State of the project: Bi-weekly update for Pascal blockchain.


We just got to half of an already amazing month, a very nice point to pause and bring to you all the recent developments. It’s been an action filled month for Pascal, other cryptocurrencies and blockchain projects as a whole as we strive towards just the perfect blockchain of infinite possibilities. With much going on during this time frame, we bring you the highlights of the past couple of weeks:

V5 Testnet release

Top of our developments, of course! We are excited to announce that we’ve released the Testnet for the V5 protocol implementation in anticipation of the mainnet release. The Testnet consists of all vital features of the the v5 upgrade for Pascal blockchain.

Testnet V5 beta :

Download, mine and test new features, like new OP_DATA, Account Data, and Atomic SWAP.
All features of the V5 upgrade have been added to the Testnet, these features will also be part of the mainnet release which comes after the Testnet. Feel free to test all features and share your experience with us on our discord channel.

Your feedbacks are essential as this will help us optimize the mainnet

Whitepaper update (WP v5)

In line with the V5 upgrade in development, we have also revised our whitepaper to update new information regarding the developments from the last release (WP v4). Here’s a sneak peak:

Version 5 introduces cryptographically secure account histories, deletable SafeBox and light-nodes, layer-2 addressing format, new mobile wallets and atomic swaps. Of note, Pascal is being lightly rebranded as “Pascal” from this version.

Simply visit our official website to download and read the new whitepaper, or Click here to download

Website development

Watch out for a fresher appearance of our official website! We are constantly working to bring in the best experience on our blockchain features as well as our website features. Upgrades will consist of new appearance, enhanced surfing experience and new features, this will address issues reported by users and add other features to boost transparency and optimize usage experience.

Soft re-branding!

Our previous updates contains discussions of a re-branding, over the past months we’ve been in dialogue on a potential re-branding of our project with the general community, finally and following contributions by the community, we’ve agreed on a soft re-brand for the Pascal project, this will also reflect on our V5 upgrade which is almost here! And also on our website which we are also working on. In line with this re-branding, PascalCoin have been re-branded to simply PASCAL, this will soon reflect on all documentations and partnerships including exchanges where we are listed.

We implore all exchanges, partnerships, token tracking services and social media to effect this new change.

Enhanced trading at Vgate

We are working with the vite-x team to improved the trading of PASC on their dex the details and results of this plan will follow, however you can join our discord channel and be a part of the decision, simply head to the poll channel and cast your votes appropriately. Decisions are completely community driven. Minimum deposit have also been reduced to 0.2pasc. Happy trading!

PASC Deposits and withdrawals issue on Poloniex

Earlier this month, we received reports from traders on poloniex regarding a dysfunction in deposits and withdrawals of Pascal, however after communications with the poloniex team and subsequent intervention, this issue have been resolved and official statements of the cause delivered by poloniex. All deposits and withdrawals issue concerning Pascal have been resolved. Happy trading!





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