entertaining my inner child - san diego comic con day 2

My second day at comic con had me lining up for a LEGO exclusive figure drawing at 7:30am with my nephews. The rest of my family found us after they’ve parked and checked in. The kids have ambivalent feelings about lining up for a LEGO. At NOON, the line finally moves as everyone touches an iPad to see if Good Cop or Bad Cop says you win a toy. You hear lots of YAYS and the occasional child bursting into tears. The grown ups either hold their disappointment in or offer $100 to a luckier person.

The LEGO line is where my family checks in with one another and brings breakfast and coffee. It’s a brutal wait for the kids so we take them inside once the convention center doors open at 9am. I entertained them with photos I took the day before. Auntie JNET saw some things they can look forward to.

Toy Story 4 had an impressive and adorable display.


Thursday’s are the official first full day to attend at comic con. I attended every panel I could possibly catch. Here’s my favorites from the schedule of programs:

It was great starting the morning with music composition geeks. We shared a chuckle over the common bond of spending inordinate amounts of solitary time in a room that is 8X8.

I enjoy the science behind science fiction panels. The common theme that rises is a concern for AI. Every. Single. Year.

If I could do life all over again, I’d be an astronaut or physicist or study science and write science fiction. The NASA panel was the smartest panel I’ve ever attended. I thought my brain would be massaged by the intellectual topic but my brain nearly exploded. I was especially impressed with the sign language interpreter. There were many moments I felt I was holding on for dear life to keep up. I was fascinated hearing about life and exploration on other planets but I needed a dictionary.

Or maybe binge watch Star Trek. The moderator held a phaser...in case anyone asked terrible questions. I closed the evening with a panel on the psychology of 50 years of animation. Eight years of data has been thus collected to study personality and relation to cartoon choices. Narcissism, anti-social/criminal behavior and cartoons....

Ha...and you probably thought comic con was about dressing up in costumes. Scientists are serious geeks.


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