How Many Of You Would Like to See a DIY or Home & Garden Tribe? I Am Loving the Tribes!!! Thank You Steem-Engine!!! Calling on @tibfox & @brewcitygardener... #JustTagIt

How Many Of You Would Like to See a DIY or Home & Garden Tribe - I Am Loving the Tribes - Thank You Steem-Engine - Calling on @tibfox & @brewcitygardener.jpg

How Many Of You Would Like to See a DIY or Home & Garden Tribe? I Am Loving the Tribes!!! Thank You Steem-Engine!!! Calling on @tibfox & @brewcitygardener... #JustTagIt

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Comments 11

wow wonderful video brother Have a great day and peace😍😍

23.07.2019 06:06

Theank You Brother @urme33 for your kind words. I do my best to bring valuable information to everyone. As I learn I teach. May You Always Be Happy and Blessed... #DTubeChallenge

28.07.2019 18:20

Hey brother thx for the shoutout and the idea man :) I like @brewcitygardener as well!

The DIY Tribe is a really good idea and we should consider this for sure! I am not really into the tribes thing right now but I guess it is costing something like the scot-bot(?) Do you know any details about that? Because @diytube is fully non-profit and not making any money. It is basically a minus business for me so I can not afford any maintenance costs other than my own servers I am running. If you have any information or links I would be happy!


btw: you got a little type with @dsound (your wrote @dsond) in your signature :)

23.07.2019 07:23

Hey Brother @tibfox... Yes, it would be a great idea for real. It would bring a lot of exposure to #DIYTube and give another way to reward DIY users. The Tribes thing is getting big even with collaboration between #DApps and Tribes. Watch @prettynicevideo's video on how to create a coin. She said it was about 100 #steem to create a token. Sorry for the late response. Been pretty busy looking for work. May You Always Be Happy and Blessed...

28.07.2019 18:19

Hey man diytube already have a diy-coin on :) we have been one of the earliest. But to create a tribe it is expensive and like I've said: nope not possible ^^ they want to have 1k steem + recurring maintenance costs.. unfortunately.
But thqnks for the idea again ;)


P.s. no worries because of late replies... I am also late to respond to various people.. I often use for that. Perhaps something for you as well

28.07.2019 19:21

Good video! :)

23.07.2019 07:46

Thank You So Much My Friend @quelurion. So happy you enjoyed it. May You Always Be Happy and Blessed... #DTubeChallenge

28.07.2019 18:32

I know I am a stunned by all the new tribes! Seriously it is hard to keep track. It is exciting to see how this all plays out.

23.07.2019 15:46

Exactly My Brother @old-guy-photos... So many new Tribes but also So Many New Tokens and ways to earn as well. For me, I don't let it overwhelmed me. I picked out a few tribes I like and are relevant to the content I usually create and then use their tags regularly. We can't join them all for sure but we can support a few. Some just by every day activities like @actifit. You are now rewarded with #steem, #zzang, and #sportstalk tokens for posting your daily #actifit report. Amazing right? May You Always Be Happy and Blessed... #DTubeChallenge

28.07.2019 18:29

Awe, man that's awesome! It sounds like a cool idea and something I should look into.!
I need to do way more research about tribes and how they work but the whole concept sounds really cool!

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24.07.2019 00:05

Absolutely My Brother @brewcitygardener... @prettynicevideo made a video showing how to create a token/tribe and says it only cost about 100 #steem. Not to expensive at all and I think it would be amazing to have a Garden or Home & Garden Tribe... May You Always Be Happy and Blessed... #DTubeChallenge

28.07.2019 18:31