Sometimes You Gotta Do It Hot

It feels good to break out of that normal work routine and do a little something different. Granted every isn’t necessarily same for me by any mean, but the “type” of work is. I am working by myself 90% of the time. Locate this underground cable, fix this blown fuse, this customer has voltage issues says their Electrician (90% of the time they are wrong... I’m just sayin’), street light issues, street lights that act like strobe lights, patrol the Powerlines and inspect for possible issues, trim trees away from the Powerlines ... well you get the just of it, I think.

Often times I am asking for little projects that need to be done, something that I can work on little by little when I am between service calls. For instance we had 30 streetlights that needed changed out for the new fancy LED streetlights. Ya it ain’t glory work like I was once use to but there comes a time when you gotta set the pride to the side.

While doing inspections of our system we identified a huge issue with a specific brand of insulators failing. So as we came across them on jobs we would change them out. In the mean time, we were searching the whole system identifying where all these garbage insulators were. Some can be done with the power shut off but a lot of the time we have to keep it energized. Ya, it’s way faster to change them out when it is de-energized but in some places you can’t just kill the power to a whole section of town for a couple hours. So...

We Do it Hot


It was refreshing to be able to do a little Hot-Sticking today with the crew. Cracking jokes, talking trash, and doing Hot Work... C’MON!! If you ain’t having fun you ain’t workin’ is my motto. It might sound lame but it was really a breathe of fresh air for me to get out of serviceman job and back into the crew setting. The camaraderie between us Lineman is one of the best. I defiantly miss being on the crew, but I also enjoy working by myself and making my own schedule.


We really try to stay as proactive as we can. So when we see a possible issue or in this case a complete failure of a product, like so...


The ones we were pulling down today weren’t that bad by any means but taking the time to do the maintenance now will save from a big outage in the future. Hey we do what we can...

Until Next Time...

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