The "New" Apple plant in Texas is NOT "New" AND You're being lied to.


OH No! We couldn't be getting lied to by Our President!

Smoke and mirrors don't break your bones but propaganda sux! The President telling lies to cover up the dying economy that will leave you broke when the market crashes to the ground. The American public is deep in debt and there are bubbles everywhere you look but Apple's Cook is complicited with Mogul to perpetuate a lie!


Whether the markets melt up or the markets melt down your dollars will lose all its value because the fiat paradigm we were once all use to is quickly coming to an end.

From the Federal Reserve's creation prior to The Big War and on to the Bretton Woods Agreement in '44 Central Bankers set up America until there was no more value in a dollar. On we went from WW2 , Korea, Vietnam then came Nixon who threw away the gold in exchange for oil.

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