SteemFoods Shopping List Season 1|Grocery at Cub Supermarket | 50% @sf-charity


Greetings SteemFoods,

Today I will share my participation in SteemFoods Shopping List Season 1. This is a great way to share how I planned my daily needs through my shopping list. I am also excited to share with my SteemitFoods Family the products here in Japan.

Name of Items Price/ Yen
Instant Nescafe ¥258
Fresh Milk ¥218
Banana ¥98
Kiwi ¥398
Natto ¥128

I am a coffee lover and I drink a cup of coffee 2 times a day. In the evening a glass of fresh milk will help me fall asleep faster. Fruit is essential to our body and my favorite fruits are bananas and kiwi from Switzerland which has better taste in my opinion. Since I am a fan of Japanese traditions, I include natto (fermented soybeans)on my list.

Name of Items Price/Yen
Eggs ¥158
Small Aji Fish ¥130 (from ¥187 -30%)
Small Aji Fish Cut ¥144 (from ¥206 -30%)

I consume about 10-20 eggs a week. This is also a special food for me on my diet and exercise. Fish is also included on my list. The shiny skin of the Aji Fish is alluring so I have to buy not one but two packs. Besides, it's 30% less.

Name of Items Price/ Yen
Frozen Shrimp Siomai ¥198
Frozen Chicken Barbecue ¥328
Plastic ¥3

I added frozen foods to my list because they also help me with my hectic schedule. The frozen chicken barbecue is so delicious so I bought it repeatedly. And I was curious about Siomai. I bought one pack and hopefully, it is delicious.




I paid ¥2,225 (27.48 STEEM) including 8% tax. This is my complete Shopping List for a week. Thanks to Sir @alicok07 for this wonderful contest.

Have a Great Day Everyone.

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Hi : @jobreyes24

Thank you very much for participating in SteemFoods Shopping List Season : 1. It is great that you share with us in detail where you buy the food and cooking products you buy, which products you buy, the price list of the products you buy, the receipt information in detail! I added this post to "Best #club5050- #club75 - #club100 SteemFoods Posts of the Day" on 24-11-2021. Keep Joining Events in the SteemFoods Community! :)

NOTE :I will be waiting for your participation in The Food Diary Game Season : 3 ! :)
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club75 😀 😀

26.11.2021 18:54

You're welcome and thank you for your appreciation.

26.11.2021 20:06

Nice shop bai! Congrats!

27.11.2021 00:57

O Bai shopping ginagmay. Salamat.

27.11.2021 03:18

Payts kaayo na bai! 👍

27.11.2021 08:51