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How are you, steemian friends, wherever you are, on this occasion I would like to write a post for the @achievement2 task related to basic security on the steemit platform that steemit users must know as basic knowledge regarding security in using this steemit, such as knowledge of master keys, use of posting key, active key, private owner key and about memo key.

Alright according to the directions and instructions that have been given directions by @cryptokannon here.
I describe according to my knowledge of the basic security system on steemit, I see the key system in steemit with ahierarchical of the top one is the master password until the bottom key posts. And here I describe it in the form of questions and answers as follows:

1- Have you got all your keys on steemit?

I have got all the keys on this steemit media platform, and I have saved them in several places both softcopy and the ones I printed for me to save the hardcopy.

2- Do you know each function key and the main limitation of each key?

The posting key is a key that is only used to post an article, make post edits, comment, vote and downvote, share posts, follow an account, or deactivate an account and posting this key is limited to its use permission not to actions related to transferring funds or delegate your steem power. The posting key can also be used to log in to other social media that supports steem such as busy social media, esteem and others.

Active Key is the key used to make transactions related to transferring steem from your own account to other users, doing power ups or power down steem, voting to witness, or delegating your steem.

The owner key is the key that is used to change your account password, such as changing the active key and posting key and to restore your account. And obviously this is a very important key to keep it safe.

The memo key is the key used in encrypting and decrypting a message sent on a blockchain. A message sent is encrypted so that it cannot be read during the sending process and when it is received it will be decrypted with minimum authorization requirements using a memo key.

Public Key and Private Key, so each of each steem key has a public key and a private key. Like the owner key, this one key has a public key and a private key, its function is to encrypt and decrypt the data associated with the username and can be used to track transactions on the blockchain.

Master Key is the main key that we get when registering steemit, and this is the top hierarchy of the steemit security system, this key is very important, and don't lose this key. Because with this key we can get other keys such as the posting key and the owner key.

3- How do you plan to save your master password?
I downloaded the WPS application and saved it there..

4- Do you know how to transfer your steem to another steemit account?

I know how to make a steem transfer from a steemit account to another steemit user, and also from another account to my steemit account.

To make a steem transfer, you will go to the wallet, select balance and then select the steem drop down then select transfer.


Then fill in the steem transfer destination account, and fill in the steem amount, and provide a memo message and then press the next button.



5- Do you know how to power up or power down your STEEM?

Yes, I know how to power up and power down steem. The trick is to the wallet menu and on the balance tab, select drop down on steem and select power up, as shown below.


The power up option will appear if we have just done it, but if we have done it, it will change to a power down.


Next, just fill in how many steem you want to power up. And pressing Power Up, when doing this an active key password is required.


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