A hope for humanity

Once again I thank God for the privilege of being able to write another article for this wonderful community, hoping that He will put in me the inspiration and adequate words to bring comfort, peace and hope to all those beloved readers who take a few minutes of their time to stop and read my articles, asking God that they may find wisdom and be reached by God's blessings by putting first of all the confidence in our Lord Jesus Christ that the present afflictions are temporary and very small compared to the great future blessings that God has prepared for all of us through faith in our Lord Jesus Christ and the hope that has been given to us through His work on the cross. And that is precisely the subject I want to invite you to discuss together, the hope to which God has called us.

So today I want us to review together the following Biblical quote:

Ephesians 1

17 That the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of glory, may give you the spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of him,

18 enlightening the eyes of your understanding, that you may know what is the hope to which he has called you, and what are the riches of the glory of his inheritance in the saints,


Humanity is suffering

In order to understand what this hope is all about, we must first know what the situation of humanity is and why it needs to cling to this hope. Right now, in this time we are witnessing a world crisis due to a disease that is destroying the lives of many people, suffering, crying, pain has become common in the homes of this generation because we are all losing loved ones, material things, jobs, this is affecting all areas to the point that we can feel it in the flesh, However, it is not that humanity is beginning to suffer at this time, because this suffering began at the moment that Man disobeyed God in Eden, when we separated from God who is our life, all the problems among ourselves began, it is as if the father is not at home and the brothers begin to hurt each other without anyone to stop them. Then Cain killed Abel, men started wars against men for territory and power, so much mortality produced plagues, plagues, diseases all over the earth, the planet that God created as a paradise for us to inhabit (because no other like it has been found in our solar system or any other place where we can go) we ourselves have been in charge of destroying it producing global warming and proliferating all kinds of evils on it, and I say we to refer to the human race but the reality is that the powerful do it and the hardest consequences fall on the less powerful, those who without ambition only hope to live a quiet life with their families but the system does not allow them to do so. They are the majority, they are humanity and for centuries they have been suffering.


A rescue plan


But God has not left us in oblivion, but designed a plan by which mankind can be reconciled with Him, that is, sending Jesus Christ who paid with his life the debt that we had and that prevented us from approaching God, thus God showed his love and desire to save us (John 3:16), but save us from what? Acts 17:31 teaches us that God has established a day to judge every human being who has lived on this earth, because every person will have to give an account to God for what he did during his life, good or bad. In addition, a day is established in which God will punish the wickedness of man, that day is known as the day of God's wrath, then, one of the purposes of the work of Jesus Christ on the cross is to save us from suffering the wrath of God by reconciling us with our father through his blood that was shed on our behalf.

Called to hope

Now, by giving us Jesus Christ we are not only granted forgiveness of sins through repentance, but we receive the adoption to become children of God through Jesus Christ. Now the world is in suffering and tribulations, but Jesus Christ will reign over the earth, it will be a kingdom of justice and peace. We who are suffering now will celebrate with Him. These are hard times but times of refreshment will come from the Lord, times of peace and joy for all those who cling to his love, so I invite you to reconcile with your creator to participate in this hope, take God into account in everything you do and you will see good days. Live and let live, respect your fellow men and honor God in all that you do, do not be discouraged by the bad things that come into your life but take encouragement and courage in contemplating Jesus Christ, for who of us can say that he has suffered more than Jesus Christ? but consider now how many rewards he received afterwards and that he has also promised rewards for us if we trust in him in spite of our sufferings.


I say goodbye thanking you for visiting my blog, may God bless your life and that of your loved ones, giving them health and peace at all times, may you never lack bread on your table and may God's justice shine upon you to change your lamentation into dance.

May God continue to bless us!

Jesus Cedeño

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