Achievement 5 Task 2 by @jhulee: Review

Hello @steemians
I am very happy to be a member of this community and have gone this far with my Achievement task and for this task5.2 I will be reviewing the

Steemscan is an exchange for converting steem to another cryptocurrency such as TRX, USDT and BTC

Please Explain The Current Steem Price And Volume of date of submission of this review

The Latest Price And Volume Of Steemit
As at 16th june 2021 the price volume is 0.43 USD


For You To get a view of everything in it, tap on the menu bar and a list will appear displaying the following features such as, Witness, DApps, Dev tools, Quick Convert, Search And steem Engine.


When you visit, there are various features you would like to explore. I went to the website it took me to the homepage.
"Click" on Steem USD, then "click" on the homepage, then you can switch to any currency you want.

Quick Convert

To concert steem to any of the currency

In order to exchange steem to other crypto, "click on the menu" and then "click quick convert".
Select the amount of steem you want to exchange with any of the currency
after which you choose the wallet you want to receive the crypto to
"create order"
then you enter your active key for confirmation.



This allows user to vote witness. You can do this by tapping the witness on the menu bar, after that names of witness will appear then you can make the vote.



This feature contain certain DApps that can be accessed easily by others, I found the following things under this feature, Wherein, Steemyy, Steemit, crypto Gamers Fundition Etc.



This feature help us to see Transactions, Blocks Account or witness on the Blockchain, one can easily search for any information they want.


Special thanks to @cryptokanon

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