PROJECT: Gimme Those Feels

I've been working on this personal Project called "Gimme Those Feels".

GTF Logo.jpg

Mission: To share and talk about anything that gives me those feels. Feels defined as anything that moves my soul.

Vision: To create a community that encourages self exploration.

I've been building a workflow starting in Airtable. Which by the way is one of my favorite Spreadsheet like apps that I use. I refer to it as Google sheets and Excel had a baby and It's Sexy.

From there I've been chugging away adding ideas and then compiling research all in effort to publish some writing.
I'm using Substack which is a kickass Newsletter App that is free to use but also offers a paid subscription side.
Here is my Newsletter link:

Feel free to sign up and tell me where you came from. It's still in the early phase of being built but guests are welcome to join. :)

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