excelsior! remembering stan lee

There was at least one panel every day that comic con attendees may attend to miss Stan Lee, listen to stories of his life from friends, and share a collective cry.

The man was a friend to humanity and loved every minute of his life. There is no shortage of examples of how much he adored living and people. I hope comic cons continues remembering this legendary man. There are so many that miss him. How many people do you know has created a universe in THIS REALM that is as loved as the Marvel Universe??? I know at least a dozen people that have worked on a Marvel film or television show. Many have a story of how Stan Lee said the sweetest and kindest thing to them. He was charming and endearing all the time whether he was working, saying hello to a crowd of his fans, or standing outside at a crosswalk with a friend after having a burger.

The panelists of Stan Lee friends shared many going out to lunch stories and how Stan Lee had a way of saying the darndest things. It’s Stan Lee’s remarkable excitement, humor, and charm that has captured us to the films we love.

Stan Lee loved US.

I’ve seen that love and I struggle to think of another human being who exuded Stan Lee’s energy. Whatever admiration you have for your favorite superhero will pale in comparison to meeting its creator. Stan Lee was an amazing man. He worked to his very end even though his eyesight and hearing was challenged.

In the end, it’s a broken heart that took the wind from his sails. Stan Lee’s favorite human; his wife Joanie passed away. I was sad when that happened. I knew how much she meant. Stan Lee always told the world how he loved her.

I hope we keep remembering Stan Lee and his life at future comic cons so his spirit continues in his Marvel Universe.

I can never tire of hearing how wonderful he was. The world misses him and it felt good to share a collective cry at comic con.




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