Looking for more content creators to curate with my votes and steem stake!

Hi Followers!

I am looking to add more content creators to my voter. If you post good content I will be looking to reward you with my stake. If you are interested please comment below and I will review some of your content. I cannot make any promises if I will upvote any of your content. Thank you for your support and understanding.


Joe Parys

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I always try to write good content.Still i am learner.So, i will be honored if you check my content.

01.11.2019 20:43

Awesome! Added a few small votes for you and will try and add more in the future for your posts! :) . Great stuff!

01.11.2019 21:25

I am surprised to see you upvote me.Thanks for encourage me.

01.11.2019 21:32
01.11.2019 21:29

Thank you for the recommendation!

01.11.2019 21:39

Thanks for the opportunity. I would be glad to have you check out my account. I might be worth your upvotes. You can check this post out.


01.11.2019 21:30

You're welcome! Gave one of your posts a vote -- will see if I can do more later

01.11.2019 21:39

Thanks very much for the support. Would be glad to see you much often.

02.11.2019 08:07

Some great photos!! Have you a little upvote on your last video 👍

02.11.2019 03:16

I guess this wasn't meant for me. Smiles

02.11.2019 08:08

Hi Joe. What is that voting application you are using? I haven’t seen it before. Kudos to you for looking for good content creators.

01.11.2019 21:31

its called steem voter - it allows me to make auto votes incase I am not manually around to curate. steemvoter.com :)

01.11.2019 21:38

Thanks! I’ll check it out. I’ve only been using steemrewarding.com

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01.11.2019 21:44


01.11.2019 21:50

Hi it would be nice for you to consider me for an vote, even a small one, I liked watching your videos on how to use steem.

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01.11.2019 22:23

Have A look it My Blog Sir

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01.11.2019 23:37

Hi @joeparys,
I was glad you see my content! https://goldvoice.club/steem/@portugalcoin/visit-portugal-almourol-castle
A hug and good work to encourage users to create content. ;)

02.11.2019 00:25

Awesome stuff - do you take those pictures yourself?!

02.11.2019 03:12

I've been in steem more than 2 years and 4 months, you can take a look at my blog if you want.

02.11.2019 00:54

Awesome - I see you post some great stuff! Will add some votes for you in the future 👍

02.11.2019 03:13

I'm also the founder of @dcooperation community. I'm moving to automation as well. If you want to participate in our collaborations, please let me know. All the details are here : Gamification in DCooperation ! . You can delegate to us, of participate in one collab a month. Or help me to build the community. We are mostly minnows supporting that and I need someone powerful to help us. Tired from asking little account to collaborate and now I will ask every single one to help me and I will not be shame. The thing I'm doing is really cool and good for the community and I'm sure about it. I'm putting those collaborations also on youtube and other social media to promote steem.

02.11.2019 03:27

Hi @joeparys ... I sometimes share more ‘dense’ in richness content.. lately have been sharing what inspires me. But often I’ll share my Blogs, Art, Creations, Music.

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02.11.2019 03:04

I think my content is good. You can convert your Steem to Leo and curate it. I'm not allowed to earn Steem on Steemit though but I am doing well on Steemleo.com.

02.11.2019 04:08

You can check out profiles like

02.11.2019 07:47

@chekohler thanks for mentioning me ! 🤗

I like Lots of accounts but these are a few of them:


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02.11.2019 10:55

It’s a pleasure! Hope you win over a few more fans with more support 😁

02.11.2019 13:04

Thx! Hope you too :)

02.11.2019 15:57

Maybe you would like to pass by my short-travel post :)


03.11.2019 04:30

Dear @joeparys, I hope you are doing well. I'm the founder of @steemitasclub community. You should consider to follow our trail to earn more curation rewards with your stake, help more content creators, and also to avoid your votingpower reach 100%.

Our account has only 5k SteemPower (our votes will not affect so much your curation rewards). Our team consist of five experienced curators whose are upvoting great posts everyday. Our curators don't upvote for blacklisted users to avoid losses in curation (cleaners can downvote the accounts).

We can review each of the users that commented this post to support them. In the same way, you can stop following our trail at any time, but I am pretty sure that you will be happy with higher curation rewards.

Let me share our ongoing votes of the last 20 days here:


First, we don't self upvote our account. Second, because of our small steempower we can't reach a lot of more users at this time.

Happy curating and cheers!

04.11.2019 06:55

I often add a videos from game "Gods Unchained" if you like this you can check my account .

Peace :)

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05.11.2019 12:48

Hi, would you take a look at my profile, i write about real use cases of the steem blockchain, about development and curation bots and A.I.

05.11.2019 22:45

Hi i am no one to judge my own content, the only thing i can say is that i wrote it myself and i enjoyed doing it.

Hope you like it and honor me by adding my blog to your curation list.

I write about developing, about everyday things, i'm strongly opinionated and grumpy and try to convey that in a funny way, i dont know if i manage to do it but i enjoy a lot so hopefully you will like it too.

Thanks for doing this call for authors i tought this was not a content creation platform anymore :)

05.11.2019 22:49

Hi Joe, we are Jaguar Force, one of the main cleaning initiatives of the platform, we detect plagiarism and provide abuse intelligence to curators.
You can check our intro here: https://goldvoice.club/steem/@jaguar.force/introducing-jaguar-force

We could also help you run a background on the people to be added so you dont end up adding known abusers, spammers, plagiarists and the like.

05.11.2019 23:14

Now that sounds like a challenge Joe! Yeah, please feel free to check out some of the awesome content writers at CTPtalk tribe.

I particularly like @jongolson Jon the tribe leader, @ph1102 Zoltan and he writes some great stuff, @flaxz Erik has some very interesting vids that help people with affiliation, @pixiepost Jenn is just plain awesome sauce with her stuff, @bradleyarrow Brad is an up-and-comer so certainly worth your consideration, @justclickindiva Chris she writes great content too, and heaps more there too!

Hope you like.

06.11.2019 01:17

Thank you Ian in the name of everyone that you have mention! Add yourself to the list as you are also part of the family!

And, please Joe, check those people as their content is really great!

06.11.2019 07:08

Thanks :) it is sure a great place to be. I am learning so much from all these people.


06.11.2019 10:34

Thanks a lot for mention me @ianballantine, stay awesome.Posted with

06.11.2019 17:48

Aww that is so sweet of you to include me in the list of these amazing people. You're amazing as well. Just keep up the posts & staking. You are doing fantastic! 🧚😉🧡🖤

06.11.2019 19:29

Ooook! this looks great, I think my content is good, you can take a walk through my blog, and also it would be great if you saw the content made by some other very good guys, such as

07.11.2019 18:04

Dear @joeparys

Please allow me to suggest content created by few people I learned to value and respect:


11.11.2019 11:29

Thanks for the honourable mention, Piotr. I really appreciate and value it.

11.11.2019 12:44

Thank you so much for the mention my friend @crypto.piotr

It is very nice when I see people trying to help others in the community. Thanks a lot for this initiative @joeparys

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11.11.2019 17:16

Thanks for the mention friend @crypto.piotr, you have all my respect.

12.11.2019 02:50

Well.. what would you rate into something like this (I don't write up many posts worth while $$$$CURATING$$$$$ a lot... but sometimes I think some of the ones I really take time and care about writing... are just completely UNDERVALUed). Maybe it's the kind of attendance I have... not really sure. Never took time to evaluate that.

11.11.2019 11:49

Hello dear friend @joeparys.

I do not know if your tastes are about any particular theme, but if you like poetry, I highly recommend the work done by my brother @nachomolina.

ps: he usually writes in Spanish, but he also does it in English eventually.

Your friend Juan

12.11.2019 22:21

I wouldn't mind if you wanted to take a look at my content and would be honored if you happened to do support. I tend to post daily.

I'll even recommend some other guys who I think would be worth checking out:

Thank you for your support!

15.11.2019 10:51

Check out @boga4

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23.11.2019 11:44

If you like beer I post some tasty beer reviews.

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02.12.2019 02:26

Hello @joeparys, I just saw this. I'm an artist and blogger. I make pretty cool art and educative articles. You can check out my blog to see for yourself. Thank you

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14.12.2019 17:36

@joeparys Congrats for your initiative to reward good content. People deserve to be Rewarded for their work. The question is:

  • What is good content?

Good content might be: content about Winning our game.

  • What game?
  • Do you like movies?

The movie the Matrix is a Documentary. At least from my perspective.
In order to Dissolve our mental prison, it might be useful to Know what it is so,

  • How about we have a sneak peek in the rabbit hole?
  • How about we explore our Tough game called Reality, between us and evil?

Buckle your seatbelt my friend, because the matrix is going bye-bye.

  • Why do we live in a Control system?
  • Did you know that everything is done through People?

We live in a Control system:

  • Because we Sell necessities,
  • Because we do Not have enough necessities,
  • Because we use the resources of the planet for Poison and other stuff that are Not necessities,
  • Because People create Demand for poison through their Everyday Choices
  • Because their Destructive, Frail, Fake nature chooses for them
  • Because they're Not aware.

Most are not aware of the Basics. The good news is that the basics are so Simple that they can be summarized in 1 phrase:

  • the control system NO longer exists when there is NO demand for it.

People do NOT talk about the cause of our problem, because the cause is our everyday choices, and as long as people are Not aware, they are Not willing to give up stuff that are Not necessities, so we Continue living in a Control system. The control system is Powerful because People Work Really Hard to Build it.

  • Who wants to be a slave?

Nobody, so

  • Why do people work hard to Build Our own Enslavement (a scenario they don't want)?

All people have good intentions, yet they Work Hard to Reinforce the control system. Why?
After 12 of education system we know Nothing. Why?
Our government does NOT include education in the education system because UNeducated people are easier to Control.
My guess is that there is NO fault. More important might be what are we doing Now (while we still can) about it. From the moment we're born:

  • We're conditioned to be frail, because Frail people choose what's Easy,
  • We're conditioned to be beneficial for Control: Knowledge is kept Hidden and we receive Lies beneficial for control (the Wrong map),

so the Solution might be simpler than it may seem:

  • Winning our game might be about getting the message (Knowledge, the Basics) across.

People have positive intentions and this does Not matter.

  • As long as they have the Wrong map (The Control system), they invest their positive intentions in the Wrong direction (in Reinforcing the Control system). And by the fact that we choose what's Easy (Passivity) we Perpetuate this Nonsense.
  • Positive intentions make sense only when we have the Right map.

People Work Hard to build the Control system, because they function from an interest of Control, because they are NOT aware of the fact that there is another way: a world Without control.

  • As long as people are UNconscious, their Frail, fake nature chooses what's Easy: Destruction, Self-Destruction, Conformity, Passivity, they are gonna continue Working Really Hard to build Our own Enslavement.
  • When people are Aware they have the power to Choose their response and they can choose what's Right: Responsibility, they can Return to our initial goal of Evolution.

The foundation for control is UNconsciousness.
The good :) news is that our game is not over. A scenario in which people are Aware, is a scenario we can Create, only when we're Responsible. We have the Power to Create educational content - through which we can wake people up and we can combine the 2 solutions:

  • We can share the Basics and
  • We can make a living by selling Necessities,

By doing so we might have a chance to reach the Next level of our game where there is a superabundance of Necessities, at this point there is NO enslavement, and we can focus on Evolution. How simple is that?
Life on planet Earth can look different. Winning Our game is NOT automatic.
Unless we wake people up in Good time, we Lose our game.
I was unaware of these facts. Only recently I connected some dots. There are so Many levels Beyond this one and people are Not aware of this. People are Misled. This is Not right. I believe people deserve to have to have Clarity, the Full map. That's why I feel responsible to share the Right map.

  • As long as people are NOT aware they can NOT conceive the solution because the solution is Responsibility.

When we're Responsible, we can Create educational content (NOT for too long) through which we can wake people up. In case you see a connection between frailty and responsibility you can make a movie about it.

  • As long as people are NOT aware, their Frail nature is gonna use their mind to create all the necessary Excuses through which they Justify why they choose what's Easy (Ignorance, Destruction).

1 of our problems is that people believe the control system is mandatory. They say:

  • We can't do something about it. We're too small.

This might happen because they don't know the context.

  • Did you know that the control system is NOT mandatory?

Evil exists as a challenge.

  • Isn't this the whole Point of our game: To experience Epic Evolution by Overcoming our Epic Challenge?

There are many stuff to be said about Winning Our game. That's exactly why I created an educational show: to share my perspective about it. our game is NOT mine, our game is Ours, so:

  • What's Your opinion about it?

Our game doesn't last forever: the latest Regulations for content creators are only the beginning, soon enough, we end up in a world of total Control, of Censorship (which is Already a reality to a major extent), in a point of NO return, in which we can NO longer work for winning our game, so the question is:

  • How can we wake people up in Good time?
30.12.2019 20:25

I just completed 40% of your steemit udemy course. Looking forward more.

06.01.2020 15:18

I am interested. But it seems that you are not active for the past 4 months. May I know why?

03.08.2021 09:22