U.S. Senator Caught On Video With Young Children 1/28/2020

           U.S. Senator Caught On Video With Young Children

 You knew there was something wrong.  It made no sense that someone who rested their reputation on being ethical, would without explanation, turn their back on everything that is right and good, flip flopping one hundred and eighty degrees in support of a lying, corrupt, tyrant want to be.  How could someone do that without any explanation?  Now you know.  

Senator X always had the reputation of holding the constitution above party or political gain.  So why did the senator suddenly go over to the dark side.  It is because the FSB has video.  That is the only explanation.  You know who Senator X is.  You know, it’s the senator who even though an obvious corporate shill, everyone still expected would defend the constitution and the country.  

Suddenly all those principles Senator X claimed to hold dear are out the window.  It must be the video.  Even if the FSB would release it, it couldn’t be posted.  The footage is disgusting.  Just a description would go too far. 

Of course, the FSB will never release it because once the video is out, they lose control over one of their key double agents in the U.S. Senate.  This article is an effort to moot Russia’s control over the Senate by allowing Americans to understand what is happening.  The U.S. Senate has been compromised. Really no surprise there. It isn’t hard to follow. 

Everyone knows that Putin’s hit squads go around the globe publicly executing people without any chance of retribution to him or Russia.  No one gets that lesson better than your national leaders.  When they receive a package in the mail with embarrassing footage, or maybe just pictures demonstrating their family is being surveilled, how do you think they react?  How would a normal person react? 

Now consider the classified briefings that congress receives on Putin.  When the photos arrive showing their loved ones are being watched, they don’t need much persuading.  Here is the thing though, our system is already set up to corrupt our leaders. 

Campaign finance is a joke.  An incumbent has gray money constantly thrown at him by corporate interests.  The big difference now is that they know the Trump Department of Justice is working for Putin.  Treason is no longer off the table.  When these already corrupt law makers have a decision of risking their family or taking the support and money from Russia, what is their smart choice? 

Naturally, they choose, not to defend the constitution.  Their already corrupted peers tell them, “after all, Russia only wants left alone to reclaim their Soviet Union.  Just take the money, why fight it, no one is watching.” This is not to say simple threats and bribery are the FSB’s only tools.  Jeffrey Epstein’s operation enabled him to rarely have to extort anyone. 

Once he had someone on video, all he ever asked for were easy favors.  Let him manage part of the rich guy’s investments.  Make this or that business decision.  Everything is amicable.  “We can’t wait for your next visit to the island.”  In the case of congress though, they didn’t have that much to offer Epstein, but the FSB certainly paid him big bucks for his now famous videos. 

If Epstein’s roll confuses you regarding Senator X because you thought you knew which one X is.  You are right. X would be harder to ensnare in a honey trap because X obviously doesn’t swing that way.  Probably in the case of X, the pretense of being ethical was just that all along, a pretense.  Maybe there is no video. 

You may take the easy explanation that they are all a bunch of lying rocksuckers so it doesn’t matter anyway. The difference now is that one party no longer draws the line at treason.  Regardless of whether the GOP senators are being extorted, bribed, or blackmailed, the people will come to understand they have been betrayed by these fifty one senators and the Republican party. 

Even those who think they support this guy, will shortly come to understand the betrayal.  Whether for greed or cowardice, we are being sold out.  It cannot be fear of losing their jobs that they choose to ignore the facts. Just having been in the Senate, they could take a good retirement now.  Something nefarious is controlling them. 

It isn’t driven by any honest difference in ideology.  When you finally realize America is lost and the moon is down, you will owe these fifty-one traitors, no civility.  Learn their names.  They will deserve to be called out or shunned at every turn. Make them famous in history as America’s 21st century pariahs.     

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