am passionate about this!

Follow the journey @thelaptoplife and start living the dream with me.

See you on the blog :)

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