What Are Your Thoughts on the "Leaders of Dtube" Voting System? Have You "Changed" Your Style of Vlogging Style Since Dtube Open the Door to Youtube?

What Are Your Thoughts on the Leader's of Dtube Voting System - Have You Changed Your Style of Vlogging Since Dtube Open the Door to Youtube.jpg

What Are Your Thoughts on the "Leaders of Dtube" Voting System? Have You "Changed" Your Style of Vlogging Style Since Dtube Open the Door to Youtube? #JustTagIt

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Comments 3

Hey man :) thanks for bringing those topics up and telling me a great dtuber :) blushing

Now a really long comment will follow but I am too lazy to cut it down to just some sentences :P

The word "leader" is basically not meaning "great promoting and content creating people" because it is about the people who are running a part (a node) of the DTube blockchain itself. The techies of us. That's a big difference and we should not mix those things up. The top 7 are producing blocks (+ will receive rewards for this in far future) and the others are "just" ensuring the consensus of the blockchain. So they check if the blocks are true and nothing is inconsistent. But both groups are as important as great dtubers like you, sergio and all the other awesome people here. I see this misunderstanding a lot and I can relate to that but I think we make this clear for all people who are voting themselves.. (later more about this) please don't vote for people who are not running a node. Unfortunately no one you mentioned as leaders is running a node and is a potential leader. That would be a missed vote. (More on both of this later) perhaps DTube could/would make a second category for those kind of valuable peeps.

Additionally I wanna try to erase the confusion about those city nodes: London and so on are just stable DTube nodes by dtube itself. They are the spare leaders to ensure a stable network because right now we have sometimes technical issues on the side of the other leaders and for that reason they are still on the top 4. But this will change with the improving blockchain and improving systems of the other node owners as well. I hope in near future they will disappear and just real users are in the top 7 and are running good maintained nodes for a stable revolutionary DTube 1.0 :)

Also I would highly recommend you to vote for the people you would trust and support. Because every single voice here is important and you should not miss your chance to vote if you can.

Unfortunately not everyone on the leaders list is actually running a node. The majority of users there are just on the list because they voted themself once :P I guess DTube will change that and will just display people there who are actually running a part of the underlaying blockchain. Perhaps the votes will be reset when 1.0 is out but that's something I don't really know :P for now you can spot most of the real node owners by their description like this:
additionally there are people with other URLs in their description who are real node owners:
techcoderx, javirid, teamhumble and corenet (sorry if I missed one...)

I hope that was understandable.. ^^ if not, let me know :)

My vlogging style didn't changed sooo much since 0.9 but I guess that will come in near future. I did some steps forward and I am planing to get back on vlogging and producing content more consistently. But my personal life is just too busy to focus on content creation, scripting and upleveling the video making game. After I have moved to my new flat, I'll come back more frequently and I will definitely also see YouTube as my audience and explain what I am talking about when I say "DTube" :P

Dude you are doing such a great job with your videos and I am happy to know you from the beginning :)

Seeya and


28.07.2019 01:04

Nope I am doing the same old way. :)

28.07.2019 06:36

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