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The use of blockchain technology and artificial intelligence into the transformation of the bio mass into energy with zero-emission process is what the Vectorium project aims to do. This energy solution is going to be the first of its kind with the advent of blockchain technology. The project wants to use the process of waste to currency to manage the waste and turning them into electricity. The energy will be then distributed to the cities and home through the Vectorium islands. This project will have exponential growth in the industry and global economy. The investors of the Vectorium Island and users will have revenue generated from the investment made in the Vectorium coin and island. The process of such waste management will lead to the provision of clean energy and environment and this is very much applaud able considering the rise of the issue of environmental hazards and climate change. The future of energy transmission is at hand now!

The Vectorium-Future of transmission system:*

The key features of the Vectorium project is that there will be no wires system, no intermediaries, no transmission lines and no hidden cost included in the electricity distribution and sub distribution also.
The Vectorium will have prosumers who will work as both consumers and producers with each other. Through the process of the mining there will be fixed production of the Vectorium flash crypto coins every day. As a part of the Vectorium consortium, the prosumers will enjoy the benefits of electricity through the use of graphic cards. Along with that they will be optimizing the production of electricity and marketing of such. A place where renewable energy and crypto currency is produced is called the Vectorium consortium. With the small solar planst anyone can join the Vectorium consortium.

There will also be Vectorium islands which is the location for the production of renewable nergy and crypto currency. These islands will utilize the clean energies such as solar, wind and waste to produce electricity and the system will regulated by the advanced artificial intelligence and blocchain based technology which will follow the process of waste to coin process.

Without the inclusion of any combustion, the project claims to have technology which will be implemented to transform waste into power. And power into crypto currency which will be done under a patented process. The project is unique in nature as it will be using customized system and process waste into energy under environment friendly system with the usage of any waste.

It is also estimate that the Vectorium will build and deliver three hundred Vectorium islands by the end of 2024.

The Vectorium project will have two crypto currencies to operate in the industry. The project has already taken its place in developing the consortiums in different countries of USA, Mexico, Brazil etc.with gradual expansion in other countries. They will aim at producing energy using clean renewable sources and wastages created from rapid industrialization and urbanization.

There are many projects that have many missions to be successful and they are based on the blockchain technology. The Vectorium project has a goal to make the wastage industry mechanism turn into the source of energy just like any other energy source used to produce electricity. With the fast paced globalization and economics developments taking place in the developing world the waste management is becoming increasingly difficult as there are few projects as initiatives taken to deal with it. With recent debate on the climate change issue, the waste management comes into discussion automatically. We are facing more and more deteriorated environment due to poor management of waste.

The Vectorium project becoming the pioneer project in the blockchain based technological world to take into the issue of waste management and turning them into crypto currencies which will be then used back for electricity. This project is going to revolutionaize the way we are using the electricity now and make it easier and cost effective for everyone. This will in turn have impact on the vast industries reducing their cost of power usage and making products and services cheap, the quality of life will thus change with the ease access to electricity as well as managing waste which in turn help the surroundings. An eco-friendly environment with easy power distribution is future that the Vectorium project aims to achieve.

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