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We often have cause to weep, to
Cry out at the events happening in our lives.
Instead, we should dance.

Instead of complaining and
Striking out at those who love us when they don’t do as we wish,
We should Dance with joy!

Let all the pain and anguish flow out;
Cry if you need to,
But let it all come out, express it with
The joy of being alive to do so.

Even King David danced before the Lord.

Cry out with the ecstasy of living,
For even in darkness,
You are Alive, able to endure until
The daybreak.
Hope and Love endures all things!

If you think otherwise,
You’ve given up.

Do Not give up;
Dance The Dance of Life.

“The Dance of Life”

Jerry E Smith
Sébastien De Panne, Belgium

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