Express Your Day in 5 Photos || My pictures for my upcoming Birthday

Hi! @worldofphotographycommunity, today I wanna share with you guys my photoshoot day. I'm a photographer, but today it was my turn to be the model because those are my birthday pictures.


This was the Resoult (My birthday is on April, so I'm giving you guys the exclusive!

but.. First is first..


First we chose locations. We (the photographer, the stylish and I decided for this beautiful church


And the second location was this shore of the Orinoco River, this last location is actually very special because this is the time of the year when we can have "a beach" in the middle of the city. The rest of the year this shore in completely cover by water


then was the turn of wardrobe and makeup. I use a traditional "calipso" gown, and colorful makeup with "pavo Real" wings (all of this was idea of Joan the stylish. We want a very traditional and Venezuelan look


Finally we get to the shore.. I felt so free that I cried, a lot. We made this real quick because we are in quarantine and we only can go out in the moornings.


I felt so happy to feel the sand (I was barefoot, and actually my crew get into the water! I was so jealous but I cannot because the water stain the dress. I felt like I already was on my birthday. What more can I ask? Freedom, sun, the soft wind again my face and the company of fantastic healthy friends. This day is already unforgettable.

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Wow @jhellenmjgr you have made an interesting entry.I love the pictures of how you spent your day.

Best of luck

01.04.2021 10:41

Thankyou very much! It was a lot of fun!

02.04.2021 19:01