The dairy Game: 17th April 2021

It’s week end, and here is how my day went. I woke up at some minutes to 5am, took my phone and steemed till about 6am, than had a brief prayer with my juniors after which they prepared them selves for school. I had all the day to my self, so I lied back on the bed and whatsapping and steeming too. Had lots of people to discuss with since I was preparing for the burial in Yaounde and a lot more. At about past 11am lights went off. I left from bed, washed some dirty plates in the kitchen then washed some of my two Jeans that were dirty. Next I had to go to the market and get some food stuff. So I changed my dresses and went.

IMG_20210417_155251.jpgOn my way to the maket.

I got the things I needed, came back home and cooked. It was already past 3pm. I had to go for choir practice at 4:30pm so I took up my bass guitar and did some few finger and dexterity exercises. Then I also decided to work on some African genre of music. At some minutes past 4pm rain started falling. It continued heavily till past 5pm, so it was already to late for me to go for the choir practice again, so I continued with my practice till about past 6pm when lights came back. My juniors came back from school and were so tired. They ate and all went to bed to rest so they could get up at night to study. I started watching a movie for about two hours. After which I was tired and went to sleep.
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