Talk About Your Hobby | Steem Sri Lanka 3G Contest Series| Week 05 | Tennis = My Pasion | 10% to SL-Charity

Hello friends of steemit, today I give a space on my blog to participate in the @sandun98 contest, where he invites us to talk about our hobby, so I will tell you my story with tennis.


My love for tennis was born in college while I was studying programming, from which I am currently a graduate. When I started practicing this sport I did it out of pure curiosity, but over the years it became my favorite hobby, so much so that I would have liked to start earlier to have chosen to play it at a professional level.


By this I don't mean that I don't like programming, because I really enjoy learning new technologies and I'm very good at my job, but tennis is my passion. For me, playing has become a necessity, so I dedicate every weekend to practice, apart from because it is an excellent way to exercise.


To practice tennis as a hobby there is no age, so I recommend this sport 100%, you will stay in shape and have an incredible time.

I invite @glowshine and @doubleg8 to participate in this contest, because I know they have a lot to share 😀

The rules for the contest here

If they ever want to play tennis let me know, and so we plan a game 😉

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31.03.2021 09:57

Yeah.. tennis is a very cool game. I tried a bit a campus.. seems like you've come a long way with tennis.

Thank you for your contest.
Thank you so much for your participation. This is entry No.34

31.03.2021 13:29