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I have moved all my posts to the Hive blockchain.
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bid bot misuse, @steemflagrewards


Then HF21 happened and it all changed, the bingo hall grew still, the offers remained but few dared to take them.

Please don't buy votes, STEEM is trying to recover from what is once was. Help us make it great again.

bid bot misuse, @steemflagrewards

05.02.2020 22:56

Ha, I guess you have your response!

06.02.2020 02:18

Yes they did. If they are going to come onto my blog and spam it with their propaganda, which also feeds a blog that is not on #Steemit, then yes. Not sure why it is anyone's business if I invest my SP out to others for use and they vote on my post for doing so.
No problem, I'm just a shit minnow, who creates this content because I enjoy it and hoping others will to. I'll just take my focus back to Facebook and other social media.

06.02.2020 06:16

Not sure why it is anyone's business if I invest my SP out to others for use and they vote on my post for doing so.

Haha, way to put lipstick on that pig. Welcome to decentralized governance. I guess it just isn't for you.

06.02.2020 07:29

@joshman, sorry, I guess my ignorance on the guts of how steem really works to understand this. It is not my intent to put lipstick on anything.

Hey, but at least the two of you made a comment when you downvoted. Even though one of the comments looks like a "bot" comment.

06.02.2020 07:53

Some people have a visceral reaction to downvotes. You seem like a reasonable guy.

People can use their investment/stake to influence behavior such as buying of votes, upvoting, and downvoting. While the STEEM you spent on the votes was yours to do so as you please, the resulting allocation of the reward pool is voted upon and not guaranteed. The expectation of ROI for a bought vote is one of the primary issues. Another issue is the bot vendors themselves are creating the false expectation that spending a little STEEM is akin to promoting. While that's true to some extent, you can look at trending yourself to get a feel for how much STEEM you would have to spend to anywhere close to the top. The level of your bids would put you several pages deep. Not many people scroll that far. These days if you even attempt to bid a post that high, the downvotes will be heavy.

The absolute best way to promote yourself these days is through engagement. While your stuff is very good, and I'd hate to see you leave. It's near impossible to draw a line and say one group of people are acceptable to buy votes, and one group of people is not. If you're relatively new, you missed the days of a single photo post with three words getting $100 bids or more. The recent hard fork was the community saying enough is enough. Most bid bots of the past have switched over to manual curation. There are a few hold outs, as you well know now! :)

As a fellow IT guy, I'd hate to see you go. As of now, you are only promoting yourself to people who have a disdain for vote buying. Getting exposure here is not easy. I know first hand. But I can tell you this for certain. Even had you not been downvoted, you would have received very little in the way of organic votes or followers by doing this. Myself, and many others with stake, if we aren't downvoting, we sail right by posts that have bought votes.

Hope this helps. If you want to chat more, I'm pretty easy to find on discord.

06.02.2020 17:12

I do... but I try and explain things. His content is long and not shit, but the methods are bad.

06.02.2020 08:05

Yep, understood. YOu can't buy bidbots or votes. You can't be a part of a voting circle, circle of friends or any other voting exchange. No circle jerks, no pats on the back, no quid pro quo, favors, handshakes or blood oathes....unless your a whale who posts memes all day long and then it is ok.

Never received a dislike or negative comment for paying to promote a post on other social media. In fact, the opposite has been experienced. I get more positive engagement, meet new people and provide information to people who might not otherwise see it. So I'm going to leave Steem and focusing on refreshing and building the communities I have other places. I just don;t understand enough about how steem works to get along here. I create too much content I am accused of spam, I create too little and I am accused of not being a productive member of the community. I get told I can't promote my posts, or those of others, all the while those with SP can do as they please.

Doesn't sound very decentralized to me. Peace out.

06.02.2020 08:16

I didn't bid on on anything. What I did do was provide some of MY steem, that I earned or purchased to a curation pool. In return, I get votes from the pool.
Now, if you are saying that by creating good content, and trying to get it noticed by investing MY steem is wrong, then I guess I am wrong. That is fine. I will just turn off @steempress on my blog and be gone.

06.02.2020 06:05

What I did do was provide some of MY steem, that I earned or purchased to a curation pool. In return, I get votes from the pool.

Since HF21 this is severely frowned upon. There's nothing wrong with your content, but ask yourself.. 'is there anywhere else I can get a 100% return in 7 days?'

If your content is good it will be noticed and up-voted by the community and the curation groups. I for one look for the good stuff and try and get people @curie votes.

Wouldn't you prefer that than what just happened?

You won't get a cent from Facebook, that's a given.

06.02.2020 08:09

Are you kidding? @tipu and @minnowbooster are the exact same thing from what I can tell.

06.02.2020 08:19

They are still vote buying services amongst other things. There are people here actively looking for vote buyers to down-vote.

It would have been someone else that would have caught this if not me.

Can you remember Trending full of content that was paid for, now it's organic.

If you want your content on Trending and want to pay for it to be there, then decline rewards, nobody will bother you.

It's this that caught my eye.

Why do I do this?

Because I'm a largish stakeholder and don't want the platform to revert back to it's old image of, 'Trending is for paid votes'

I can see your not being an arsehole about all this like some of them are. You don't need to leave.. join us in making this place better.

06.02.2020 08:34

When you say "decline rewards" are you meaning declining rewards for the vote I promote it with, or all rewards, to include those who visit and vote on it? If the first, I can see that, same thing basically as paying to promote on anohter platform. You pay in hopes those that see it will reward you.

If my thinking is wrong, please..correct me.

06.02.2020 08:53

I don't know if you use Steemit or Steempeak. If the former its when you post in the advanced settings at the bottom of the page.

Yes, it's like advertising on Twitter or Facebook.

06.02.2020 08:59

But wouldn't declining payouts using this method stop rewards for individual user votes from those actually viewing the content and upvoting it?

06.02.2020 09:02

Do you mean curation rewards for your voters?
If so, yes those rewards would also not apply if Decline is set.

It's is essentially paying for your content to be promoted and possibly making Trending, though it would need to be around $30 value to be seen.

This community is very small and tight-knit for the moment. If BTC booms again things will change and more will flock here.

What are you trying to achieve?
Earn some crypto for your work or appear on Trending?

06.02.2020 09:09

What are you trying to achieve?
Earn some crypto for your work or appear on Trending?

I really just like creating the content and conversing about it. Yes, earning Steem is a consideration. My thought is that the Steem will come as my content gets more views. It's just getting that initial following that is the challenge.

06.02.2020 09:17

As the man says, the mood in Steem have moved away from buying votes. That reduces what others can make. I know some of the vote sellers distribute what they get, but isn't it better to have people voting up your posts because they like them? There are curation projects that can get you nice votes if you get spotted.

Steem will always be the wild west and anything goes, but we get to use our stakes to influence things. There is nothing else out there offering the same freedom and potential for anyone to earn. It's just better to work with the community. It's small for now, but has potential if we work together.

06.02.2020 09:41

Like I said, I can't win for losing and don't understand enough about how steem works to get any traction. I spend an enormous amount of time creating my content. I think if you look at some of it, you will see it is good quality. However, during my shortime on Steemit, I have been accussed of spam because I was creating and commenting too much. When I stopped doing it so much I was accused of not being a productive member of the community.
Now I am being accused of buying votes and using bots, all the while being downvoted by the same circle jerk type bots I am accused of using.

Not sure it is worth it. I just want my content to be seen, find a community of interest and maybe build up some steem. But seems the "Proof of Brain" is more about memes and cute cat photos.

06.02.2020 11:36

It's up to you of course. It can be hard to build a following on Steem. I have done it through masses of commenting, but then I enjoy that. You can 'promote' a post by buying votes, but it is expected that you will decline the rewards to show you are not doing that just for profit. It would cost you a bit to get on trending and even that does not guarantee getting much engagement as most people don't look at it. Maybe the new communities feature will help bring people together.

Steem is definitely not about memes and cats, for now, but there are cliques who just support each other. I do my best to seek out good content and support it. I have the @tenkminnows project that votes up small accounts, but I don't have enough Steem to make a huge difference. I just think we have to support the little guys of we want them to stick around, but also have to deal with the 'leeches'. See my latest post for examples of those.

It's all a game and enjoy playing.

06.02.2020 12:39

have the @tenkminnows project that votes up small accounts, but I don't have enough Steem to make a huge difference. I just think we have to support the little guys of we want them to stick around....

I thought that is what @tipu and @minnowbooster was. I was under the impression I wasn't just buying a vote, but some of the purchase was going into the curation pool, containing only approved curators who use and follow community wide blacklists.

So, I understand what you are saying...I think. If buying votes, it is considered foul to accept rewards. If you don;t accept rewards then you are fine. Correct?

If so, I guess I will try that and see what happens. I am sure eventually another whale or downvote bot will come along and slam me for that too for their own personal agenda, but I guess it is what it is.

I'll think about it. I hate leaving because I do enjoy it much more than the normal cesspool of objectification that is social media.

06.02.2020 13:21

I'm sure some of these projects have good intentions, but we each have our own ideas about what is good. I would hope you would not get flagged if you are not buying votes, but the are some rogue accounts who can leak out regardless. That's part of the freedom of Steem.

06.02.2020 13:27

I imagine some are doing what they think is right, but when you get downvoted just because of who votes for you(not a purchased vote) or comments, that’s heavy handed and not good and maybe worse.

06.02.2020 13:33

There are various feuds going on around Steem and it's easy to get caught in the cross-fire. Just have to move on as there is little you can do about it. People are not accountable.

06.02.2020 13:48

Steem Flag Rewards mention comment has been approved for SFR Token Issuance!

Tokens will be transferrred when the flagged content reaches payout.

Thank you for reporting this abuse, @slobberchops.

  • bid bot misuse
    Violation of promotional service TOS, use of promotional services for ROI, or overpromoted content.
    Over-promoted content generally points to low quality content or self-aggrandizing trending spot hogging

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