What? AI?

AI or more known as Artificial Intelligence is indeed an invention that changed our life. Human’s life. As AI is still developing until now, it has a lot of benefits not only to humans but also to the nature. By working together with AI, people and machines could create a better world despite of the abilities in both humans and AI. When humans work together with AI, they could combine their abilities such as creativity in humans and continuous movement in the AI.
However, if the AI is developing more than people, it can cause them to lose their job as the machines replace their place in order to make lots of income. Companies tend to do this as they wanted to produce lots of products in order to gain lots of income. In my opinion, this might be one of the reason why poverty happens, because there were no more jobs available for them.
Furthermore, it has been discussed before that AI somehow could improve the job opportunities for people. This is a great way to give chances to those who wanted to find a job.
In conclusion, AI is indeed a great technology to humans and nature, but not to forget that there are pros and cons in this field of technology. If AI and humans get to work together, the world that we are living will become better and we can live longer.

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