HAPPY 2nd BIRTHDAY @DTUBE!!! My Garden is Sprouting... YEAH!!! What is Happening with @partiko? Another Milestone as I Reach Dolphin-Hood!!!

HAPPY 2nd BIRTHDAY @DTUBE - My Garden is Spouting... YEAH - What is Happening with @partiko - Another Milestone as I Reach Dolphin-Hood.jpg

HAPPY 2nd BIRTHDAY @DTUBE!!! My Garden is Sprouting... YEAH!!! What is Happening with @partiko? Another Milestone as I Reach Dolphin-Hood!!! #JustTagIt
HAppy 2nd Birthday Dtube, Garden, Dolphin, Partiko.png
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Journey by Scandinavianz | https://soundcloud.com/scandinavianz
Music promoted by https://www.free-stock-music.com
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May You always live in the Abundance of Beauty, Love and Be at Peace in Your Heart, My Amazing Family All Over the World and My #dtube and #steemit Family... Go Out and Spread that Joy, Happiness, Peace, and Love Always Every Day. @jeronimorubio

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17.07.2019 22:02

The birthday should be 11 august because they launched the app that day, you are right about the account that was created in july, but the real birthday will be soon in the next month. ☺ #dtubechallenge

17.07.2019 23:07

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18.07.2019 11:16

Congratulations on becoming a dolphin!! I’m definitely inspired to keep pushing along and hopefully one day I be able to join you in the dolphin rankings

Posted using Partiko iOS

18.07.2019 15:20