Leaving a life behind - Thoughts of an immigrant


here are moments when I feel a very deep silence in my heart, and I miss my life as it was before, I miss being in my homeland, I miss the "comfort", I miss my friends, I miss my mother and my girlfriend, I miss those old places, of a desolate and dead country, which looks like a postcard of a place devastated by a hurricane of gray dust, valuable memories surrounded by a nostalgic atmosphere, where I had to find a way to be happy with the few, less than necessary, and hell yeah I did rn that.

can'tn't avoid finding, in every corner, in every flash of light going through a pair of bars on the way from one street to another; a reason to remember that place behind.

canno cannot help but find in each note, in each chord, a reminder of what I left behind in order to venture in the search for a new identity and a more transcenppiness.

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It's hard to leave behind, it's hard to find yourself one day and accept that you're not the same anymore... and that you don't even know who you are. But it's a necessary process to grow and move forward,f life.

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If I have learned something after immigrating and other processes that I lived thanks to that, it's that you have to accept the impermanence of things and you have to fall more than a couple of times to know what you' re made of, that pain is part of your life, and it's necessary to experience it to value deeply.

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I wake up at 5 or 6 am, so I feel that I'm an early adopter of life, in a winter like this, in the silence, cold and darkness of its mornings, I like to think about the world and its people, I think about how many of them are still asleep, I think about how many dreams they have and have decided to leavof fear.

wondef fear.

I wonder how many people are close to death or serious situations that make them rethink their purpose in life, and I reflect on how much repentance dwells in people.

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And the truth is that, for me, there is no such thing as leaving a life behind, or at least not at all, we are who we decide to be in the moment, iion.

hjust an illusion.

I have learned that life is a gift, and that the circumstances are just as good or bad as the mentality with which we face them, I have learned to thank, in every breath, ive.

<cenfor being alive.

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13.07.2019 03:41

Life is all about moving on what we had in the past we will miss always and will always feel lonely but what we have now is this moment

14.07.2019 10:58

Very true... In the end everything lies in experiencing life in all its splendor and being of value, at least for me it's that way-

14.07.2019 18:24