I Paid Girls $350 on Fiverr to Dance to My Music — Did It Result in New Listeners on Spotify?

How can we get people to listen to our music? Is it as easy as just hiring some attractive girls to dance to my music videos? This is what I thought a little experiment would be helpful.

I was wondering after seeing so many music videos, which to me is basically like, well, I'll just hire a pretty girl to dance to my song and that's pretty much the whole video. So I thought, well, maybe I can do that.

I'll go on Fiverr and hire some girls to dance to my music Did it work? What are the results of it? Let's take a look. I think you will really love this little experiment I did.

There was a lot of interesting feedback on this experiment. These are the actual orders I placed on Fiverr.

I Paid Girls $350 on Fiverr to Dance to My Music — Did It Result in New Listeners on Spotify?

Here are the results for these four, these are the four videos that I put up here and I made an effort to diversify as much as possible.

For example, I had girls from different countries wearing different outfits singing different songs to make the best experiment possible.

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Indian Girl Dance on English EDM Song 'BMS'". Now, I did this with the intention to get the search results out of it, so that when someone might search for these terms, then my video would come up.

This video got 2000 views all for free on my YouTube channel, which is significantly higher than my average videos are currently getting.

The second video I put out was with the girl that I thought was extremely attractive on here I'll play a little bit of the video so you can see exactly what the video looks like here.
I Paid Girls $350 on Fiverr to Dance to My Music — Did It Result in New Listeners on Spotify?And I was shocked at the viewer's results. I Paid Girls $350 on Fiverr to Dance to My Music — Did It Result in New Listeners on Spotify?I'll upload this video, and then I'll get a bunch of views and people will like it, which may be an issue with my channel and my thinking. So this video got more dislikes in terms of the ratio than the other one.

I was shocked because I thought —This is amazing. It was only a short video and I named it again to aim at "YouTube search traffic" so we'll take... and the comments on this video.

It was funny. "This is one of the most confusing channels I've seen in my life." "This man posts the most random content"

I Paid Girls $350 on Fiverr to Dance to My Music — Did It Result in New Listeners on Spotify?educational tutorial videos, I did this so that I could do this video because then I've got this to share.

Let's go in and hit the Analytics and we'll look at that one in more detail.

Then this third video I put up here, Dancing Girl from Ukraine Music Video for My EDM Song Baby on Chest Hair, it was the only one of the three where monetization was limited on it which, I'm like —Why this video limited monetization instead of the other two?— The Beach Party Dance Moves #1 was not.

Then if we go over to here, I thought this girl actually did the best job with the dancing itself.
Here's another statistic up front that I was very interested to see the results on, is how would my listens on Spotify react to this.

Now what we do see is a spike in my listens on Spotify, which are normally a few streams a day, then there's a big spike right when that new video comes out, which to me gives an indication that this did work somewhat to get people to go start listening to my music and you can see other spikes on these other days as the video comes out here.

However, what I'm wondering is at what cost and with this, all these subscribers in all these videos going out to 10,000+ people in the feed on YouTube and on Facebook.

At what cost did I get a relatively small amount ofpeople to go listen to my music on Spotify?

Let's look at the analytics here and we'll just decide this for ourselves.

I got $1,79 in ad revenue out of this video, I lost 13 subscribers uploading a video, which to me is the indication that if you lose subscribers that's common when you've got a lot of subscribers especially built over a period of time on a diverse amount of topics.

However, losing subscribers on a video to me indicates that that's not going to help my channel grow because I essentially need to get more subscribers back in just to make up the difference and that is not likely to happen at this rate with these videos I've put up here.

Alright, so this one that we can look at the average watch time the watch time was longer on this one. Because the video is longer, the average person is watching 54 seconds on it.

The reach we can see is 11,000 impressions at 3% click through rate. These are key statistics on YouTube that a lot of people don't realize, it's the combination of impressions and click through rate that makes a difference as to how many views you get out of my channel, that makes a big difference.

Dancing Girl from Ukraine Music Video for My EDM Song Baby on Chest Hair:

This one lost 54 subscribers on this one video, watch time on this one 1600 views you can see the watch time less than a minute on this one. Even though this was the longest video, the average view duration was less than on the previous one we just looked at here.

But you'll notice the click through rate is very high on this one, people deciding to click on the thumbnail, even though what they I guess didn't end up liking the video.

You can see on YouTube the impressions on how this came in from recommending content, 5% from YouTube recommending content that means almost everyone watching from my existing audience.

If we look over here, minus 54 subscribers overall, almost all the subscribers leaving within the first 24 hours and then pretty much nothing else after that.

The Beach Party Dance Moves #1

You can look at this one for -43 subscribers in this video, this one getting the most actual or tied with the first one for the most actual views.

I Paid Girls $350 on Fiverr to Dance to My Music — Did It Result in New Listeners on Spotify?Indian Girl Dance on English EDM Song 'BMS'"

This one so far has the most views. 2,300 views 1.4 thousand minutes watched, this one getting a little bit of search traffic coming in still off of it, which is good.

I Paid Girls $350 on Fiverr to Dance to My Music — Did It Result in New Listeners on Spotify?read your comments and your feedback. As you can see, I feature comments from previous videos on here.

I'm grateful for the chance to help you build your YouTube channel and the best way I can do that is I'm available in my Mastermind with daily video calls, join my mastermind, let's talk and I can help you build and grow whatever it is you're doing.

After all, you might think well, I swear I know almost everything not to do now. It's just that it's the simple version. But all these different experiments and things that I do give me a lot of information and knowledge on what not to do, which at some point. You eliminate every possible thing you're not doing and all you're left with is what works.

Thank you for reading this. I love you! You're awesome!

I'll see you in the next one.

Jerry Banfield

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Try again: NAKED!
(also might try add some cats)

18.10.2019 04:55

feels like both music and dancing is not amazing soooo that probably does not work

18.10.2019 06:04

Got my attention- Works for me! I need dancing girls, everybody needs dancing girls! lol Thanks Jerry!

18.10.2019 08:47

some music videos were slow in the beginning and probably hard to dance to.... in hindsight perhaps it would have been better to use the user name instead of indian girl or other objectification and see effect on your music popularity of a single song? plus if you have 4 dances of the same song its already worth you something because you could after termination of the experiment make an actual music video with fast cut scenes between perfomances in it (to satisfy the low attention span of us milenials)... :P despite the slow song the chinese girl did really good but the indian one did good aswell... i think your favorit lacked in creativity when dancing...

18.10.2019 12:14