The diary game: 12 may 2021


Hello steem world. Hope you are all doing fine. Am excited to share with you my dairy game after a long while.I lost my phone so I was disconnected from social media.
I thank God for protection. My last week has been very busy and charged with a lot of activities. I travelled to the south region precisely in Ebolowa and spend five days there then spend two day in Yaounde. I spend the whole night traveling back to Bamenda. I took a public transport agency. We arrived the pack at 8am. I removed my luggage’s from the bus and took a taxi immediately, because I was so tired. Upon arriving home I got a call from my class delegate who was informing me that we were to have a mathematics class at 10am. So I entered the house, dropped my bags, took a bath.


Then I rather went to Camtel office first, because I had some issues with my Camtel sim. After that was done, I then took a taxi straight away for school. I arrived at some minutes past 10am went the teacher had not yet come. With the free I had, I took some updates from classmates. At 11 am the math’s teacher came. Then we had a series of classes and by 5:30 pm we were done. I was so tired and hungry so hurried back home. I got home, ate and made some few phone calls then when to bed immediately, and the day ended.

Thanks for passing by.

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Hope your SIM was fixed bro

13.05.2021 13:40

Yes bro it was fixed

13.05.2021 19:06

Lol thats just one issue with lecturers find it difficult keeping to time.
We thank God for journey mercies.
And hope u did rectify the issue with your SIM

13.05.2021 13:54

Yes oh I did.

13.05.2021 19:42

You really had a tough day but if I may ask, did you sleep in class? Because with all that journey sleep must have been worrying you. Except you had a good dose of it in the bus

affable #twopercent #cameroon

13.05.2021 15:33

Haha😂😂 brother I had a good dose in the bus

13.05.2021 19:41

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18.05.2021 18:45