Hawai mitha || nostalgic

I hope everyone is well. Everyone's time is going well. I hope that today I will write about a different subject. I hope that my readers will like my subject.Each country has its own traditions and the food I shared today is a traditional food of our country that you can understand now.It's because it's extra readily available and we have a long past with it which is why it's been traditional, especially since we've had it all the time from childhood to adulthood.However, due to the change of time, many things have changed and its demand and quality have changed a lot from before.

I used to go to school when I was very young when I was in the village and at that time during school tiffin we had a shop next to the school ground where this food was available and we ate every day.I have a lot of past involvement with this food because I used to eat this food all the time and the funny thing is that whenever I put this food in my mouth, it would end. I think almost all of the Asian people are familiar with this food. I don't know exactly how to make it, but it's hard to understand without seeing it.
A few days ago when I went to work in the city, when I was returning home, the bus got stuck in traffic . I saw through the window of the bus a lady buying food for the baby. I tried to take pictures from a distance and the biggest thing was seeing itI remember my childhood, before there was a lot of food available but now it is not available and tastes like before.Suddenly some scenes remind me of the past in such a way that my mind suddenly goes to the past, however time goes by like this.

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