Steem Crypto Professor Application

Dear Steemit Community.

After reading the recent post, I felt I may be a good candidate for the Steemit Crypto Academy.


Here is a little more about myself.

-I have a Licensed Degree in Education

-I started my own online teaching academy 6 years ago and have taught millions of students online. My courses have been featured on LinkedIn, Buzzfeed, Teachable, and many other well know platforms.


-I have over 950K followers on TikTok - with viral videos reaching millions of views.



-10K on my new Crypto YouTube Channel


-And 12K here on Steemit

I have not posited here in YEARS because of the bear market and have focused my attentions back on growing my businesses.

I am open to the idea helping bring more awareness to Steemit with new leadership and professionalism.

Thank you all of your support.

Joe Parys

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Sir, I am new to steemit. I came to know about this site while learning blockchain technology. I watched your videos on YouTube and I was motivated to create an account on this site.
You are the first person I am following on this site. I know it's wrong to ask but can you please guide me ...........

13.06.2021 04:25

lovely content

15.04.2022 06:42