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Greetings to the whole community, I am passionate about the crypto coins and a follower of good projects like GAIMIN. In this new publication I would like to present the GAIMIN project. I'm sure you've heard a lot about Blockchain, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Crytocurrencies, ICO... but GAIMIN.blockchain is the coolest, and for more details we're going to the following topics:

If we observe how society has evolved, from tribal societies we have moved to a different social structure in the modern world where people work in a specialized way and can do so in a global environment, from anywhere in the world due to the advent of technology and Internet. GAIMIN is a social media platform with blockchain-based financial investors.The GAIMIN social network will be one of unique and crypto social networks that will find cryptographic enthusiasts on a common platform and allow them to spread the appeal of information, including financial information, without missing any important updates.

Traders, Sellers, Asset Managers and Investors. GAIMIN will enable all these participants to interact in real time with no problem by publishing updates, blogs, images, analyzes, personal situations, video channels and anything else that could be important.


 The Gaimin project connects the world’s largest supply of distributed GPU processing power, which belongs to the 1.3 billion gaming PCs in the global gaming. is a software platform company which links gaming computer power to the worldwide needs for High Performance Computing Power.This means that a gamer can now be rewarded for simply downloading and installing the platform, and then letting it work in the background without affecting gaming performance in any way. 

Gamer does not need any previous mining knowledge because the Gaimin software uses machine learning to analyse all relevant data available and connects it with constant management and optimization to produce optimum mining results. Example like "Uber" is a platform that connects a car and its driver (supply) with expertise to the traveller (demand), connecting GPU and CPU resources to the user's gaming PC (supply) at blockchain mining pools (demand) For the most effective method, for mine cryptos, and then automatically holding the longest Into the desired currency.

Our project is AI-powered, launched Crypto Mining software platform, which does not affect gamers' unnecessary computing resources without the need for special crypto mining knowledge and does not affect gaming performance for passive mining of crypto resources. Already Gaimin explains that its one-click, downloadable software will determine the most profitable blockchains to mine in real time, and it can automatically configure itself as users' PC capacity. 


The Global users are in need of more Computer Processing Power due to the growth in Global demand .Invention of new technologies is paving room for high demands in the Global demand. The Data centers cant accommodate the requirement .GPUs,ultra graphics solution can give a good solution.


The Global Gaming Community represents the robust GPU data Processing capacity.

Gamers are rewarded with GMRX token when they connect their GPU with the Proccesor Power Supply Network. The GMRX token can be used to purchase their gaimin on Gaiming Digital Asset Exchange. Instead of spending billions of $$ in building a dedicated

resource farms Gaimin will be accessing the global gaming community when users connect their GPU with gaiming and rewarding the global network with GMRX

VISION: Gaiming envisioned to make every gamers Computer processing power their high valued Commodity.They aims to create the World first and most powerful decentralized supercomputer by utilizing and connecting the computer resources of the the Global gamers

community, enabling them to earn rewards through the Power of their computer .

MISSION : The Primary mission of is to create a Passive and automatic monetization for the Global Gamers. they intends to become the Uber of Power processing and passively monetizing gamers high power computer resources and rewarding them with to fund

their gaming experience.

 The Rise of E-Sports

While e-sports might still feel like a new institution, it’s actually been building for the last several decades. The first video game competition took place in October of 1972 at Stanford University. A team of the best players at the school were invited to both watch and compete in a game of Spacewar!, with a subscription to Rolling Stone magazine as the grand price. However, at the time, hardly anyone knew video games could be played on a computer rather than through a gaming console.

That tournament was the beginning of a sports empire that focused solely on combining the competitive elements of gaming with its ever-growing fan base. Since the beginning of the game industry, gamers have competed for the highest scores and bragging rights that go along with playing video games.

In 1980, Atari hosted a Space Invaders Championship that resulted in more than 10,000 people gathered to either play or watch the game unfold. By 1989, gaming competitions were popular enough that they were featured in the full-length movie, The Wizard.

As gaming hardware advanced and internet connections improved over the next few years, multiplayer gaming started to take off, building on the foundation that gamers wanted on-demand competition as well as interactions with other players. Soon after, the next major e-sports spectacle would arise within the gaming industry: competitions that featured professional players in organized leagues being streamed for viewers at home to enjoy. Platforms like TwitchTV invited people from around the world to watch their favourite teams battle for victory in a virtual arena.

Today, Twitch is the largest live streaming platform in the USA, with its popularity still rapidly growing. Bought out by Amazon in 2014 for nearly $1 billion, Twitch has become one of the top resources for watching e-sports, both in real-time and after the live tournament is over. There are no signs of the excitement and popularity of e-sports slowing down anytime soon.


Mass Potential. Huge supply. Huge current and future demand.

Just user decision Passive monetization. No effort or knowledge required. No value. Self-funding subscription model, no payment details ever needed.

Leveraged purchasing power of GMRX crypto token.

Built in viral growth via our N.E.P.

Simple, future-proof business, highly scalable, low-fixed costs, high profit margins.


GMRX : It is a token which primary functions is to be used on Platform and related platform , it also serve as a medium of payment for transactions . Gamers who connects their GPU to gaimin platform are rewarded with GMRX coin. 



Milestones and Objectives


January 1, 2018

Company formation: UK/Crypto Valley, Zug, Switzerland Team, partners & strategic advisors in place (gaming, marketing, regulatory, blockchain) Internet presence (website, social media, etc.) Initial documentation (decks, use of funds, litepaper, marketing plan, etc.) Software development: plan “Alpha” testing User demand confirmed: Madrid Games Week


March 31, 2019

Update documents based on 2018 insights Private fundraising Continue and expand Alpha testing, reach 100 users Software updates based on Alpha feedback


June 30, 2019

Finalize Alpha test and produce a detailed report Continue private fundraising Begin IEO preparations Launch GMRX token on EOS platform


September 30, 2019

Plan and run private/public software Beta testing Aggressive PR, airdrops, community building, social media presence Fundraising through token sales on exchanges


December 31, 2019

Fundraising through token sales on exchanges Expand operation to prepare for launch, scaling, onboarding of users Partnerships and alliances Finalize MVP and launch

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