Bear Market Got You Down ~ Maximize Your Curation Efforts ~ I’ve Got the Formula that’s Guaranteed To Maybe, Probably, Almost, Ever-So-Slightly, Kind of Not Work

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You get all the LOLZ today my friend... all the LOLZ

22.11.2019 17:55

Mission Accomplished!! At least I am not the only one laughing, so I don't feel so selfish.

22.11.2019 18:48

🤙🏿🕺🏿👍🏿Prerty fun read ‼️see what I did there

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22.11.2019 19:15

Excellent job with the emojis, you have got some serious potential. 😎😉. Glad you enjoyed it.. 🍻

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22.11.2019 21:08

Read it to an extent became tired because its too long and had to skip to the end

Summary of the post is engagement matters, personally i have a friend who only curates and comment these days said his comments earns more than his posts

23.11.2019 00:45

This had a lot of sarcasm and satire, and in no way meant to be a way of curation. FYI your summery is way off. LOL but engagement does matter. 😉

23.11.2019 02:11

Very interesting post slightly confusing maybe a littl to much on the information side broadly crammed into this post but very useful to us steemers in the bear right now. Thanks you I can appreciate this information

23.11.2019 01:01

You totally missed the sarcasm and satire of this post. I find it abusive to be posting 5 times a day and earning enough rewards to be the top rewarded author of steem with zero interaction. A few of these users a taking in a huge amount of rewards with little to no engagement. I am in no way saying my posts get all the engagement in the world but I am not bringing in that amount of rewards on a constant basis either

24.11.2019 15:25

The sarcasm is strong with this one! 😆😂🤣

It was a fun read. 👍😎👊

Off I go now to add Poopy McPooperson to my auto-vote list!

23.11.2019 01:57

Yes, Yes it is... Now remember, don’t be a Spammy McSpammerson, change up those emojis when you engage. 🎉💩🧼😎

23.11.2019 02:13


23.11.2019 03:20

And Wow... What big Rewards You Have...Oh My...5 times a day also... impressive....

24.11.2019 15:44

Better to cash out with.

24.11.2019 16:26

Funny and informative at the same time. When I have the time, which has been at a premium the last several weeks, I find curating to be where I will go. Curating is something that I can do on a daily bases, without having to sit at the computer for hours developing a blog. Lately I have had very little to share, and find it very difficult to just shoot the breeze without being somewhat passionate about what I am bringing to the table.
Had to push the edit button only seconds after posting this comment. Ya I forgot to add an 🩹
Enjoy the weekend!

23.11.2019 15:08

I am glad you found the time to read this. A guy I know gave me a hand with a little added sarcasm in this post. Pretty wild to see how much some of these authors are bringing in with little to no engagement. In my mind a top paid authors posts should be read my many and have information that is worthy of engagement. Posting 1-2 times a day is one thing... but 5 times.... no comment

I have a few people set on autovote but it is only for one post a day. Sorry if you post more than once a day... no soup for you. Unless it is some type of emergency I don't see posting multiple times a day necessary.

Thanks for stopping by, always a pleasure
No I haven't forgot about your hats. I just get distract... squirrel!!!

24.11.2019 15:53

It took me almost an hour to read your post and I must say I am entertained, much of what you mentioned are pretty much sarcastically true looking from a distance of engagement.

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24.11.2019 00:09

Just wanted to make sure I covered the Top 10 Authors and didn't leave anyone out. I really hope people could see what type of content is taking in the most rewards and how they are doing it. Zero engagement, multiple posts a day and a big vote after 5 minutes keeps you out of the Trending Spotlight 😉😉😉

24.11.2019 15:58

Good work!😀 Sorry I will upvote next time. To many people ete the cake😀😉

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24.11.2019 05:19

No worries, they can't eat all of it... Great use of the emojis BTW 😎😜

24.11.2019 16:00

'We hope you got a few laughs out of it, maybe even had difficulty maintaining a giggle here and there and, ...'

Exactly what happened here, though it wasn't coffee but a sip of beer that woke up the dog.

Tbh, I also put some people (who I would have upvoted anyway) on autovote (for only one post per day). The rest I upvote manually.
Do read all I upvote(d) though.
Am quite busy with work so don't have the time to sit behind a screen all day. And, when finally being home, not always in the mood for "full throttle commenting" on the posts I've already (automatically) upvoted.

Upvoting comments should become worth more again, to get back some of the engagement, I think/hope. Besides that, I see lots of posts where the posters don't even reply on the (few) comments they get (one strengthens the other v.v.?)

Anyway, took a while ro read it all but absolutely worth it. I like good satire and a bit of sarcasm and this was a good example of how to tell the "truth" and what's currently going on here, without being offensive. Awesome!

P.s. sorry for the lack of emoji's in my comment, I just couldn't. ;-)

24.11.2019 05:54

Dahahaha Poor doggy got woke up from their beauty sleep.

I am not against autovoting one bit and I sit in the same boat as you when it comes to being busy. Many things take priority over sitting on my phone or Pc curating. Autovoting 1 post a day per user is a responsible way to do it. Hopefully it deters the abusive style behavior of milking the rewards pool soo bad. I try and take some time in the morning before my wife and kids get up and around to squeeze some commenting in.

I couldn't just stop at the top 3 or even 5 top rewarded authors of steem. It was pretty eye opening for me when I saw this and really hope many people see this and make their own conclusion to the information I provided here.
Your lack of emojis has made me sad and disappointed... emoji lives matter too.😢👀🐱‍🏍🤣🤣

Thanks for taking the time to stop by and read my nonsense post about curating. More like an exposure post of who is taking in the majority of the rewards around the Steem-O-Spere.

If you like this style of humor, I know a guy that assisted me in this post that you would enjoy his posts.


24.11.2019 15:42

It was a pleasure to read and to me not at all a nonsense post. Besides the (great) made up formula for curation score, to me it was more like a very funny explanation of why engagement is getting less and less and the reward pool (although on much smaller scale and in a different way) still is getting raped.
In short: highest ROI (is) seems far more important than engagement.
Anyway, would love to hear who that guy that assisted you is. A good laugh here (especially nowadays) is very important to keep enough motivation to continue.

24.11.2019 16:21

@dandays added his flare to this post. I wrote 90% of it and he added all the links and a some other funny stuff in there. I find him to be pretty dang funny and also really creative.
Hey, do you ever post about food? If so you should check out @foodfightfriday. We have a pretty fun time over there. when you have some down time check them out. Plus there are a ton of creative recipes and random food related stuff... everyone love food... and beer😉

24.11.2019 17:56

And he’s leading the league in downvotes, too, people always seem to leave that part out and, quite frankly, I’m offended by that. I mean, how many people can attract genuine friendships, quality followers, have virtual strangers lean on them to add #satire flair to their original content, all while toning their skills and touring his beautiful wife around the world and still manage to maintain a huge sack full of douche bags?

Give it up for @camillesteamer the coxmoker! “Yaaaay!!! Oooh! Oooh!!! Oooooh! Smoker, Smoker, Smoker!”

“I’ll see your pair of downvotes and raise it 26!” :fist pump: followed by a moonwalk exit.....

What? 🤔 No on’s ever walked in the moon, what?! WHAT!!! What’s next, Camilly Streakerpoo still gets punked for his lunch money? You gotta be kidding me. That’s it—I’m going back to bed.

25.11.2019 06:01

Here’s a funny one. What’d the guy who added flare say to the creator of the article?”

I forgot to upvote it!!

27.11.2019 07:25