A Day With A Lineman #45 ~ We Do More Than Just Linework ~ Repairing A Digger Derrick (Line-Truck)

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So, it looks like good linemen run on breakfast burritos...And now I want one too despite the fact it is not breakfast time here.

I would imagine that most people have zero clue what goes on behind the scenes to ensure the lights go on when that switch is flicked. Sure, there's some poles, wires a truck that goes up and down and a few dudes in hi-vis and hard hats...How hard can it be?

Well...This sure dispels that little misconception.

Seems like you boys know what's up when it comes to your jobs and don't just connect wires and look good in hi-vis. A great post here mate, as always. Nice work on the tools too brah. (Curated for curangel.)

05.02.2020 01:58

Ain’t nothin’ wrong with a breakfast burrito addiction... I did forget to mention that we got our grub on at a Chinese buffet for lunch. Hey when the Altec guy is payin’ might as well “filler’ up”.

That is my goal, to bring.... I hate to put it this way... light... to what goes on. We don’t just flip a switch and the lights come back on. We don’t just dig holes, set poles, and string wire.... Sometimes I feel like a lumberjack or mechanic, even standing on the side of the road flagging traffic while my boys do Hot work... (not my favorite thing to do but sometimes you get the short straw.

We are currently getting some snow so I really hope the trees stand good and tall this go around. Lol

05.02.2020 02:18

Oh yeah, nothing like a free tank of Chinese food huh? Nice work.

Yeah, you do a good job of demonstrating the complexities, challenges and cool stuff about your job. I don't know why, but I wasn't following you. I think maybe because you resteem a lot, which I am writing about now actually, but I followed anyway.

Good luck with the snow and trees.

05.02.2020 02:22

I just wish I was still doing helicopter work. That is the fun stuff!! No worries, I don’t resteem that much stuff... at least I don’t think so anyway. Lol. Shoot I don’t have much available time to spend one here. I have too much stuff going on.... at least I am not bored. 😜😜 Next project... swap axles from a 2005 Ford F-350 into my 1997 F-350... this is gonna be good.... when it happens. Lol.

05.02.2020 02:41

Helos are legit!

Oh cool, working on F-trucks...Now that's post-worthy!

05.02.2020 02:43

It’s gonna be fun... once winter decides to leave and I can tear into the parts truck and tank those axles out... I need a shop at my house really bad. Lol

05.02.2020 02:48

Yeah, I can imagine working in the snow isn't much fun. Can't you use the workshop at work?

05.02.2020 02:51

Ya I can, but the parts truck still has a lot of parts I need to get out of it. Without axles it isn’t too ful to move. It still has a motor, transmission, transfer case... I got the whole thing for $500 and just the axles sell for $1,500. So I scored pretty good. I have sold some stuff off of it and got $300 back. So far a $200 investment is all

05.02.2020 02:54

Nice! That's the way to do do it. I figured you would be using the shop at work if you could make it work but asked anyway. Blonde moment. Lol.

05.02.2020 02:56

We are pretty lucky to be able to have access to the shop. I believe we are one of only a few that allow employees to use the equipment and facilities for personal use. It’s definitely something we don’t want to screw up.

05.02.2020 03:05

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05.02.2020 05:12

I'll admit, I didn't take much of that in, but it reads like a full on day. Off to get my own burrito now, my stomach's growling!

@tipu curate

05.02.2020 07:41
05.02.2020 07:41

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05.02.2020 16:48

This reminds me of NCRs I get at work. The workers at site end up in all kinds of silly situations.
My favourite was when our HSE people found evidence of urination in a non-designated area. The poor dude literally had a picture of himself sent all over the place with his face blurred, but his name had to go on the report because he was the acting supervisor.

06.02.2020 03:59

DAHAHAHA!!! There was a guy at the old place I worked that didn’t like a meter reader parking in his spot. He would put Glove Dust(basically baby powder that we use inside our rubber gloves to make it easier to take on and off.) in the vents of his work truck, put silicone lubricant (we use this when making watertight seals on underground cable) under his door handles. It was happening constantly. Then they called him in and he denied everything. Then they pulled the video... “nope, that’s not me!” .... LIAR.... yep he got fired. Lol.

Oh BTW, glove dust in the vents is awesome!!! Just make sure you can turn the car on, out the vents you put the dust in on full blast and shit the car off... once they get in and start it.... Just call them Whitey. 😂😂

06.02.2020 04:49

That sounds like some good sabatoge. How did they get it in the vents? I'd lock my vehicle and make sure I have a decent cabin filter.

Our guy didn't get fired, he just had to sign the report saying the team had completed additional training to prevent further incidents. I heard the crew teased him badly.

06.02.2020 05:16

06.02.2020 16:03