“Remember what is important”


No matter what happens in the next few days, always remember

These very important things;
A. We ARE all Brothers,
B. We DO all live in the same house, and most of all,
C. We MUST work together for the future;
Our Future;
Our Descendants’ and our
Use your
Time AND your voice
Wisely and Peacefully;
Anything else is counterproductive.
We all have our voice and the right to speak our minds.
Allow your brothers and sisters to
Speak their minds in
Just as you speak yours.
Together let us forge
A new day of peace for all of us,
TOGETHER, sharing
And loving each other.
Each other.

“Remember what is important”

Jerry E Smith©11/6/19
Harli Marten ](https://unsplash.com/photos/SZup--baL7k)

These .gifs were created for me by @coquiunlimited; many thanks

This .gif was created by @elgeko


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06.11.2019 21:49

Beautiful piece and message Jerry.

We all have our voice and the right to speak our minds.

Indeed, and it would be nice to see less fighting/arguing in the world. We are indeed, all brothers and sisters after all!

06.11.2019 21:50

Thank you for reading and commenting Jake. I can't seem to catch a
Break and have a day where it is all good. What is it? Am I not
Holding my mouth right? I know I internalize a lot of stuff,
But really? Can't I ever get a day that is all mine?

Today, I got a B-12 shot, that went well but I had to travel nearly 50 mi round trip,
Then on the way back, I stopped in to look over what was there at the Salvation
Army store (25% off on Wed) didn't see anything I couldn't live without.
I went and had a pretty good show/performance for Presbyterian Village/Austell
(Memory Care) then got a letter when I got home that xfinity is trying to get
ANOTHER $40 from me for the account I closed last Sept.
It just never ends.
Then I had a "friend" on FB block me because FB marked her message to me
as "violating our standards"... her post violated, she blocked me (not that
I care, she was a bimbo) argh... sorry for ragging your ear off.

07.11.2019 01:29

Sorry to hear about the stressful day Jerry.
FB is indeed mostly nothing but stress.
One thing is for certain, now that I'm a full blown hermit, who's cut all "real life" relationships out, my life is much less stressful.
I know this isn't an option for everyone, but it was a pretty easy choice for me, as most people like drama and seemingly operate in ways which induce stress.
I'm pretty happy with just me and my plants, and the extent of my communications is just here on Steem, and a couple of discord groups.
Can it be a little lonely at times? Sure, but I think loneliness is better than the stress that other human beings cause.

07.11.2019 02:21