stranger things and “they let me touch ebola”

Comic Con Day Three

I won a Stranger Things LEGO figure. Yay! My brother left home at 5am to get in the LEGO line. I followed after 9am with his kids in tow, having navigated through thousands of people. Not easy but not too overwhelming if you can keep your zen together. People were stellar and the kiddos kept with my pace as I flitted about the crowd and took advantage of clearings. It helps that I’m a fun-sized person. We arrived and had two spare minutes! My brother’s early mission was not in vain. We cheered. Everyone in the family won a LEGO.

set off for a science panel. I found a great seat but someone with a very distracting head sat in front of me. I couldn’t see straight that my eyes kept on feeling crossed every time I looked forward or shifted to the right and left. I stayed put because moving would make ME the distraction. I struggled but was struck by the humor of the science fiction writers.

The concern for better and intelligent ethics was repeated. Despite a joy and passion for science that lends to an inspired writing career, the science fiction writers, like many of us, have a concern on how the world is unfolding. They work with science consultants, hold several science degrees and spend a good part of their daily life geeking out. Times are changing fast and with that responsibility is getting overlooked.

“They let me touch ebola!”

Visiting the CDC, a writer was incredulous about the nonchalance. Another person shared that they too were also permitted to touch ebola. The audience was visually stunned.

“That look on your faces, that was me too. I got to touch ebola. Yeah, what’s up with that?”

A writer’s sentiment was very ....

Pro-anti growth population.... Their sentiment was since diseases were making a reappearance from medieval times, so be it. Let the human race decimation begin. Stupidity is rampant even in the systems that are supposedly the gates guarding humanity that a bit of Darwinist destruction is in order.

How’s that’s for a wake up call at comic con? LEGO in the morning and dark thoughts from the science fiction writers. Thank God my hope for humanity was restored in the “Remembering Stan Lee” panel that I next went to.


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you had me at ebola :)

20.07.2019 07:37

Yeah, they had me at ebola too :) Science fiction writers are a RIOT!


22.07.2019 15:41