ITIL v3 Certification Levels: Advantages and How it Improves Employment Chances

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I can't remember which level I did, but I remember doing ITIL when I was working in the city. I also did PRINCE2 and all sorts of other ones :) . I don't know if you have PRINCE2 over there, but it's a project management certification. I think it was designed by or in collaboration with the British Government.

03.12.2019 10:19

I have kind of did it because of the chaotic environment I can usually be faced to organize. But I am not sure if this will help for smaller teams, assuming experience is super great.

But as a methodology, it has some strong points.

03.12.2019 10:42

I think it definitely helped with corporate terminology anyway. Like the difference between a "problem" and an "incident" for instance. Like you said, if the team is too small, then you don't have enough people to fill each role. You will probably find yourself filling many of the roles yourself at which point the system breaks down.

03.12.2019 10:48

So the beauty of ITIL is that it is not a standard, just a framework. So there is no requirement to implement all the processes or the roles. You can pick and choose what works for you. However, what I can tell you is that ITIL is probably best rolled out in small chunks and for most organizations, it would be beneficial to send ost people to Foundations training and hire a consultant for implementation plans.

There is another similar framework I have been researching a lot lately and it is called FiTSM. I have a post coming in the near future on it. It is basically "ITIL Light" and more geared for smaller organizations.

03.12.2019 23:35

Any above lvl4 is basically a teacher department in my view. But some people might disagree from my comment.

03.12.2019 10:44

Typically I would say that your Expert level and above should be for your senior-level service management types or those looking to consult and specialize in ITSM.

03.12.2019 23:38

I just shared it on Twitter. Not much of a Twitter person, but can't deny the reach. Experimenting with some outreach projects on Steemit. Hoping it helps.


04.12.2019 09:43