#BetTronLive: How Can we Earn $RAKE & the Benefits of Being a Holder

Rake is our native cyptocurrency" claims by #BetTronlive; a new resounding & popular talk nowadays in the field of Cryptoworld.

BetTronLive is a platform based on the TRON blockchain network that uses a cryptocurrency $RAKE as a reward token for players and participants. In real life, online casino uses RAKE as the scaled commission fee taken by a cardroom operating a pokergame, it brings an idea to #BetTronLive to use also $RAKE as its native cyrptocurrency.
Oly 100,000,000 $RAKE tokens will be minted, and this number will never be increased to further drive the value of it.

The BetTronLive protocol and platform underpin an entire decentralised gaming ecosystem, which offers multiple benefits for a wide range of useusers.

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$RAKE to can earn by :

n by :

    Gamers oetTronLive platform will earn $RAKE tokens ens by pla certain gamesames by using TRX tokens. Every play ends, users be able to claim their coins directly into their wallets.


    Before tr game begins, you shouyou will fint viewing video ads to earn $RAKERAK$RAKE.
    By meansg $RAKE tokens, holders like you will earn dividends depending on the amount you are holding.


    = AWAYS*
    Hence #B is now on process of promoting & preparing in their launching. Lots of giveaways and bounties are open to earn free $RAKE.e $RAKE.
    Join on othaccounts for more informations and visit this link : s link :


    A referral program will wil generates the higver referral bonuses for #BetTronLive members. Ears. 0.2% wilewarded wrded on eir wagers wagers.
    For example 1000 TROns bet, a user will receive 2 Te 2 TR TRX.*
    $RAKE wited on several decentralized cryptocurrency exchangxchanges once the 3% of the total supply mined. You ca& bag more $RAKE in those exchanges.


👉 RAK## RAKenefits:


    RAKE hol Earn dplays important role in #BetTronLive platform. Divid proportional to the amount you are holding. You wiill receive divdends every 24hhrs either manally or even automaticallycally.
    Being on#BetTronLive token holders, ofcourse you are more beneficial in their upcoming programs. Like this one; All revenue from advertising will be displayed

    transparently to all users with 50% being redistributed to all RAKE holderslders.
    Other gaxclusively open only for $RAKE holder like you. One of the advantage as a token holder.


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Rewarding users for their activities in the platform is a brilliant idea that will surely increase user activities and participation. Rake tokens will be a great surprise for those who are not familiar with bet mining.

28.07.2019 10:07